Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Removal of anomaly in pay fixation is the greatest problem for teachers

1) At present there are so many anomalies in pay fixation of teachers and it is seen that teachers appointed in the same year and even on same dates but posted to different schools are drawing different basic pay. This is happening due to lack of coordination between them and no seniority lists are being provided.

2) Though it is the duty of the school or the Dte. of Education to gather the records of the junior teacher for verification and rectification of anomaly, always the teacher applying for stepping up is asked to personally collect the required documents of the junior teacher and that too after taking leave from their leave account as the principal rarely allow them to go and collect the records during school hours.

3) There are some teachers, who were informed about the anomaly in their pay but they said \"Kaun in chakkaron mein dhakke khaye\" and simply kept quiet. It is okay that this is their wish whether to point out about the anomaly and get him or herself stepped up or not.

But as a matter of fact others also suffer due to their attitude and draw less salary for no fault of them.

If these lazy or careless teachers are stepped up, their seniors will automatically be entitled for stepping up. Shouldn\'t there be another formula for stepping up?

Shouldn\'t be pay fixation formula that the pay is fixed in new pay scale after giving the same number of increments as were drawn in old pay scales?

If it is applied there won\'t be any injustice and anomaly in pay. 3)When HRD Ministry announced same pay scale for misc. categories of teachers as is for general, why can\'t they be stepped up with them?

Suggestion:- ------------ Dte. of Education Should be instructed to provide online complete and correct seniority lists for all the categories of teachers.

It is also suggested that personal mobile and or res. phone numbers of teachers should be shown in the seniority lists. It should be essential for all the teachers to submit this to the school or Dte. once in a year.

Enna Parashar
SKV Dhaka, New Delhi

What is the facility of abortion leave for Muslim teachers

Sir, What is the facility for abortion leave for muslim teacher.Genaral abortion leave is 40 days in service?Is muslim teacher unlimited abortion leave ? Plese answar this question on your site or my mail.

Kameshwar Prasad
PRT Devli,New Delhi

Govt is forcing us to produce fake medical certificates

How our EL can be abolished ?govt. by doing this is forcing us to submit fake medical certificate if we wish to take leave for any other purpose.

Meeta Biswas, PGT
MBDAV Sr. Sec. School
Green Park, New Delhi

Asst. Teacher in Delhi Administration not getting benefit of Bunching


Poonam Paliwal

Spouse transfer in Kendriya Vidyalaya

I knew about this platform where teachers share their problem and they get good absolute suggestion. my husband is working as PGT in KVS and he never got transferred since 2002 while he applied each year . this year he has been transferred to hard station. each year kvs policy is changed . i am also primary teacher in state school. is there any policy or rule through which he could get transfer, please guide me. i will be highly thankful tho this association.

Purnima Singh

DELTA is giving valuable service


Arjunan v.
Kendriya Vidyalaya,
Avadi, Tamilnadu

Bunching in Navodaya Vidyalaya Teachers' pay

Dear sir/madam, in Navodaya Vidyalaya Teachers pay scale has not bunched and step up till now. please give the suggestion.thank you..

Satyawan Dahiwale

Maternity or Child Care leave in Probation denied

Is it possible to avail Maternity or Child Care and any medical leave during probation period.


Lab Assistants in Aided schools denied promotion

Kindly provide me the reason of denying promotion to lab.asstt.in aided school to tgt when 100% posts are reserve for promotion from feeders cadres

Sanjiv Kumar

I joined Rajasthan Govt job after quitting PRT in KVS

I am PRT in KVS since 2003. if Joined rajsthan govt job then i will get pension and GPF benefit or not.

