Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The schools run by Deptt of Space are not implementing MACPS

The Dept. of Space/GOI is running two schools. It is not implementing the MACPS stating that the KVS has not yet implemented. Kindly clarify whether the MACPS si applicable for us. thanking you.

Is this circular beneficial for teachers???

I found a circular according that circular all employee (primary teacher)with GP-4200 merged in GP-4600 please clear it in reference to teachers
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure Implementation Cell
New Delhi, dated the 13th November, 2009.


Subject: Grant of the revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4600 in the pay band PB-2 to posts that existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006 and which were granted the normal replacement pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4200 in the pay band PB-2.

Sixth Pay Commission recommended merger of the three pre-revised scales of Rs.5000-8000, Rs.5500-9000 and Rs.6500-10500 and replaced them by the revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4200 in the pay band PB-2. Vide para 2.2.21 (v) of its Report, the Commission recommended that on account of the merger of these 3 scales, some posts which constituted feeder and promotion grades would come to lie in an identical grade. The Commission gave specific recommendations in its Report granting higher grade pay of Rs.4600 to some categories of these posts. As regards the other posts, the Commission recommended that it should first be seen if the posts in these 3 scales can be merged without any functional disturbance and if possible, the same should be done. Further, the Commission recommended that in case it is not feasible to merge the posts in these pay scales on functional consideration, the posts in the scale of Rs.5000-8000 and Rs.5500-9000 should be merged with the posts in the scale of Rs.6500-10500 being upgraded to the next higher grade in the pay band PB-2 with grade pay of Rs.4600 corresponding to the pre-revised scale of Rs.7450-11500. In case a post already exists in the scale of Rs.7450-11500, the post being upgraded from the scale of Rs.6500-10500 should be merged with the post in the scale of Rs.7450-11500. para (ii), Section I in Parts B and C of the First Schedule to the CCS (RP) Rules, 2008. While Part B of the First Schedule to the CCS (RP) Rules relates to revised pay scales for common categories of staff, Part C notifies revised pay structure for certain posts in Ministries, Departments and Union Territories. The above provisions of the Rules specifically mentioned that upgradations in terms of para (ii) Section I may be done in consultation with Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance. Expenditure has received a large number of references from administrative ministries/departments proposing upgradadon of the posts which were in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006 by granting them grade pay of Rs.4600 in the pay band PB-2. The matter has been considered and it has now been decided that the posts which were in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006 and which were granted the normal replacement pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4200 in the pay band PB-2, will be granted grade pay of Rs.4600 in the pay band PB-2 corresponding to the pre-revised scale of Rs.7450-11500 w.e.f. 1.1.2006. Further, in terms of the, aforementioned provisions of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008, in case a post already existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs.7450-11500, the posts being upgraded from the scale of Rs.6500-10500 should be merged with the post in the scale of Rs.7450-11500. Government servants in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 who were earlier granted grade pay of Rs.4200 and who have already exercised their option for drawal of pay in the revised pay structure in the format prescribed in the Second Schedule to the Rules, will be fixed again in accordance with illustration 4A annexed to CCS (RP) Rules, 2008. Rs.6500-10500 who were earlier granted grade pay of Rs.4200 and who had opted to have their pay fixed under CCS (RP) Rules, 2008, action as prescribed in this Department\'s O.M. of even number dated 30th August, 2008 will be taken. In case a Government servant desires to revise his earlier option for coming over to the revised pay structure, he may be permitted to do so without making any reference to this Department. Rs.4600 in the pay band PB-2, arrears of pay will be recalculated and difference of arrears in respect of the entire amount will be paid immediately. The manner of drawal of arrears has already been indicated in this Department\'s O.M. of even number dated 30.8.2008.
7. Hindi version will follow.
To All Ministries/Departments of Government of India and others (as per standard list).

Om Prakash Joshi,
Vasco, GOA

Residency period recommended by fifth CPC is implemented or not

Vth-CPC recommended the residency period for Gr-II and Gr-I as 10 yrs and 8 yrs for TGTs respectively. Kindly clarify whether this recomendation was accepted by the GOI for the teachers working in central government schools.
Andhra Pradesh

Teachers are in Group B or Group C?

