Thursday, October 30, 2008

Please clarify the status of Librarians

Could you please clarify the status of School Librarian for Grade Pay and Entry Scale with reference to the 6th Central Pay Commission. Thanks in aniticipation.
K.R. Sharma
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bullaa ki janaa main kaun hun....

i am from .............................

We Raiway School Teachers have become sufferers

Thank you for keeping the new pay scale structure i.e., bunching with the upgraded pay scales. But to our unfortunate our scales have been fixed as per the 5500-9000 table+4600(grade pay) i.e., basic pay by 01.01.2006x1.86+grade pay only. As a result we the teachers of Railway schools have become the sufferers. However, now we have got moral boost only after seeing the pay scale structures on the online put by you. Thank you so much, I earnestly request you to guide us get the benefit of the upgraded scales.

May I get pensions

I was appointed in 2003 as TGT and served the Directorate of Education for about 5 years. Later on, I applied for PGT through proper channel.I was selected and got fresh appointment as PGT in 2008. Am I entitled for pensions and other benefits because I had been serving as TGT in the same deptt and had applied through proper channel also. I am fully devoted to the organisation since January 2008 and I have motivated many friends to join DELTA. I am in depression by the present situation in school and want to go back as TGT.Is it possible? Which one will be more beneficial TGT or PGT. Please clarify.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How I should opt ACP II, please guide...

I want to know my new pay after the 6th pay commission's recommendation based on the following information: 1. Basic Pay as 01-01-06 : Rs 9300 (Scale 6500-200-10500) 2. Month of Increment March 3. ACP - II granted w.e.f. 06-01-07 I would like to know whether I should opt my ACP - II from 06-01-07 or from 01-07-07 and what will be my new pay in both of these scenarios. I request all educationists to please guide me.
Arun Kumar (PGT)

Let me know the date of 1st ACP

My wife has joined as primary teacher in MCD on 11/7/1995 with basic pay as Rs. 5750/- on 1/1/06.Please let me know the date of Ist ACP and the corresponding pay after ACP. Thanks

Black Diwali for MCD teachers!!!

It has been observed that most of the teacher in MCD have neither given the old salary nor the new fixed pay after pay commission recommedation in the month of October,08 resulting in GREY DUSSEHRA & Preseumerably BLACK DIWALI.
DELTA requests you all to forward this message to the higher officials of the MCD and The Honourable Mayor of DELHI.
Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!
Is it DELHI?

How much I will get in Sep 2008

I had been appointed as Trained Graduate Teacher in Directorate of Education in Delhi as on Jan17'2006. How much pay I will get on Sep'2008.

Please tell me the salary of new PGT

Can you please tell me the Salary of New PGT's who have joined on 2007, in KV.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kindly clarify the way of increments

I appreciate your effforts in providing a very detailed calculation on the pay scales of the teachers. I would like to bringforth the calculations based on my understandings: for example : on 1-1-06 the basic pay of a tgt was 5850. therefore 5850 * 1.86 = 10890. (R O ) # 10890 + 4200 (PRE-REVISED GP) = 15090. # 15090 *(2 increments of 3%) = 910. now, 10890+910+4600= 16400. again 16400 + 3 increments thereon after 1-1-2006 = 17876. therefore pay as on today will be 17876. kindly clarify.
Anil Jadhav

Will new pension scheme benefit newly-appoint

Hello there, Q1:- Does the new pension scheem will help the new joinees and will benifit them. Q2:- How will they get the pension after retirement as a normal govt servant or what? Thanks & Regards Anupam Sarawat

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We are not getting salary since last three months

I am working as a teacher in M.C.PRY GIRLS SCHOOL, NITHARI, DELHI-110086 in NARELA ZONE. There are 70 teachers in our school. All of us are living a stressful and miserable life. We have not been given salary for three months (July, August, September) and the arrear of DA of Jan 2008 to Mar 2008.The clerk in accounts department says that I will clear your school bill only after you do something for me. He says that "ITNA BADA SCHOOL HAI TOH USKI SALARY DENE KE LIYE MUJHE BHI TOH KUCH MILNA CHAHIYE."When we complained about it to AEO and DEO then they also says 'ki jaldi salary chhaiye toh kuch de do, warna intezar kar lo, aaj nahi toh kal aa hi jayegi, kab tak rokega wo bill’. It has been very difficult for all of us to live. We can’t do anything but to borrow money from others. We have been like beggars although we are working. We all will be very thankful to you if you can help us in this matter in any way. You can forward this matter to higher authorities so that we 70 teachers could live a peaceful life.
DELTA requests you all to come forward against such types of attrocities and needs some young and energetic teachers to 'teach lessons' to such erring employees and bring this situation in the notice of higher officials and the Respected Mayor of DELHI.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What are the benefits for PST if appointed in 2007

may i get the information regarding the benefits of the 6th pay commission for the newly recruited primary teacher in the year 2007.
Deepak Solanki