Chandan Lal Parmar

The Computer Teachers in Punjab eligible for CPF or not

I am computer teacher in punjab. i was working on contract from 01-jan-2007 but punjab Govt. make our service regular as on 01-july-2011 in \"PUNJAB INFORMATION & COMMUTATION TECHNOLOGY\" A Society reg.ACT 1860 NO. 21,,Under \"PUNJAB Education Department\" with all CSR Applicable on us ---- we are teacher who teaches computer from 6th to 10+2th -- our Grade is equal to Vocational Master in punjab as follows :- 10790-34800 + 3800 , starting =14790/ + DA+HRA+MEDICAL AND all facilities and allowances of Punjab govt. ----- Our Questions are as follows ----- (1.) is we are under Education department or under only PICTES society ?(2.) is we are eligible for Seniority in our school staff?(3.) is we eligible for \"Contributory pension Fund\" or for Other funds like GPF etc. ? PLZ MAKE ME CLEAR I WILL V.THANKFUL FOR THIS.


Eligibility of Pincipals on KVS

Can TGT eligible for the post of Principal in KVS who have 20 years experience in teaching (joined on 13.11.1991)

Narinder Singh

Para teachers need help

Can we do anything for Para teachers ?

Lincon Kumar Naik

Grade pay of Computer Operater fixed at Grade pay 2800

I am working as a Computer Operator / System Incharge in a reputed private school and have joined in the the pay scale of 4500-8000 before 6th pay. But after revision of 6th pay i was offered with the grade pay of Rs.2800 and my starting basic pay is Rs.9300 along with two increment. My gross salary is Rs.23000/-. Teachers have joined along with me are getting higher pay. I would like to know whether i can claim for higher grade pay or not. Please help.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CPF for employees who recruited after 2004

SIR, I have jioned in a aided school of delhi in sep 2008. From till now contributary pension fund a/c no. is not allotted to me. Many of time i have asked to manager and principal ,but every time they said that there is no provision for allottment of cpf a/c for the employees who recruited after 2004.is this write ? kindly tell me any provision which provide us a cpf a/c no.

Janakee Yadav

Arya Sr. Sec School, Khanpur,New Delhi

I have served Indian Railway and joined Punjab Electricity Board after resignation

I have served Indian Railways from 03-04-1999 to 17-06-2007.With no objection from Railways & after submitting my Technical Resignation I joined Punjab State Electricity Board(now punjab state power corporation) on dated 18-06-07.While in Railways i was covered under old pension scheme.PSEB covered me under new pension scheme.My query is can my past service in railways be counted for pensionary benefits& Can I be covered under old pension scheme?


I want to change my hometown, do I need to purchase a property in that town

I am PGT in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Korba chhattisgarh. I want to change my home town From Bilaspur C.G. to Raigarh C.G.in service records. For this I suppose to have a property/land in new place.but I don\'t want to purches any prperty. Is there any other way to get changed my home town?

S K Anant
JNV Korba, Chhatisgarh

I have no one to stay with my daughter but HOS is not ready to even take and read my application

I am working as a PRT since 15th sept 2009 in a remote area. its almost 1 yr 10 months nw. I have 3years old daughter who is staying with me. i am using play school for her. now her school is getting closed for the summer vacation for 22 days from 20th july to 10th aug.I have no one who can come and stay with me to take care of my daughter. My mother in law is no more and father-in-law is a split disc patient. so he\'s also unable to come and stay with me. my husband is in a Private company so he cant take leave for so many days to come here. I applied for child care leave for 22 days stating my problem but principal was not even ready to take and read my application. he said that my case is not an extreme case n nt genuin.morover I am under probation. he also said that one cant leave the station during this leave. he said child care leave can only be granted if the child is hospitalised or for examination and it is not a right. Last yeat also he refused for the same. Please suggest is my reason for taking child care leave not genuin? am i not eligible for the child care leave in this case. he tells me to keep a maid which I failed to find. Moreover i dont feel safe also to leave such a small child with a servant. Kindly suggest how to proceed for the same asap if the principal refuses to forward my application to AC RO. also please send me a copy of rules and regulation in this case.

