Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is it necessary to have PG degree for ACP

For getting first ACP as a TGT,does a teacher has to have completed her MA?if so can the MA be of a different subject than what she is teaching.is MA Human Rights eligible
Gurvinder Kang

Deptt is not extending leave while I am abroad

i am a govt.school teacher in delhi. i proceed abroad after getting NOC from department for 90 days .but due to unavoidable situation i have to stay here for long. i applied for extention of leave . but they refused. and sent me showcause notice for not joining the duty. they said that they will take disciplinary proceedings .please suggest me how i should reply or proceed, so that my job will remain secure.
S. Mohini

Can I go to the Court against wrong pay fixation

I am working in nvs as pgt and I joined the samiti on 27th may 2006.Our samiti has done wrong pay fixation as 9300+4800 and we have also received in written pay fixation.Can I go to the court with this written prove and what is the procedure?
Jitendra Pandey

Haryana pays better than central Govt

I want to say that entry scale of Primary school teacher in centeral govt. is 9300+4200=13500 and haryana govt declared 12090+4200=16290,while pay band and grade pay given by both govt is same . Please make me clear...
Manoj Kumar

Friday, February 20, 2009

Why the pay scales demanded are different from the tables published

I have gone though the representation as posted under links. It appears that the stand taken now on the basis of fixation of pay is different from the bunching tables posted.Please keep me informed as and when there is a clrification from the Govt. on the basis of fixation of pay for teachers.
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,
Siddharth Nagar, Mysore

Monday, February 16, 2009

AINVSA meets with commissioner for right pay scales

Today on 16th February 2009,representations of AINVSA (All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association) meet with the commissioner of NVS (Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti) at New Delhi to discuss different problems of JNV. The main issue was the wrong fixation of teachers and other employees. The representation was headed by Mr. L B Reddy (General Secretary, AINVSA) and the President Mr. Jagdish Rai. The General Secretary of DELTA, Mr.Madan Mohan Tiwari also accompanied the representation as consultant of the AINVSA on this occasion.The summary of the memorandum submitted is :-
The commissioner
Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti
A-28, Kailash Colony, New Delhi.
Sub: Grant of bunching benefit– and step up of pay of teachers in NVS
With reference to the above cited subject, I would like to draw your attention about the wrong pay fixation for JNV teacher’s -TGT’S /miscellaneous staff/,PGT’S/vice principals /and principals as on 1.1.2006 by the respective JNV’S office staff under the guidance of NVS(Ro’s) .As per proviso (1) to rule 7 (1) A (i) and (ii) of CCS (RP) rules ,2008.(or) in accordance with clause (A) (i) and (ii)of rule 7I.) The pay in the pay band/pay scale will be determined by multiplying the existing basic pay as on 1.1.2006 by a factor of 1.86 and rounding of the resultant figure to the next multiple of 10.II.) If the minimum of the revised pay band/pay scale is more than the amount arrived at as per (i) above the pay shall be fixed at the minimum of the revised pay band/pay scale.
For eg: (1)-Primary teacher drawing pay of Rs 4500 in the scale of Rs 4500 – 7000 on 1.1.2006, will be fixed at minimum of 12090 in the PB – 2 with effect from 1.1.2oo6 and grade pay of 4200 will be allowed in the following manner. 4500 x 1.86 = 8370.this amount is less than the minimum of revised pay band-PB2-Rs9300/revised pay scale-12090 on the ground that primary teacher pay is upgraded to 6500 – 200 – 10500 in the pay band PB– 2 Rs 9300 – 34500 with grade pay of 4200. The minimum of revised pay band is – 9300, minimum of the revised pay scale is Rs 12090.On the ground that primary teacher pay is upgraded to 6500 – 200 – 10500 in the pay band PB– 2 Rs 9300 – 34500 with grade pay of 4200. The minimum of revised pay band is – 9300, minimum of the revised pay scale is Rs 12090.
For 5000 pre revised basic, the new pay scale is 9300 in the PB – 2 band. For 6500 pre revised basic minimum revised scale is – 12090 . PRT”s drawing a basic of Rs 4750,4875, 5000, 5125, 5250, 5325, 5500, 5625, 5750, 5875, 6000, 6125, 6250, 6375, 6500, will also get fixed at Rs 12090 as on 1.1.2006 with grade pay of 4200 .as per proviso 1 to rule 7 (A) (i) and (ii) of CCS(R P) Rules, 2008
For e g 1.For PRT’s –PRT’s Pre- revised basic pay is 4500-125---7000. For this scale revised pay band is PB—1 Rs.5200-20 2000 with grade pay of 2800. The upgraded scale is 6500—200—10500. the revised pay band is PB2 9300—34800. with grade pay of 4200.the grade pay of 4200 to be added to 6500—200-10500 upgraded scale but not to 4500—125—7000.scale, revised basic. Or minimum of the PB-2 pay band.
2.for TGT’s- TGT’s pre revised scale is 5500—175—9000.For this scale revised pay band is PB-2 Rs. 9300—34800 with grade pay of 4200. The upgraded scale is 7450—225—1150 with grade pay of 4600.the grade pay 4600 is to be added to 7450—225—11500 up graded replacement scale but not to 5500—175—9000 scale replacement scale.
3.for PGT's – PGT’s pre revised scale is 6500—200—10500 .the ­ revised pay band is PB-2 Rs.9300—34800 with grade pay of 4200.the upgraded scale is 7500—250—12000 .the corresponding grade pay is 4800.the grade pay of 4800 is to be added 7500—250—12000 up graded revised scale but not to 6500—200—10500 replacement scale/revised scale.
In NVS teachers pay fixation was not done as per above stated rule and manner. Samiti has calculated revised pay as on 1.1.2006-on existing pay scale by multiplying with 1.86+ up graded pay scale grade pay. It is against rule.The pay fixation should be=existing basic pay as on 01-01-2006x1.86= The arrived amount fixation of pay in the up graded pay band/pay scale+ up graded pay scale corresponding grade pay. In the v pay commission also, JNV’s teachers drawing pay in the v, VI stages, were denied bunching benefit w.e.f.01-01-1996.Kindly review the pay fixation as on 1-1-2006 for jnv teachers and pay us correct salary accordingly, w.e.f. 1-1-2006. Thanking you sir,
Your’s faithfully,
L B Reddy
General Secretary,
(All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association)
(The original mail was in more than 3 pages and it was not possible to publish exactly. Therefore only the most important part has been published here. For original texts of the mail please log in with any yahoo id to the group named as yahoo.deltaorg on the page named as 'Links')

