Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can PRT taking secondary classes may claim for TGT grades

I am teaching in one of the branches of DAV public schools. I got my probation as prt comp sc on 2nd july 2001, confirmed within 1 year of my job. i have been taking IX and X Since then. My juniors( for whome i was the subj expert during their interview)were given TGT much before me ( they being related to the management). since then they have been telling me "aapko bhi de denge and all" but now they have blankly refused and are saying that rules have changed in 6TH pay commission and now no posts will be advertised and all of the remaining staff will only be given their selection grades. Plz let me know my rights for thr same. Can i use RTI in any case? can i legaly demand TGT from them?I am very frustrated and seek help.
Rani Pandya

Regarding counting of past service and pay protection

I have some query regarding above mentioned subjects 1. I am working in KVS as TGT, if I want to go as PGT in rajasthan public service commission through proper channel whether my past service will count in rajasthan 2. pay protection will be applicable to me or not 3. age relaxation is applicable to KVS employee in competitive exams as central govt employee applicable ?
Om Prakash Joshi

What are the minimum qualifications for PGT and TGT...

Can you please let me know What is the qualification for recruitment of PGT & TGT in CBSC board?. Thanks a lot.

What are the Recruitment rules (RR) for computer teachers

Presently I am working as a computer teacher in a Secondry Public School (reco. by CBSE) Last three years without breaking. What is the rules for permanent Comp.Teacher I Am + PGDCA. Kindly Sir, Please Send me full Details on my E-mail Id for this matter.Thak you
Amber sh

Drawing,SUPW,Librarian,PET are not getting promotion in Kendriya Vidyalayas

I am a drawing teacher in kv there is no promotion channel for drawing,supw,librarian,P.E. teachers. My service in KVS is 28 years i have not got my selection grade till date .Is there any good news of acp for me and my counterparts.It is a great victimisation of teachers.We feel relief with cpc report regarding acp for all cadres of employees . Please help us in this regard.
Sachchee Baat

Regarding abolition of EL for Teachers,Principals

In teaching department we have six days week but in other departments only five days week therefore they are geetting about 52 days leave in a year. Beside it they are getting 30 days EL then why EL is not for teachers!!
Omprakash Joshi
Vasco, Goa


Saturday, August 1, 2009

The management is asking the methods of fixation

I am working as a TGT in a private school.On the day of 2006 Jan 1st my basic was Rs.5850.My increment mointh is April. Please help me in calculating my basic salary. In our website it is coming as Rs.19,160 Please send me the details of calculation.Till yesterday they were saying we are not going to fix the revised basic and yesterday I gave a letter to the principal.'Today the scool authorities called me and said we have revised your salary .''For any further change you bring the calculation today itself'.'Tommorow morning there is a committee meeting'.Sir , I request you to help me and please send the details of calculation ( Rs.19,160 ) today itself.
John Kurian,Delhi

We are getting neither arrears nor proper TA,HRA etc

We work in a reputed public school in Delhi. Till Feb 2009 we had no problems with our salary EVER and hence we completely trusted that the authorities will do the same again. But from March 2009 we have been getting a fractured salary where the new TA is not being given and HRA is given as only 20% of the basic as oppposed to the 30% that we are supposed to be getting in a A1 city like Delhi. Also we have not yet received even one rupee as arrear though the school has already collected the first installment from the parents. We are desperate as we can see no avenue to fight this injustice. Please help and give us some suggestions as to how we can fight. We did try to go to the Directorate of Education too but there we need to submit a WRITTEN complaint ,which we cannot do as then our very job becomes uncertain as we do not have absolute job security. The authorities have seen to it that there is no Employees Union as well as a PTA body in the School. PLEASE HELP.
All Victims

Is it necessary to resign if seeking immigration in other country

i am a kvs teacher, i am seeking immigration in other country . can i obtain an noc from the deptt. can the deptt force me to resign before permitting or giving noc.
Rani Singh

Post Graduation is needed or not for IInd ACP

I am looking for a clarification on ACP. In case of 2nd ACP for TGT whether post graduation is required or not . The teacher is B.Sc.BEd.
Vir Kush
Mayur Vihar, New Delhi

RTI should be used for clarification on Transport Allowance too

Dear friends Why are you not asking the information under the RTI act 2005,for non payment of TA. The following information can be asked from the Directorate of Education under the RTI. (1)Whether the teachers of govt.schools in Delhi are not covered/governed under the ccs(RP)rules 2008. (2) If yes, under which provisions of ccs(RP)rules 2008, Teachers have been debarred from the payment of T.A. (3)There is no provision of non payment of TA to any employee including teachers are exists in the ccs(RP) rules 2008, even the campus restriction for the payment of TA has also been removed under new pay ruls. Therefore they (DoE)will not be able to provide a satisfactory reply for these questions and they will be bound to start the payment of TA to teachers. Dear friends, A reply of this message to me will be highly appriciated.

How to get my name added in the list for the case filed in CAT

PL Inform how to add name list in 11 september court case at cat with edu dept delhi govt regarding transport allowances pl publish this on your website and also inform teachers union to get active and get all teachers name in list
Pawan Kumar

When bunching will be done

I am a Sainik School Sujanpur tira, Hamirpur (H.P).I have an anomaly about my fixation.I have joined this on July 2002.As per 6th Cpc I have fixed on basic-17290/ including my grade pay that is 4600/.Sir I would like to know that is there any bunching or minimum at par in this case.On other hand a new appointee after or on 1.1.06 getting more basic compare to our case. So pl. tell me what will be my basic on 1.1.06
Shashi Pal
Hamirpur,Himachal Pradesh

Which is better, Govt contract job or PRT in public school

I want to ask a question. I m working as a computer faculty in a Govt school of Punjab on contractual basis. Now there are vacancies of primary teachers in BBMB DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL NANGAL for which i m eligible. Shall I apply for these posts or the present Govt job on contractual basis is better. I may have a chance to get regular in this Govt job in the future. Also tell me the basic pay and total pay of primary teachers in BBMB DAV SCHOOL NANGAL
Nangal, Punjab

LTC endorsed or not in Directorate of Education ,Delhi

This is an enquiry regarding the encashment of Earned Leave for availing LTC as per the DOPT letter - F. No. 31011/4/2008. Estt.(A), which was duly endorsed by Govt. of NCT of Delhi vide notification No. F.11(4)/2006.fin(B)/dsfh/1975. I want to know whether the same has been endorsed by the Dir. of Education of Delhi Govt., and if at all it has been endorsed, could you please send me the necessary details of Directorate's notification to this effect. My school is denying me the benefit on the ground that this has not been endorsed by the Dir. of Education. Kindly send the necessary information as soon as possible.
Sudhansu Sharma

EL is abolished or not

I want to know about EL to teachers. As a vocational staff presently we are getting 10 EL in a year. Whether in 6 CPC “EL” is abolished or not ?
O P Joshi, Vasco, Goa