Nangloi, Delhi

I joined as TGT after 2008 what will be the pay stepwise

sir, firstly I wish 2 know how can I contribute? Secondly my query is regarding my pay fixation. I joined as tgt on 16 sep 2008 plz mail me my stepwise salary structure in detail. I shall b highly obeliged to you.

Aakash TGT
Rajendranagar, New Delhi

Principal is not sanctioning CCL neither forwarding to RDE

i proceeded on one year sanctione ccl by regional director for my sick daugher to chennai .Now i sent extension for 10 months along with medical certificate as my daughter still needs care to rd through school principal .but she is not forwarding my application to rd saying i need to joi first then i apply fresh .ple advise what shpould i do > is it not her duty to send my application. can i directly send my appli to rd

Anjna Bhusari

What is the progress on Anomalies in payscales

i want to know what is the prograss about anamoli\'s

M K Agrawal

RTE says a child cannot be refused admission in school but not going so

Dear Delta team,

I was googling the RTE and found your site. I wonder if I can ask you a legal question re RTE>

I have a new school..low cost but high quality...that has not completed it’s registration. It takes a lot of time in Maharashtra but I suspect all over India there are schools like this and 1000’s of children affected.

When a child has to leave our school (Private unaided) and go to another school we write a bonafide certificate but cant give a full Leaveing Certificate. Some schools take the bonafide certificate but some are refusing to admit the child. We have a dear father who has moved to a town 3 hours away and the school will not accept the child based on our bonafide certificate ..the child is only 9. This seems ridiculous to me...(i am Australian) and I dont understand. I know the LC is a good concept, I assume to make sure kids dont leave fees behind in another school and then move to a new one..to build some accountability...but surely all over india are new schools in the process who dont have complete registration. Here in Maharashtra they aren’t registering any new schools right now. Also all over the state low income parents are dissatisfied with the Govt schools....and moving into private schools.

Do you have any insight into this?
IN the RTE it says a child cannot be refused admission. But it also says the principal can face disciplinary action. However registration takes time. ..unavoidably.

Can you give me any perspective on this. I feel very much for our few children and their parents who are having a difficult time with this. It could well take a year for our school to be registered and we have the Vice CM as the president of the trust we are working for. What about all those other schools and children out there. A friend of mine is also facing the same problem with one of her students who have moved on. Can these parents invoke the RTE and how would they go about it?
If you need to charge a fee for this advice do let me know. If you can just send me some advice quickly I would appreciate it as i feel very much for these parents who are facing problems.

Melinda Parker Gyanankur schools.

Hon Director


Monday, April 25, 2011

It should...


Suresh G
Daman and Diu

I have been selected as TGT Maths but got no appointment letter from DSSSB

I have selected in dsssb TGt Maths my roll no is 521094 but after aout one and half month I am not recived any latter of appointment of varification of certificate or medical till date . so please suggest me what to do

Gaurav Mishra

I can understand the plight of the common man

A s the CPIO of my office,I have to handle cases of varied nature from scholars, administrators and ordinary people interested in seeking information about events, personalities,legal rights etc.But when I wish to attend to a matter in personal capacity I can understand the plight of the common citizen because of the stonewalling tactics of several organisations. I shall be happy to share my experience.

Rajesh Verma
Asst Director, Ministry of Culture
National Archives of India

What are the rules for average grading, ACR and MACPS

I s there any rule which states that a teacher who gets an average grading for one year cannot be considered for MACP. when the remaining gradings for 5 years are very good\\good.

Rajesh Verma

Whether Vice-Principal have right not to fill time in attendance register

C an a vice principal have a right to does not filup the time in attendence register?


Is there any provision to see his annual exam answer sheets for a child

Is there any provision for the child to see his annual exam\'s answer sheets if he is not satisfied with the result or the transparency in the checking system at school level.

Neetu Chhabra

Whether Nursery Schools need to be closed after RTE 2009

P lease let me know, if the nursery schools (for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years) need to be closed after the RTE 2010 act comes into effect.

