Thursday, March 18, 2010

Congrats for the nobel cause!

Very informative site for teachers. Congrats for the nobel cause! In view of the Stepping up order, please provide information about those PGT,TGT and ATs who have been appointed on or after 01.01.2006.
Rakesh Bal
Rohini , New Delhi

Whether child care leave is for mentally retarded children only as our officers say

i am working as a teacher in mcd school.our zonal dept.gave instructions last month that only those teachers can avail child care leave whose child is mentally /physically this some new clause added to the existing orders?please clarify.
MCD primary school, DELHI

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Music teachers in KV are not getting TGT scales if they are teaching up to class 10

i am pleased to know about this team and i congrate also the initiation taken by the DELTA. sir, being a music teacher ididn`t understand the policy & partiality done by govt. earliar we the music were coming under the misc. category at the same time pet, supw, yoga , lib.they were also in thesame category but why music tea. has been put in the prt and given the pay of9300+ 4200 thou we have been taking the classes from 1 to 10.regularly . why we the music teacher has not given the tgt.wether the govt is thinking about this or not. 2.why the kvs has given the difference of the pay scale for prt 9300+4200 and the tgt scale 12500+4600 kindely take intiation about this big issue short out this gap between prt and tgt. thanks .

Prabhat Kumar
KV Tanjore, Tamilnadu

Fix my new basic as it was 6375 on 01/01/2006

i m TGT (N.Sceince) . my basic pay on 01.01.06 was Rs 6375 (5500-175-9000). please tell me my new pay scale and fix my pay.

Why Railway school have no Teachers Association

WHY RAILWAY SCHOOLS DO NOT HAVE ANY TEACHERS ASSOCIATION. Like Kendriya Vidyalaya and Navoday Vidyalaya we Railway school teachers doesn\'t have any recognized teachers association. Many a times the issue has been raised but as per the last circular in this regard from Railway Board, the teachers of Railway school may get their grievances addressed through respective Railway trade unions. But teachers can not become members of the trade union. Therefore teachers grievances were also not attended by the seriousness it deserves. Under these circumstances, we Railway school teachers find ourselves devoid of any platform through which we could represent our grievances . We have got the apprehension that somebody else will not struggle for us but question is HOW WE SHOULD PROCEED. Is anybody there to give advice & suggestion, how we should go about it.

Ram Krishan Majumdar
Alipurduar, Jaipaiguri,
West Bengal

How pay will be fixed after promotion in 2007

My basic pay as on 01-01-2006 was Rs 5625/- in the old pay scale of Rs 4500-125-7000 (PRT). I got my promotion to the pay scale of Rs 5500-175-9000 (TGT) on 31-05-2007. Pay fixation option taken from the
date of increment i.e 1st July.
Kindly reply how my pay will be fixed as per 6th CPC.


It is a great work done by you all

K V 1,
Vasco, Goa

Friday, March 5, 2010

I got the desired information through RTI, thanks for your advice

Few days back I have posted a query in DELTA regarding the Selection Scale of TGT in KVS. You had advised me to ask about the information to KVS under RTI. Accordingly the matter was referred to KVS under RTI and I got the desired information and related documents from KVS. Thank you very much for valuable advice.Thanks to KVS also for responding.
Anushaktinagar, Mumbai

I appreciate the efforts of DELTA

I appreciate the efforts being made by the DELTA Team in the interests of teachers. I wld also like to seek advice from those experts that if I join in the month of feb for a few days, after a long leave, then how many CL and Medical Leave(HPL)wld be credited in my account.

I want to know classification of services in various ministries

Please englighten regarding the classification of services in group (A/B/C) in various ministries after 6PC
Jacob Thomas

The pay is less than juniors in Assam Rifles

I am drawing less pay i.e. Rs. 10,890 + 4600/- (Grade Pay) Rs. 15,490/- than new recruits/teachers as on 01.01.06. 6. But, as per clarification of Delhi Educationist For Legal And Teaching Assistance ( my pay in the pay band of Rs. 9300-34800/- with grade pay Rs. 4600/- should be fixed at Rs. 12920+ 4600/- i.e. Rs. 17,520/- as on 01-01-2006.

You are, therefore, earnestly requested to re-examine the case and fix my pay as per above cited references and oblige. Hoping for an early reply. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, Sd- Dated:12th FEB’2010
Rajesh Kumar,
Hindi Teacher (Graduate),
10 Assam Rifles, C/O 99 APO.

Junior to Librarian in KVS are getting more pay

I am appointed in KV as Librarian on 10.09.2003. After the implimentation of 6 CPC my salary is fixed on Jan. 2006 basic pay 10890+4600 grade Pay . but my juniors are getting 12540+4600 = 17140 form Jan. 2006 onward.Is my fixation is correct.
D A Baderiya

The decisions in NAC meetings thrown me in distress

The decision taken in the NAC meeting put in Download page of our website thrown me in to distress as I had some hope that if the demand for fixation of minimum pay of merged scales agreed by the NAC we the upgraded scaled people of teaching community certainly get the minimum prescribed scale for new entrant in respected categories and then effect of bunching also. This is my opinion only. Learned people who are working for our teaching community may have better vision in this aspect. Hence kindly let me know whether are there any chances of getting upgraded basic fixation along with bunching effect. In my last letter I REQUESTED THAT LET ME KNOW WHETHER BUNCHING EFFECTED TO INITIAL CADRES OF 4500,5500,AND 6500 I.E TO PST,TGT ,PGT OF INITIAL CATEGORY of KVS or NVS.NO REPLY WAS GIVEN TO THAT ASPECT . I hope that i may get this time . I once again applaud the work which is being done by this portal to our teaching community sir. THANKING YOU
Nagabhusanarao Mula,
E C Railway Primary school,
Vizianagram, Andhra Pradesh

When the new order on transfer policy of NVS will come in effect

i want to know Transfer policy of navodaya vidalaya samiti acording to No.F.3-3/2009-NVS (Estt.II)is implemented in current year or next year.
K C Dubey