According Gazette Notification of Central Govt. and endorse by delhi govt and circulate by Directorate of education Delhi Government, The employees are in grade pay Rs 4200 to 5400 Post are in Group B Gazetted/ Non Gazetted .The teacher TGT And PGT are Group B or Group C?
Bharat Singh

Friday, November 27, 2009

I am handling two sections of 42 students from last 4 years


What are the facilities for physically handicapped


My wife joined Navodaya After delivery, is she eligible for maternity leave

The site is very use ful and informative. Please answer my query. My wife recently joined as teacher in a Navodaya school. Her delivery was three months before joining the school. Whether she is eligible for geting the eligible maternity leave. Is there any specifc rules or orders denying or allowing matenity leave in the case of those who joined after delivery.If she is not eligbile for maternity leave, whether she is eligbible for child care leave. Whether under any circumstances the authorities can deny her these leaves?
Sailal C.
Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology
PTC, Mysore,Karnataka

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am ready to go to Hon'ble CAT against increment in JULY only

I have already given details to DELTA regarding date of increment as recommended july in 6 pay commission I wrote earlier about loss which I have to suffer due to change in date of increment from feb to july So I AM READY TO GO TO CAT tell me procedure how can I proceed and if I will go through this organization then what to do I am also ready to pay expenses. Please give me details and guide me.
Rekha Rani Sharma

Can I exercise the option or not ?

Date of joining is 23/01/84 I opted Fifth Pay commission from the date of Sr.Scale on 24/01/96 granting. My basic pay was 1950/- on 1st. January,1996 .After given my option my pay was fixed 6900/- on 24/01/96.Till last month I was getting my pay accordingly . But according to the audit party I can not exercise the option. So the fixed my pay 24/01/06 is 6500/- they ordered for recovery Rs.127000/-. According the 5th pay commission only three person can nopt exercise option 1. Fresh appointment 2. Transferee from another department 3. Promoted Isent a RTI asking them weather sr.Schale is promotion . I got reply that it is not a promotion it is financial upgradation. iam not promotee person so I can exercise the option or not? Please guide me how to fight in Hon'ble CAT.

Surender Kumar Sharma

TGT drawing

What is the pay scale of school-inspector

What is the new pay scale of school inspector in delhi govt. schools after implementation of 6th pay commission.
Ajeet Kumar Pandey

We are not getting even pen, duster from Principals

I want to know that why not govt provide any fund of pen,duster and any other seem little but important thing for discharging duties.even nonteaching get full facilities on the behalf of discharging the time of teacher is it not for profession or personal.even teachers are treated below the ivth class for asking basic facilities.hos not with suggest how can we get these basic facilities from HOS in the rightful manner.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Suggesting for making you a better organisation than others...

This suggestion is for better organizing & increasing productive output by DELTA. After perusal of various FAQ\'s / suggestions / reviews by think tank, please explore the feasibility of identifying specific proposed actions [OUR PROJECTS] under specific heads e.g. ACP Matters proposed to be taken up / Pay Commission Anomalies proposed to be taken up / Leave Matters proposed to be taken up etc. Members may be encouraged to post their suggestions under such Project Groups. The Core Team may include specific cases after perusal & confirmation of each suggestion. Matters with IDENTICAL subject should be taken up. Non Identical matters SHOULD NOT BE CLUBBED. The accepted suggestions proposed to be included in Projects may be advised to members for submitting print & signed copies in particular TEMPLATE and with nominal charges if necessary.
Shushma Rani Jain, Delhi

Kindly let me know how to pay the contribution

I want to be a member of your organisation. Kindly let me know Draft should be drawn in favour of___? and Payable at___?. Is it possible to send it by core banking? So that you would get it easily and me too the less trouble of waiting in queue to collect draft? Please respond at the earliest.
Sajith S Nair
Bhuj, Gujrat

I want to swap from NVS to KVS

I have some query regarding above mentioned subjects (1) I am working in NVS(Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti) as TGT, if I want to go as TGT in KVS (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan) through proper channel whether my past service will count in KVS? (2) pay protection will be applicable to me or not? (3) age relaxation is applicable to me in competitive exams as central govt employee applicable ? (4)What Pension scheme will apply for me? I have joined in Dec.2003 and covered with CPF.
Shashi Bhushan