Mohit Kumar

Want to know about Medical Leave provision for teachers

I am working as PGT with a public school in south delhi since 2002 ,is there any provision of medical leave or half leave provision or not.i want medical leaves but school says there is no provision of medical leaves for teacher .school is giving me without pay leaves .

Kumar Vikas Saxena

My son has been detained in class 8 by PRIVATE school

M y son is studying in a private school in delhi. He has been detained in class 8 by the school this year. As per my understanding of the right to education act this is against the law. On discussing this with the school authorities they replied that this private schools do not come under this act. and they can detain my child. Kindly clarify this for me. Also, please note that my child has scored more than 33% marks but the school says that the passing marks are 40%.

Praveen Soni

Minimum qualification for PRT in Bihar

K indly let me know the minimum required qualifications for a primary teacher in Bihar. Does he/she have to be trained? What is the minimum educational qualification? Look forward to hear from you soon. Thanking you

Anupam Yunas

I can be of help in many ways

I am the Principal of RD interantional school at Erode, T.N and I wish to support for the cause of education. I promote learning with understanding. i can be of help in many ways and a few are (a) Career Counselor, (b) IITJEE Mentor in Physics , (c) Administrator, (d) Quality Check controller in education domain, (e) documentation writer etc.,

Erode, Tamil Nadu

Hats off To DELTA

I was very much impressed by the online services provided by DELTA and i have decided to become a member. But i do not know how to remit one rupee towards the membership fee.
Hats off to DELTA

Nagarajan, (Principal)
R D International School
Erode, Tamil Nadu

I want to work for those who are suffering in PRIVATE schools

I really want that teachers or rather facilitators who are playing most important part in building the future resources , should get their due credit and renumeration. I wish to work for those teachers who are suffering in the private institutes/ schools and following the selfish norms made by businessmen which are against the morms of labour commision.

Sonam Bedi

Noble organisation for different sections of the society


M L V R Prasad
JNV Nizamsagar, AP

Please do my fixation.. I am working in Assam Rifles

I am working as a Junior Teacher in Assam Rifles in the pay scale of 4500-125-7000 since 16 Feb 2004. On 01.01.2006 my basic pay was Rs.4625/- Please do my pay fixation according to 6th CPC.

Tej Krishan

We have to submit cheating certificate for medical leave

I feel very sad for the injustice done to teachers. We teachers have only 10 days of Earned Leave per year. Even though it is very less it will be more convenient for us to avail leave in urgent situation. But Now in Pondicherry only Half-Pay leave is provided to teachers.Even for availing one day leave we have to provided Medical Certificate (Cheating certificate) by paying Rs.100, on other side while retirement for computing leave salary 300 days of Half-pay leave will be taken for calculation of that only 150 days of salary will be claimed. This situation will be only for teachers. Other than half-pay leave no other type of leave is provided to teachers. If your association fights and helps to restore the previous situation it will be more helpful for teachers.

Rajkumar S.
Govt School...???

I want to change over from CPF to GPF


Rajni Reddy

Noble site..!!

Its a noble site . If it can fight for the nobee cause of the teachers , it will be highly beneficial.

Saroj Kumar Mishra,
Badmal, Bolangir, Orissa

Minimum entry pay for TGT as 12540 given in Delhi or not

M y query is; whether minimum entry pay rupees 12540 would be given to TGT appointed on or before dated 1.1.2006. If it has already been given in schools under Delhi administration ,then i may be kindly issued a circular to this effect.

Saroj Kumar Mishra
O.F.School, Badmal,
Bolangir, Orissa

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Publish news related to Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti too

Kindly publish material related to Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti.thousands of employees are awaiting.

S K Anant,
JNV Korba, Chhattisgarh

Why Teachers Associations are unable to convey grievances

W hy the teacher association is unable to convey his grievances of 6th pay commission to GOVT. WHERE senior Tr appointed b4 1-1-2006 are getting less pay than junior.

