Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CPF for employees who recruited after 2004

SIR, I have jioned in a aided school of delhi in sep 2008. From till now contributary pension fund a/c no. is not allotted to me. Many of time i have asked to manager and principal ,but every time they said that there is no provision for allottment of cpf a/c for the employees who recruited after 2004.is this write ? kindly tell me any provision which provide us a cpf a/c no.

Janakee Yadav

Arya Sr. Sec School, Khanpur,New Delhi

I have served Indian Railway and joined Punjab Electricity Board after resignation

I have served Indian Railways from 03-04-1999 to 17-06-2007.With no objection from Railways & after submitting my Technical Resignation I joined Punjab State Electricity Board(now punjab state power corporation) on dated 18-06-07.While in Railways i was covered under old pension scheme.PSEB covered me under new pension scheme.My query is can my past service in railways be counted for pensionary benefits& Can I be covered under old pension scheme?


I want to change my hometown, do I need to purchase a property in that town

I am PGT in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Korba chhattisgarh. I want to change my home town From Bilaspur C.G. to Raigarh C.G.in service records. For this I suppose to have a property/land in new place.but I don\'t want to purches any prperty. Is there any other way to get changed my home town?

S K Anant
JNV Korba, Chhatisgarh

I have no one to stay with my daughter but HOS is not ready to even take and read my application

I am working as a PRT since 15th sept 2009 in a remote area. its almost 1 yr 10 months nw. I have 3years old daughter who is staying with me. i am using play school for her. now her school is getting closed for the summer vacation for 22 days from 20th july to 10th aug.I have no one who can come and stay with me to take care of my daughter. My mother in law is no more and father-in-law is a split disc patient. so he\'s also unable to come and stay with me. my husband is in a Private company so he cant take leave for so many days to come here. I applied for child care leave for 22 days stating my problem but principal was not even ready to take and read my application. he said that my case is not an extreme case n nt genuin.morover I am under probation. he also said that one cant leave the station during this leave. he said child care leave can only be granted if the child is hospitalised or for examination and it is not a right. Last yeat also he refused for the same. Please suggest is my reason for taking child care leave not genuin? am i not eligible for the child care leave in this case. he tells me to keep a maid which I failed to find. Moreover i dont feel safe also to leave such a small child with a servant. Kindly suggest how to proceed for the same asap if the principal refuses to forward my application to AC RO. also please send me a copy of rules and regulation in this case.

Nangloi, Delhi

I joined as TGT after 2008 what will be the pay stepwise

sir, firstly I wish 2 know how can I contribute? Secondly my query is regarding my pay fixation. I joined as tgt on 16 sep 2008 plz mail me my stepwise salary structure in detail. I shall b highly obeliged to you.

Aakash TGT
Rajendranagar, New Delhi

Principal is not sanctioning CCL neither forwarding to RDE

i proceeded on one year sanctione ccl by regional director for my sick daugher to chennai .Now i sent extension for 10 months along with medical certificate as my daughter still needs care to rd through school principal .but she is not forwarding my application to rd saying i need to joi first then i apply fresh .ple advise what shpould i do > is it not her duty to send my application. can i directly send my appli to rd

Anjna Bhusari

What is the progress on Anomalies in payscales

i want to know what is the prograss about anamoli\'s

M K Agrawal

RTE says a child cannot be refused admission in school but not going so

Dear Delta team,

I was googling the RTE and found your site. I wonder if I can ask you a legal question re RTE>

I have a new school..low cost but high quality...that has not completed it’s registration. It takes a lot of time in Maharashtra but I suspect all over India there are schools like this and 1000’s of children affected.

When a child has to leave our school (Private unaided) and go to another school we write a bonafide certificate but cant give a full Leaveing Certificate. Some schools take the bonafide certificate but some are refusing to admit the child. We have a dear father who has moved to a town 3 hours away and the school will not accept the child based on our bonafide certificate ..the child is only 9. This seems ridiculous to me...(i am Australian) and I dont understand. I know the LC is a good concept, I assume to make sure kids dont leave fees behind in another school and then move to a new one..to build some accountability...but surely all over india are new schools in the process who dont have complete registration. Here in Maharashtra they aren’t registering any new schools right now. Also all over the state low income parents are dissatisfied with the Govt schools....and moving into private schools.

Do you have any insight into this?
IN the RTE it says a child cannot be refused admission. But it also says the principal can face disciplinary action. However registration takes time. ..unavoidably.

Can you give me any perspective on this. I feel very much for our few children and their parents who are having a difficult time with this. It could well take a year for our school to be registered and we have the Vice CM as the president of the trust we are working for. What about all those other schools and children out there. A friend of mine is also facing the same problem with one of her students who have moved on. Can these parents invoke the RTE and how would they go about it?
If you need to charge a fee for this advice do let me know. If you can just send me some advice quickly I would appreciate it as i feel very much for these parents who are facing problems.

Melinda Parker Gyanankur schools.

Hon Director