क्या आप दूसरी संस्थाओं की मदद कर सकते हैं

हमारी संस्था दिल्ली के अर्बन इलाके में पाँच महीने से काम कर रही है। हम लोग यहाँ महिला सशक्तिकरण, शिक्षा, युवा वर्ग और स्वास्थ्य के लिये काम कर रहे हैं। हमारी संस्था को कुछ कार्यों के लिये आपकी संस्था से आर्थिक मदद की जरूरत है। क्या आप हमारी इसमें मदद कर सकते हैं? जानकारी के लिये कार्य स्थल की जानकारियाँ साथ भेज रही हूँ।

What is the age of retirement of school teachers

I would like to know the retirement age of school teachers? I was given retirement by my school this year at the age of 60. However, they have reappointed me at a rate of 700 per day and I donot get any leaves and only working days are calculated for salary i.e. now I am a daily wager. Though all my duties are the same. I retired as a Vice-Prncipal of a Public school. My qouestions are: 1. What is the retirement of age of school teachers? Is it 60 or 62 yrs? 2. Secondly, if I have been reappointed then what is the revised pay of guest teachers? Kindly address my concerns as now my salary is not even half of what I was getting earlier.
Ruchi Sharma

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whether encashment of EL during LTC endorshed in Directorate of Education

This is an enquiry regarding the encashment of Earned Leave for availing LTC as per the DOPT letter - F. No. 31011/4/2008. Estt.(A), which was duly endorsed by Govt. of NCT of Delhi vide notification No. F.11(4)/2006.fin(B)/dsfh/1975. I want to know whether the same has been endorsed by the Dir. of Education of Delhi Govt., and if at all it has been endorsed, could you please send me the necessary details of Directorate\'s notification to this effect. My school is denying me the benefit on the ground that this has not been endorsed by the Dir. of Education. Kindly send the necessary information as soon as possible.
Sudhanshu Sharma

My DNI is February 2006, why I will get increment after 17 months!!!

I am Rekha Rani TGTworking in Delhi. my date of apponiment is 17.2.77 my date of birth is 4.2.51 date of retirement is 28.2.2011 this is grivence regardig date of increament in july acc to 6 pay commission which shows very much unequal benifit and life long loss to me acc to 6 pay commission if date of appointment is 01 jan then will get increament two times in jan then again in july means after 6 months but what about if date of appointment is feb as in my case i will get increament in july means after 17 months second major loss which i have to suffer on retirement as my date of retirement is 28.02.2011 so i will not get incraement in feb 2011 acc to 6 pay there will be loss of one increament in my salary as i will not get increament in 2011 which will bring loss in my pention as well as gratuaty guide me what should i do?
Rekha Rani

Please do Re-postmortem.....WOW!!!

I am not satisfy your postmartem of 6th pay commission implimentation. Because some point of the commission is not cleared. i. e. why upgrade the primary teacher in 6500-200-10500? strutu If the primary teacher upgrade in the 5000-150-8000 no less pay drown in revised pay structure in GP 4200. In the 6 pay commission report many pay scale is upgrade in 5000-150-8000 in to 5500-175-9000. and 5000-150-8000 in to 6500-200-10500 also. please now do repostmartem of complete report and circulars . and tell me.
Tarun 13/09/2009

I have a complete solution of related to implimentation of six pay commission revised pay ccs rule 2008.The report of this commission and GAZETTE OF INDIA and OFFICE MEMORANDUM of implementation cell, government of india and OFFICE ORDER of GNCT dated 18/09/2008 are exactly correct.BUT THE MIS-UNDERSTANDING OF PAO, DDOs, various unions,and all the employees all over india DISPLAY A WRONG METHODS and confused. THE MISTAKE IS COMES FROM MIS-UNDERSTANDING OF RULE 7 1 WITH BOTH THE CONDITION ON APPLYING ON REVISED PAYBAND/PAY SCALE ( WHERE IS APPLICABLE ). I request to you ,DELTA prepare new fixation tables and work done in favour of govt employees of all over india.I give full copration in table prepration.
Tarun Kumar 19/09/2009

Why we Railway School Teachers are not getting next grade after 10 years

An ordinary central govt.employee is entitled to get next grade after 10 years of his service if he/she didn\'t get any promotion during the past 10 years,but, a teacher will get this \'next grade\' after 12 years---why ? This is being told to us in railways. A huge delay or loss of two years to teahers. Pl throw some light on this gross injustice to teachers.This is being applied to all the central govt. teahers & not only to rly. teachers. Thanks.
O P singh