Arvind Kumar

Is MACPS applicable for KV

Is MACP applicable to kv teachers

Pradeep Kumar Mishra

Is the distance matters for EWS students for admission in public schools

Is the distance of the school and the home of a children is a part to get admission in public school by a poor children.

Gurvinder Singh

I am not liking the post named 'Our Delhi'

This is with reference to your Blog dated 2/2/2011 \'Our Delhi\'. I appreciate your efforts to bring it to the notice of millions of your readers. But (what personally I feel) are we not exhibiting the act of our own sons/daughters ? If they are not matured enough to behave/act is it the way to show our maturity ? Oh no...after all they are our own misguided children. If this is the case tomorrow we may find in some other site the photograph of one of our colleague in different pose. Once again while I appreciate your efforts.. but at the same time I am totally against exhibiting the unwanted acts of our own children in the site through the photographs. If possible please remove the photographs from the site. instead some written blog in this regard should serve the purpose.

Naresh Chandra

I am not getting entry pay from 2006

I am tgt s.sc. in gbsss molar band from aug. 2003 and direct recurtee in dir. of edu. and not got entry pay from 2006 . plz suggest me right way.

Mukesh Agrawal
GBSS, Molarband,
New Delhi

I prepare powerpoint presentations

I prepare powerpoint presentation for the benefit of teachers and students that will be very useful and self learning method .

Shiva Kumar
Calve Bungalow,

MACPS applicable for Railway school teachers or not

I am a PGT working in Railway school.My basic pay as on 01/01/2006 is 7100.How my pay will be fixed as per pay commission recommendation. I would also like to know if MACPS is applicable to teachers

Joby Joseph

Abortion Leave being given or not in probation period

Hi my name is ruchika i hv joined in kv as PRT on 1.01.11 and im in probation period i hv to undergo ABORTION want to know whether abortion leaves are given during probation or not


I am wating for membership confirmation since July 2010

I want to be the part of Delta. I already applied for the membership in july 2010.You assured me to get registered till November. Iam waiting for the same till date. Please guide me for the same.

Neetu Chhabra

I am in America for last 3 years, Deptt in sending notices, want to take VRS

I am a govt.school teacher and now in america for last 3 years.My child is studying here after getting scholarship ,Being the only parent I am here with her which i can manage till now by providing medical certificate. NOW department is sending me show cause and enquiry against me. I n this situation if I want to resign or voluntairly get retirement as I worked for 18 years.can you guide me what to to in such case and how long i have to be in delhi for all this done. please reply


want to know salary of PGT in NVS before and after 01-01-2006

I am working as PGT in NVS. information about Direct Recruited PGT Oct 2003 present salaries and salaries after 6cpc. it should start from 18750.00 from 01/01/2006 what action the forum has taken to have it , please inform.

Dr. D S Saklani
JNV Valpoi, North Goa

May Ad hoc employees get maternity leave, I am doctor

I am senior resident in central govt hospital delhi working on ad hoc basis 4 a period of 89 days.would i be entitled to maternity leave if i deliver within this tenure? also if i leave dis job and start afresh after delivery on regular post( say after 3-4 months),would i be granted mat leave till my child grows 6 months? anticipating an early answer,thanking you....

Dr. Parul Gupta

I migrated abroad, Deptt issuing show cause notices

I migrated abroad after getting noc and later i send medical papers for further leave ,now I am without pay and leave.Department is issuing enquiry against me in this matter. I want to get voluntary retirement/resign from TGT post in govt.school. C an you suggest me how this can be possible with maximum benefits and less tension. I am a single parent and my child is studying abroad so I am here with him.

Sushma Sharma

Want to pay online, please convey the account no.of DELTA

I want to pay the membership fee on online.how to do sir. plz send me ur account no

Santha Kumar
Maducarai, Puducherry

DGEHS card spoiled by water, how to get new

i want to know the procedure of two things:
1 how to get wife name add on existing DGEHS card
2 procedure to get new dgehs card if it gets lost or spoil by water