Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am librarian in public school, how I will be promoted for next grade

I am presently working as a librarian in a private cbse affiliated sr. sec. school from last 7years on TGT scale and I would like to know that whether I will be promoted on a PGT scale and after how many years and what is the process i.e. by promotion or an interview .i talked to my head, he said that it depends upon the number of the students that either school requires Sr. librarian or not whereas school has upgraded upto XII class.

I am interested to join the organisation and kindly let me know the details and the donation amount also.

Mamta Amarpuri

I need CCL in probation period, working in Central Govt

I have an quiry, I am in central govnment services and recentely joined at 07-04-2010 , actually i am in probation period of 2 year. i am having 10 months old child. can you please tell me is there any rule of giving child care leave during probation period of service. Because my principal refused my CCL application.Iam a navodaya teacher. Please help me urgently.

Kumud Shah,
JNV, Padve Ratnagiri,

I am lecturer in Kolhan University, Need CCL

i am a college lecturer appointed by JPSC under KOLHAN UNIVERSITY, I have recently delivered a baby, i am in real need of child care leave. KINDLY ADVICE HOW TO PROCEED.

Smita Jha

whether Contract teachers are entitled for arrears of 6 th pay commision

I would like to know whether contractual teachers working during the concerned period are entitled for arrears of 6 pay commision.

Swati Vaidya

What is the progress of minimum pay of TGT 17140

what is the progress of minimum pay of TGT(17140).

Mahendra Singh
Baprola Vihar, New Delhi

The difference in basic of PGT and college lecturers should be rectified

The grade pay of PRT, TGT and PGT is 4200, 4600 and 4800 respectivily. The differance in GP of PRT and TGT is 400, while minimumum qualification for recruitment for both posts are graduation+B.Ed.. The differance between TGT and PGT is only 200 and minimum qualification for PGTs is Post Graduatation+B.Ed. Lecturers of universities/collages is gating GP of Rs. 6000 and their minimum qualificaion is Post Gaduation+NET. Why a such big differance between lecturer and PGT and very nominal differance between TGT and PGT. This is unjustified and should be rectified.

Ajay Kumar

Can you do something for clash of examination dates of recruitment boards

Dear sir,

I am a student preparing for competitive exams.i have a problem with the system of the organizations they are practicing.i want to know why two organization keep a similar date of examination knowing that students will not be able to appear in both the in the case of 30 th January 2011 uco bank had first announced written exam for po.then knowing this how can national insurance company(a govt of india undertaking) announced its written exam of AO. Is this not unjustice to us that we are been stopped to give all the exams and hence not given the right to equality or freedom of equal opportunity according to the constitution.there are lots of other cases like of Punjab$sind bank po and corporation bank po written exams are also on same dates.

I request to all the concerned authorities and organizations to take some steps for this concern and let the students get equall oppourtunity for giving all the exams on their merit and make their future secure.

Mukesh Kumar

How to contribute for DELTA, I have filled online form

how to contribute the ammount to DELTA.kindly info. I have already filledup online membership form

R K Pandit
Assam Rifles
DELTA jindabad

A. Mahendra Kumar
21, Assam Rifles

Can a school calculate salary from 25th to 25th of a month

i want to know if a school can calculate working days from the 25th to 25th and then make salary payments? also if there is such a provision of deduction of onedays salary for three days late comming.

Rashi Oberoi

Children Education Allowance yearly claimed or not

i want to know that Children Education Allwance Yearly Claimed or not.
Mohan Singh Yadav

I want to assist DELTA

I can assist this organisation through mail etc. better to say on internet.

Usha Parashar,
Retired Teacher,
Shahdara, Delhi

I want to work for DELTA through internet

I\'d like to to work and contribute in a manner that is useful for the optimal welfare of fellow educators . i ve a regular internet connection which may be used for all possible assistance to the cause of welfare.
I want to be a member of DELTA and contribute whatever way possible.
Sanjeev Singh
Hans Enclave,
Gurgaon, Haryana

I am re-employed, whether I am eligible for bonus

I retired as TGT ON 31.01.2007. And re-employed for two years w.e.f. 1.02.2007 to 25.01.2009. My query is whether I am entitled for Bonus of the yrs. 06-07,07-08 & 10 months 0f 08-09.

Sudesh Bala

My basic has been re- fixed for removing anomalies

i\'m an employee of navodaya vidyalaya samiti,joined in 2003 i\'m working as a remove anamolies from pay scale our basic has been re re fix the basic the samiti has fixed the salaries of tgts on subject basis.for example they looked for different persons in different subjects who have joined on or before 01/01/2006.and so treated all the tgts differently,also despite being all india service,regional offices of samiti has taken different standerds in different regions to fix the salary of tgts. now there is no uniformity of salaries.can it be possible?pl advise.

Hemchandra Srivastava

KVS allowed me not intime to apply for another job in Delhi

At present i am working as pgt in kvs,i got appointment on 01/07/2008,still i am in probation.i have two quries,plz answer these-

1. I got fed up with kvs job.i want to fill the form of delhi government tgt/pgt exam.while filling form it is always asked ,apply through proper channel if you are government employee and you have to give non-objection certificate after problem is this that,once when i applied through proper channel ,kvs did not give me permission for applying. How can they resist me from my betterment?

2- isn\'t it the voilation of my fundamental right of choosing favourable job?

3- isn\'t it their dictatorship?can i challenge them via court/rti?

4-is there any harm if i hide my present service and apply and get selected?

5-do kvs/nvs have any right to prevent us from applying for any other job?

6- sir i have to apply at any rate,and kvs is not giving me permission.

clearley tell the way so that i can apply? Plz help me sir,plz help me.i m highly tensed upto depression.i beg! I will be highly oblized to you for your thios act of kindness.

