Sunday, October 11, 2009

What is the age of retirement of school teachers

I would like to know the retirement age of school teachers? I was given retirement by my school this year at the age of 60. However, they have reappointed me at a rate of 700 per day and I donot get any leaves and only working days are calculated for salary i.e. now I am a daily wager. Though all my duties are the same. I retired as a Vice-Prncipal of a Public school. My qouestions are: 1. What is the retirement of age of school teachers? Is it 60 or 62 yrs? 2. Secondly, if I have been reappointed then what is the revised pay of guest teachers? Kindly address my concerns as now my salary is not even half of what I was getting earlier.
Ruchi Sharma

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DELTA said...

Respected Mr./Ms R

Thanks for the mail.

The data given by you is not enough as it is not clear about the state where you were working, the school was recognised by which state board /CBSE etc.

The retirement age of a school teacher is 60 in Delhi. He/she can opt for reappointment as guest teacher. The management is paying you more than prescribed.