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can PRT taking secondary classes may claim for TGT grades

I am teaching in one of the branches of DAV public schools. I got my probation as prt comp sc on 2nd july 2001, confirmed within 1 year of my job. i have been taking IX and X Since then. My juniors( for whome i was the subj expert during their interview)were given TGT much before me ( they being related to the management). since then they have been telling me "aapko bhi de denge and all" but now they have blankly refused and are saying that rules have changed in 6TH pay commission and now no posts will be advertised and all of the remaining staff will only be given their selection grades. Plz let me know my rights for thr same. Can i use RTI in any case? can i legaly demand TGT from them?I am very frustrated and seek help.
Rani Pandya

Regarding counting of past service and pay protection

I have some query regarding above mentioned subjects 1. I am working in KVS as TGT, if I want to go as PGT in rajasthan public service commission through proper channel whether my past service will count in rajasthan 2. pay protection will be applicable to me or not 3. age relaxation is applicable to KVS employee in competitive exams as central govt employee applicable ?
Om Prakash Joshi

What are the minimum qualifications for PGT and TGT...

Can you please let me know What is the qualification for recruitment of PGT & TGT in CBSC board?. Thanks a lot.

What are the Recruitment rules (RR) for computer teachers

Presently I am working as a computer teacher in a Secondry Public School (reco. by CBSE) Last three years without breaking. What is the rules for permanent Comp.Teacher I Am + PGDCA. Kindly Sir, Please Send me full Details on my E-mail Id for this matter.Thak you
Amber sh

Drawing,SUPW,Librarian,PET are not getting promotion in Kendriya Vidyalayas

I am a drawing teacher in kv there is no promotion channel for drawing,supw,librarian,P.E. teachers. My service in KVS is 28 years i have not got my selection grade till date .Is there any good news of acp for me and my counterparts.It is a great victimisation of teachers.We feel relief with cpc report regarding acp for all cadres of employees . Please help us in this regard.
Sachchee Baat

Regarding abolition of EL for Teachers,Principals

In teaching department we have six days week but in other departments only five days week therefore they are geetting about 52 days leave in a year. Beside it they are getting 30 days EL then why EL is not for teachers!!
Omprakash Joshi
Vasco, Goa


Saturday, August 1, 2009

The management is asking the methods of fixation

I am working as a TGT in a private school.On the day of 2006 Jan 1st my basic was Rs.5850.My increment mointh is April. Please help me in calculating my basic salary. In our website it is coming as Rs.19,160 Please send me the details of calculation.Till yesterday they were saying we are not going to fix the revised basic and yesterday I gave a letter to the principal.'Today the scool authorities called me and said we have revised your salary .''For any further change you bring the calculation today itself'.'Tommorow morning there is a committee meeting'.Sir , I request you to help me and please send the details of calculation ( Rs.19,160 ) today itself.
John Kurian,Delhi

We are getting neither arrears nor proper TA,HRA etc

We work in a reputed public school in Delhi. Till Feb 2009 we had no problems with our salary EVER and hence we completely trusted that the authorities will do the same again. But from March 2009 we have been getting a fractured salary where the new TA is not being given and HRA is given as only 20% of the basic as oppposed to the 30% that we are supposed to be getting in a A1 city like Delhi. Also we have not yet received even one rupee as arrear though the school has already collected the first installment from the parents. We are desperate as we can see no avenue to fight this injustice. Please help and give us some suggestions as to how we can fight. We did try to go to the Directorate of Education too but there we need to submit a WRITTEN complaint ,which we cannot do as then our very job becomes uncertain as we do not have absolute job security. The authorities have seen to it that there is no Employees Union as well as a PTA body in the School. PLEASE HELP.
All Victims

Is it necessary to resign if seeking immigration in other country

i am a kvs teacher, i am seeking immigration in other country . can i obtain an noc from the deptt. can the deptt force me to resign before permitting or giving noc.
Rani Singh

Post Graduation is needed or not for IInd ACP

I am looking for a clarification on ACP. In case of 2nd ACP for TGT whether post graduation is required or not . The teacher is B.Sc.BEd.
Vir Kush
Mayur Vihar, New Delhi