Abhinav Ken

PGT were given the benefit of bunching or not

Please clarify whether senior trained graduate teachers and senior pgt.s were given the benefit of bunching ( 1 increment for every two years of service rendered) while fixing the pay as per 6 cpc.

Pl. Clarify.

Thanking you for doing the needful

Univ. Of hyd. Campus school

Clarify my eligibility for the 2nd ACP

I wish to inform that I was appointed as TGT in July 1989 in one of the reputed public schools at Delhi.I got my first ACP in July 2003 i.e.after 13 years of my appointment.According to the modified ACP, I should get the 2nd ACP after 20 years of my appointment i.e. July 2009.


Mrs Anuradha Bedarkar
C 4 Galaxy Apartments

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I have sent contribution to DELTA


I have sent Rs 100/ through e-banking, on your a/c of DELTA from SBI LBSNAA, Mussoorie please acknowledge.

Navin Chandra Pant,

CST Mussoorie

Can I send cheque for contribution to DELTA

Respected Sir,
Thank you very much for your immediate response and giving me the membership. Please inform me about the mode of payment of contribution. Can we send at par cheque to the address given in your website. I am extremely sorry in responding late.

With regards
K V Anantpur, AP

Kindly send me the details of Bank A/C of DELTA for depositing contributions

Dear sir,
Long back I have received a mail regarding contribution to DELTA. The details of the said mail are not available now. Kindly send me the details of the bank a/c of SBI where I can deposit my contribution through net banking.

Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai

We need full details of Right to Education Act

We need full details of Right of Education Act 2010.

Nilkanta Nath
Sunshine School,
Garifa, Dist 24 Pargana,
West Bengal

What can I do to get basic as 17140

I n v cpc senior scale PRT\'s and TGT\'s basic scale was in vi cpc also senior scale PRT\'s ad TGT\'s pay band & grade pay are - 34800) and (4600) respegdctively. My basic was on jan.2006,Rs.6025 (in v cpc) and my basic have been fixed 11210 + 4600 (gp) = 15810. In other hand a fresh TGT who joined on jan.2006 and his basic was 5500 (in v cpc) has been fixed 12540 + 4600 (gp) =17140. So my basic was greater than TGT on jan.2006 but my basic fixation less than my question is- 1)What can I do to get same basic fixation (17140) like a fresh TGT? 2)Is it senior scale PRT and TGT are same cadre ? Please give me answer.

Narendra Sahare

I am terminated from the job... what could I do

I am teaching maths (TGT) in St.Angel School (Rohini) as a probationry Teacher from last One year & nine months. Suddenly school terminate my services with giving me reason of termination. I have filed a case against school. What would be my fate.

Gurleen Kaur,
St. Angel School,
Rohini, New Delhi

Penalty should be imposed on First Appellate Authority for negligence in RTI matters

F ollowing two amendments are immediately required:
1. Presently, there is no provision of panelty on FAA. It is well known that most of decisions regarding furnishing/refusing/delaying information are taken by senior officers and PIO who is junior one cannot disobey senior. Ulitmately PIO is the victim of system.

2. When information is to be refused because of some section in the Act, it should be answered immediately and there is no point in waiting upto 30 days. Statutary period for refusing such information should be maximum 10 days.

Convenor Trustee,
Prakash India (NGO)
Keshav Puram,
New Delhi

Congratulations for the great service rendered by DELTA for Teaching Community

Congratulations to you all for rendering a great service to teaching community.
I am working in KVS and I wish to become a member of your esteemed organisation. Please inform how to send the subscription amount. I wish to bring to your kind notice for enlightening us about MACP. MACP is effective from 1.9.2008(if I am correct)and old ACP is to be implemented till the cutoff date. In case of teachers who complete 20 years/24 years till the cutoff date may not get the benefit of MACP as selection scale is restricted to only 20% of the teachers who got senior scale.Is it not great injustice to the seniors. One more issue I wish to bring to your kind notice that in our organisation it is instructed that during inservice courses the participants must stay in the campus depriving indirectly to stay in lodge. Many venue vidyalayas may not have proper facilities(cots,clean beds,mosquitoes problem,etc though circular says to provide)because particularly for PRTs training is not conducted in special training centres called ZIETs.Many participants particularly above 45 years may have many health problems.When Govt. of India is sanctioning DA to stay in hotels on official duty why teachers are deprived and made to suffer. Can something be done in this regard. I am extremely sorry for taking away much of your valuable time. With regards

K V , Anantpur,
Andhra Pradesh

Whether MCD, NVS has step-upped their seniors at par with juniors

Kindly let me know whether the KVS or NVS or MCD or IR agreed to effect minimum scale of direct recruiter to a senior by way of stepping up, and a senior PST drawing TGT scale is not eligible for stepping up, since there is no chance of direct recruitor as Sr. PST,what will be the fate of Sr PST, Sr TGT, Sr PGT

M Nagabhushana Rao

I have applied for CCL, file sent to RDE... no one is helping !!

I have applied for CCL some one month back which was just forwarded by our School Principlal to RD Office. I have consumed my all ELs, CLs. I has gone to school and RD office today (Oct 18), but could not get any status of my CCL application. I have asked for six month CCL on the medical ground of my son, who was born with medical complications. All the reports and certificates are attached with the application, still I have not been given CCL. Requesting you all to kindly help me in this matter and advice accordingly.

Sangeeta Gahlot
PGT Geography
S V-1, R K Puram Sec -2

New Delhi

I want to know the rules regarding Station Leave

I want to know the rules regarding station leave? what happens if one goes out of station without obtaining prior permission/station leave?