Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whether encashment of EL during LTC endorshed in Directorate of Education

This is an enquiry regarding the encashment of Earned Leave for availing LTC as per the DOPT letter - F. No. 31011/4/2008. Estt.(A), which was duly endorsed by Govt. of NCT of Delhi vide notification No. F.11(4)/2006.fin(B)/dsfh/1975. I want to know whether the same has been endorsed by the Dir. of Education of Delhi Govt., and if at all it has been endorsed, could you please send me the necessary details of Directorate\'s notification to this effect. My school is denying me the benefit on the ground that this has not been endorsed by the Dir. of Education. Kindly send the necessary information as soon as possible.
Sudhanshu Sharma

My DNI is February 2006, why I will get increment after 17 months!!!

I am Rekha Rani TGTworking in Delhi. my date of apponiment is 17.2.77 my date of birth is 4.2.51 date of retirement is 28.2.2011 this is grivence regardig date of increament in july acc to 6 pay commission which shows very much unequal benifit and life long loss to me acc to 6 pay commission if date of appointment is 01 jan then will get increament two times in jan then again in july means after 6 months but what about if date of appointment is feb as in my case i will get increament in july means after 17 months second major loss which i have to suffer on retirement as my date of retirement is 28.02.2011 so i will not get incraement in feb 2011 acc to 6 pay comm.so there will be loss of one increament in my salary as i will not get increament in 2011 which will bring loss in my pention as well as gratuaty guide me what should i do?
Rekha Rani

Please do Re-postmortem.....WOW!!!

I am not satisfy your postmartem of 6th pay commission implimentation. Because some point of the commission is not cleared. i. e. why upgrade the primary teacher in 6500-200-10500? strutu If the primary teacher upgrade in the 5000-150-8000 no less pay drown in revised pay structure in GP 4200. In the 6 pay commission report many pay scale is upgrade in 5000-150-8000 in to 5500-175-9000. and 5000-150-8000 in to 6500-200-10500 also. please now do repostmartem of complete report and circulars . and tell me.
Tarun 13/09/2009

I have a complete solution of related to implimentation of six pay commission revised pay ccs rule 2008.The report of this commission and GAZETTE OF INDIA and OFFICE MEMORANDUM of implementation cell, government of india and OFFICE ORDER of GNCT dated 18/09/2008 are exactly correct.BUT THE MIS-UNDERSTANDING OF PAO, DDOs, various unions,and all the employees all over india DISPLAY A WRONG METHODS and confused. THE MISTAKE IS COMES FROM MIS-UNDERSTANDING OF RULE 7 1 WITH BOTH THE CONDITION ON APPLYING ON REVISED PAYBAND/PAY SCALE ( WHERE IS APPLICABLE ). I request to you ,DELTA prepare new fixation tables and work done in favour of govt employees of all over india.I give full copration in table prepration.
Tarun Kumar 19/09/2009

Why we Railway School Teachers are not getting next grade after 10 years

An ordinary central govt.employee is entitled to get next grade after 10 years of his service if he/she didn\'t get any promotion during the past 10 years,but, a teacher will get this \'next grade\' after 12 years---why ? This is being told to us in railways. A huge delay or loss of two years to teahers. Pl throw some light on this gross injustice to teachers.This is being applied to all the central govt. teahers & not only to rly. teachers. Thanks.
O P singh