RTI should be used for clarification on Transport Allowance too

Dear friends Why are you not asking the information under the RTI act 2005,for non payment of TA. The following information can be asked from the Directorate of Education under the RTI. (1)Whether the teachers of govt.schools in Delhi are not covered/governed under the ccs(RP)rules 2008. (2) If yes, under which provisions of ccs(RP)rules 2008, Teachers have been debarred from the payment of T.A. (3)There is no provision of non payment of TA to any employee including teachers are exists in the ccs(RP) rules 2008, even the campus restriction for the payment of TA has also been removed under new pay ruls. Therefore they (DoE)will not be able to provide a satisfactory reply for these questions and they will be bound to start the payment of TA to teachers. Dear friends, A reply of this message to me will be highly appriciated.

How to get my name added in the list for the case filed in CAT

PL Inform how to add name list in 11 september court case at cat with edu dept delhi govt regarding transport allowances pl publish this on your website and also inform teachers union to get active and get all teachers name in list
Pawan Kumar

When bunching will be done

I am a Sainik School Sujanpur tira, Hamirpur (H.P).I have an anomaly about my fixation.I have joined this on July 2002.As per 6th Cpc I have fixed on basic-17290/ including my grade pay that is 4600/.Sir I would like to know that is there any bunching or minimum at par in this case.On other hand a new appointee after or on 1.1.06 getting more basic compare to our case. So pl. tell me what will be my basic on 1.1.06
Shashi Pal
Hamirpur,Himachal Pradesh

Which is better, Govt contract job or PRT in public school

I want to ask a question. I m working as a computer faculty in a Govt school of Punjab on contractual basis. Now there are vacancies of primary teachers in BBMB DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL NANGAL for which i m eligible. Shall I apply for these posts or the present Govt job on contractual basis is better. I may have a chance to get regular in this Govt job in the future. Also tell me the basic pay and total pay of primary teachers in BBMB DAV SCHOOL NANGAL
Nangal, Punjab

LTC endorsed or not in Directorate of Education ,Delhi

This is an enquiry regarding the encashment of Earned Leave for availing LTC as per the DOPT letter - F. No. 31011/4/2008. Estt.(A), which was duly endorsed by Govt. of NCT of Delhi vide notification No. F.11(4)/2006.fin(B)/dsfh/1975. I want to know whether the same has been endorsed by the Dir. of Education of Delhi Govt., and if at all it has been endorsed, could you please send me the necessary details of Directorate's notification to this effect. My school is denying me the benefit on the ground that this has not been endorsed by the Dir. of Education. Kindly send the necessary information as soon as possible.
Sudhansu Sharma

EL is abolished or not

I want to know about EL to teachers. As a vocational staff presently we are getting 10 EL in a year. Whether in 6 CPC “EL” is abolished or not ?
O P Joshi, Vasco, Goa

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our service books lying incomplete since last 8 years

Pls rfr our tlphonic conversation regarding filing of RTI for completion of service books lying incomplete for last eight years.
K R Meena
Gandhi Nagar, New Delhi

Go ahead...file more cases

You are doing the best for educationist go ahead..... . File more cases, for abolishing el etc.. File more rti to ask more information. When an employee get acp after 12 year, if he got promoted to the post why don’t he get any financial benfit (o zero), after acp. Whenever in previous system when employee got senior scale and if he promoted he got one increment. In my case i was appointed on 03.10.1991 as tgt (revised pay scale 5500-9000) and got acp ist from 04.10.2003(6500-10500). But i promoted on 17.11.2006 as pgt (commerce) and i have not provided any financial benefit on 28.11.06 (zero difference in pay ) before promotion and after promotion . Is it right? Pls sent email if there is any difference to me or ask in rti from the department.
N K Jain, Laxminagar,
New Delhi

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My juniors were promoted on All India seniority

I am working in kendriya vidyalaya as TGT science since 04-04-1996 and my juniors were promoted as PGT according to all India seniority list.I just wanted to know the promotion rules /regulations to pursue my case legally.thnx.
Indu Chib

Friday, July 3, 2009

Is anything in consideration for removal of anomalies

Is anything in consideration of govt of India about anamolies of govt school teachers pay as juniors PRT,TGT and PGT teachers are getting more salary then senior recruited before 1996.
P K Dogra