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am PGT -Chem, joined NVS in May 2006

I am working as PGT-Chem. in the NVS join on 27 May 2006. What will be the basic pay as on july 2008.Please sent to my e- mail. Thanking you.
Kh.Budhi Singh
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Am I wrongly fixed, My HOS is not taking action

I am working as PST in SKV.GNCT.Delhi. I have a query on pay fixation. My basic on 1.1.06 4750/-but my HOS fixed me 9300(min.of PB-2).acc.to spc rule 7a(i)(ii)with para ii deals bunching bnefit of seniority. Now i want to know whether this benefit is admissible in this case or not.i sumbit my reperentation to HOS but no action is taken till date.to whom i should contact for removal my genuine greviances.is it anomialy? Or lack of awareness on the part of HOS/DDO.please give me advice on this.thanks.
Rakesh Bhandari

What a PGT in CBSE affiliated school must get

I am working as PGT with CBSE affiliated School at basic pay of Rs.7700 in the scale of 6500-200-10000. My basic pay as on 1 Jan 2006 was Rs.7100.
kindly advise me about what should be my revised pay scale & arrears under sixth pay commission.
Sonia Malik

Is V V V reimbursable under children education allowance

Thank you sir for your valuable suggestions now i want to clar my doubt regarding Children education allowance 1. In KVS fee is charging in the form of VVV (vidyalaya vikas nidhi) then whether it is reimbursable under children education allowance.
O P Joshi, Vasco, Goa

Can SC/ST from other states apply for jobs in Delhi

One Question For Reserved Catagory In Delhi Govt teachers Job, is the reservation reserved only for SC/ST living only in Delhi. Can a person from other state/NCR apply for the same post (If he / she is from SC/ST class )
Gaurav Sarawat

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Am I not eligible for air travel on LTC

