Friday, May 14, 2010

I want to write about education in Andaman and Nicobar islands

I am a PGT from Andaman and Nicobar islands. I would like to share some of the informations about existing educational system of these Islands for aware of all. Kindly instruct tthe procedure to write in the blogs.
M.Panneer Selvam,
Andaman and Nicobar Islands

I want to know about Probation Period

MY query is related to the probation period of the teachers. I have two specific questions: 1) What is the probation period for teachers 1 year or 2 years?
2) In case it is one year then what is the status of a teacher who has completed one year of service and no termination or extention of probation notice has been served upon her/him.

3) What is the legal position of the employee is the appointment letter clearly states that\"

Initially you will be on a probation period of one year and during this period your services can be terminated by the management. Also the said probation period can be extended by the management. You will continue to be on probation till your services are confirmed by the managing committe in writing.\"

......... And one year of service is already over and no notice either for confirmation or for extention of probation has been given to the employee teacher.
Ashish Sahni

I have applied for TGT punjabi, want to know DSSSB results

I want to know that I have applied for the post of TGT Punjabi in DSSSB Has the Exam for the post already conducted or What is the date for the said Exam.

What about Earned Leave denied for teachers

What about teachers denied Earn Leave? Is there any develpment in this regard?
Ashish Kumar Pathak

How pay for the HPL will be calculated

I have a query about half pay leave Calculation that, should we include all contents of salary like HRA, SPECIAL COMPENSATERY ALLOWENCE, SPECIAL DUTY ALLOWANCE, TRANSPORT ALLOWANCE for half payment of salary --
Satbir Brajwal,
Office Incharge,
Kendriya Vidyalaya,
Bagafa,South Tripura