Sunday, August 29, 2010

I was PRT, later joined DASS grade II, will past service be protected

i joined MCD s teacher in 08/2005. afterbeing selected in DASS grade II in delhi govt., i joined it on 20/02/2009 through proper channel. since i am covered under CPF scheme, can my services be counted & my pay be protected? if yes, kindly quote the rules also.

Macchita Malik

I have applied for membership but got no confirmation

Thanks for your response. I already filled the membership form.Still not got the confermation from your side and also not got the membership code number.

Neetu Chhabra,
Nithari, Rohini, Delhi

My present pay is 9500, what must be on 01/04/2010

Regarding the fixatation of basic pay on 01-04-2010.If the sixth pay commision is applicable from 01-04-2010.I am working as PGT in DAV My present basic pay is 9500.Kindly help me. Kindly write all the details.

Saroj Bhanot
DAV school, Bhatinda, Punjab

My wife has to join as LDC in Haryana, can she avail maternity leave

Myself sandeep singhal.i wanted to know that my wife has born a baby in 4th august and her joining is in september in haryana as a LDC in power dept. can she avail maternity leave,C.C.L Imideatly on joining.if u have any rule for us which i can show in our dept .then plz.forward it to me i would be thankfull to u .

Sandeep Singhal

Can I change permanent and home address in service book

My wife is a language teacher in an aided school in Delhi. In her service book ther permanent address and home are different. Hence she is not getting her LTC. The dept officials pointing the above problem. Can we change any one (permanent addres or home town) Dept saying you cannot change. Please advise

Vimal Kumar V G

Whether ST candidates can get reservation in Delhi

I want to know weather ST candidates can get the benifit of Reservation in Delhi govt posts. Because i have heard that the govt has decided not to give benifit to ST candidates

N S Dass

What should be the basic pay of a lecturer

what will be the basic pay of a lecturer in the revised scale in the existing pay of Rs.15200(stagnant since 2008)in the pay scale of 10000-325-15200?

R S Bhattacharjee

What are the rules regarding senior scale

(1) i am working as PGT in a pvt school. What are the rules regadring senior scale / selection scale as per 5th pay commission. date of joining 7.7.1991. basic pay was 7900 in pay scale of 6500-200-10500 on 7.7.2003. what should be my basic after getting senior scale.
(2) 40 members of our school want to join DELTA. pl advise

Manjinder Kaur Kalsi
DAV school, Bhatinda, Punjab

Earned leave abolished or not

Whether 10 days earned leave for teachers has been abolished or not?

Is it must for an aided school Teacher to take NOC for going abroad

Kindly let me know if it is must for an aided school teacher to take NOC from the education department delhi, for going abroad on a teaching assgnment,once the managing comittee grants the permission for extra ordinary leave. Also let me know the procedure for obtaining NOC from the education department for going abroad. I would be very thankful to you for your quick reply.

Why we teachers are given Spl Earned Leave for Census, why not encashable EL

why we teachers are given spi.earned leave instead of earned leave for doing the census work in summer vacation.just Rs 4400is paid as honorarium and we are not given there noone to fight for our rights.
K C Saxena

Let me know the upper age limit for PRT in Delhi

you are requested to kindly let me know the age of primary teacher in delhi. IS any age increase?

I feel morally and ethically strong against the exploitation done by Army Public School

1. I am working as PGT in Army Public School, Pune since 01 Apr 2009.
2. At the time of joining a contract was drwan and notarised in the court, which assured me a salary of Rs 12090 plus Rs 4800/-. After one year, I was confirmed and assured an increment wef 01 Apr 2010.
3. Suddenly in July 10 I was verbally informed that the AWES has decided to refix the salary wef 01 Apr 2009. As per the revised conditions, all newly appointed (wef 01 Apr 2009) PGT / TGT / PRT who are in the pay scale 9300 to 34800 (PB2), will start from a common starting salary, viz. Rs 9300/-. The only difference will be the grade pay i.e Rs 4800 / 4600/ 4200.
4. They implemented a salary cut with effect from the salary for June 2010. This was followed by a written letter which stated that the excess paid over the past 14 months will also be reduced.
5. On going through the Govt of India gazette for 6 PC, the State of Maharashtra orders, the Maharashtra Private school Act, RTE Act 2009 and Kendriya Vidyalaya rules, I found it totally unjustified.
6. Implementation of this draconian interpretation of the 6PC recommendation means that the difference between newly appointed PRT/TGT/PGT will be merely Rs 200-Rs 400/- despite there being a wide difference in the prerequisite qualification and quantum of responsibility of a PGT. Further, it will widen the gap between pre 2009 PGT and post Apr 2009 PGT though both are dispensing the same duties.
7. The concerned authorities have turned a deaf ear to the problem and are willing to pay heed only if there is a court order. Since individually it will not be possible to fight it out against an organisation like the AWES, I seek your help to explore the possibilities of finding a resolution to the issue.
8. The school hides behind the Society Act and avoids paying full DA / HRA rates to the teachers (except for APS, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi), and do not extend any other benefits to the teachers. I am not sure about the legal issues but morally and ethically I feel strongly against it and would want to find as to how you can be help me.
Bipasha Deb