Your attention is invited to the issue of LTC.kindly enlighten us on this issue. i\'m TGT IN GRADE PAY OF 4600. AM I NOT ELIGIBLE FOR AIR TRAVEL on LTC as per govt. order dated-04/12/2008 with subject :expenditure mgmt.-economy measures and rationalization of expenditure - guidelines related to LTC-CLARIFICATION - REG.
Anushaktinagar, Maharashtra

What about increment in July if somebody was on leave without pay

I am Principal of BBMB DAV Public School, Nangal. I have few queries, please explain: 1. Date of increment is going to be 1st July-OK. Now if an employee has availed 3-4 months leave without pay in between Jan 06 to June06, please let us know that will the employee get the increment on 1st July06.
Alok Betab,
BBMB DAV public school,

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Help me to compute arrears

Could please help me to calculate the arrears of a teacher who has the following pay scale: 1.01-01-06--6900/-as basic pay (5500-175-9000) 9300-34800 as pay band 2.01-04-07--10700/-as basic pay (6500-200-10500)9300-34800 as pay band 3.16-06-08--12000/- as basic pay (7500-250-12000)9300-34800 as pay band I'll be thankful to you if you could help me compute the arrears for the above mentioned details and your kind reply at the earliest.
S.Antony Raj

Please clear doubts in child education allowance

I want to clarify some doubt regarding children education allowance-
1. whether it is applicable for recognised schools only ?
2. whether KG School also should be recognised ?
3. whether KG Schools run by Navy , Air Force , Army are recognised ?

Om Prakash Joshi

I am working in a private school


I want to join to share my views

I am ch.anjaiajah,working as a librarian in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,peddapuram,east godavari,andhra pradesh,Under the ministery of human resources,govt of india.i want to join to share my views.
Ch. Anjaiah,
Peddapuram,East Godavri,
Andhra Pradesh
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Taxes applicable on 40% of arrear only

All government servants who are concerned about taxation on arrears of 'moolah ' given by Sixth Pay Commission should be relieved now. The confusion has been cleared by issue of Circular by CBDT that the tax source has to be deducted on the first instalments of 40% of the total arrears only and not on full arrears. Read the press release below:

No.402/92/2006-MC (46 of 2008)

Government of India/ Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue,

Central Board of Direct Taxes, New Delhi,

The 30th September 2008
Clarification regarding
tax deduction at source on arrears of salary paid to government servants on account of implementation of the recommendations of Sixth Central Pay Commission .The implementation Cell of the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance vide its Office Order F. No. 1/1/2008-IC dated 30th August, 2008 has stated at Para 2(v)

“Bills may be drawn separately in respect of the arrears of pay and allowances for the period from January 1, 2006 to August 31, 2008. The aggregate arrears, computed after deduction of subscription at enhanced rates of GPF and NPS with reference to the revised pay, may be paid in two instalments, the first instalment being restricted to 40% of the aggregate arrears.DDOs/PAOs will ensure that action is taken simultaneously in regard to Government’s contribution towards enhanced subscription. Orders in regard to the payment of the second installment of arrears will be issued separately.” .2. A number of representations have been received by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) seeking clarification as to whether TDS need to be deducted on 40% of arrear to be paid during 2008-09 or on the entire arrear payable to the government servant. The matter has been examined by the CBDT and the issue is clarified as under:- Salary is as defined under Section 15 of Income Tax Act, 1961:- (a) any salary due from an employer or a former employer to an assessee in the previous year, whether paid or not; (b) any salary paid or allowed to him in the previous year by or on behalf of an employer or a former employer though not due or before it became due to him; (c) any arrears of salary paid or allowed to him in the previous year by or on behalf of an employer or a former employer, if not charged to income-tax for any earlier previous year. 3. It is clear from the Office Memorandum issued by the Department of Expenditure that 60% of the pay arrears neither fall in the category of due nor are allowed. Moreover, Section 192 of Income Tax Act’61, inter alia, requires any person responsible for paying any
income chargeable under the head “Salaries” to deduct income tax on the amount payable at the stipulated rate at the time of payment. Therefore it is clarified that income tax at source would be deducted u/s 192 only from the arrears of salary actually paid during FY 2008-09. On the balance, tax would be deducted during the financial year in which these pay arrears are actually paid. 4. The above clarification has been issued by the CBDT vide Circular No.9/2008
[F.No.275/192/2008-IT(B)] dated 29th September, 2008.