I am Promoted as Vice Principal, who will pay the arrear

I was PGT at kv no.1 in Gwalior.Promoted in dec. 2008 as vice principal at kv ramgarh cant.which school should pay my arrears of 6th pay commission?
B S Rajput,Vice Principal
Ramgarh cantt,

I am going to retire in 2010 but KVS has not given selection scale or 2nd ACP to me

I feel my pay has not been fixed properly in the new pay scales.Iam serving as drawing teacher in the pay scale RS.6500-10500.On september 2009,my basic pay was 9500 +DP.I have received only senior scale and selection scale is not yet given to me.Iam to retire in 2010.My joining in KVS is 22ND SEPTEMBER 1983.IWOULD BE OBLIGED IF YOU CAN HELP AND SUGGEST ME SOME WAY. THANKS.
Harcharanjit Singh Walia

JNV authorities are not sanctioning CCL despite of my mentally retarded child

Presently I am working as a staff nurse in JNV.For two months I have been trying for availing Child Care Leave as recommended by 6th Pay Commission for which I approached our respective principal but still he says there is no GO issued to our institution so that it is not possible to avalil such leaves. Sir, obviously, my elder son is partially mentally retarded for which he has been treating from National Institute for Mentally Handicapped (NIMH), Hyderabad for the last 8 months. As my son enters in 3rd year doctors advised me to keep my child any \'Anganwadi\'centres where more children assembled so his there is a chance to improve his mentall condition. Based on doctors advice still I approach our principle but he denied to availd Child Care Leave (CCL). Today, I found an office memorandum subject of CCL from your website in which all details pertaining to CCL mentioned. But how it is useful for me when our principal is denied. I will be eagerly waiting for your valuable reply with warm regards
Staff Nurse
Javahar Navodaya Vidyala

I wonder what sort of brain was there before scrapping of EL

Before the 6th P.C. teachers were geting 8 days CL , 10 days EL or LAP & no Medical Leave. Now instead of increasing the EL/LAP and providing medical leaves the new pay commission created a new inhuman mess for the teachers. It scrapped EL/LAP and gave 10 days Medical Leaves [20days half].I wonder what sort of brain was there behind such an insensible decision. Earlier EL/LAP could be availed of for any pupose or work but now if someone is attending his relative\'s marriage or organising even his or her own children\'s marriage as he/she has no other leave other than just 8 CL,he/she will have to falsely become sick either by requesting or bribing a doctor to avail these medical leaves for these can not be availed without being sick. Since the teacher has no option so he/she will have to go for this. Thus the system is forcing the teahers and doctors for malpractices !!
O P Singh ,Kolkata

Teachers in Sainik Schools are also facing wrong fixation

I am PGT in Sainik School Tilaiya. Please help be to calcualte my salary as per approved 6th CPC. The details is as under:-
Pay Scale - 6500-200-10500
Basic as on
1.1.2006 - Rs 6900.00
Pre revised upgraded pay scale - 7500-12000
Availing Govt quarters
City - Ordinary
Pls help me in fixing my basic as on 1.1.06
M Pathak
Sainik School Tilaiya, Jharkhand

KVS have no respect for seniority

I am a primary teacher at KVS.during transfer on 2009 according to priority list my priority was 2for jabalpur but they ignore me and transfered a person whos priority was lower(3 Sandeep Pandey) than me for jabalpur.I REPRESNT the metter through proper chanel infront of high authority but they not did anything I am helpless please do something.with hope.
Manoj Kumar, Jabalpur

Is this Yuva SLP necessary

Is this YUVA SLP compulsary? If any one does not attend what will happen? what shoule we do, atleast these kind of programme announced atleast three months before?
Raja,New Delhi

Please calculate salary under different components

As per telephonic conversation we had on 01.06.2009, I would like to know the minimum Salary Structure of PRT, TGT and PGT teachers for private unaided school and also want to know that what are the Mandatory Components in Salary Structure as per Sixth Pay Commission.
We are giving Basic Salary+D.A. (16%)+HRA (30%)+ Transport Allow. (1000+DA thereon)+LTC
Basic Salary of PRT= 4500-7000 Now 9300+4200=13500 minimum+ Other Components
Basic Salary of TGT=5500-9000 Now 13860+4600=18460 minimum+ Other Components
Basic= Pay Band + Grade Pay
Is there any other alternative to fix minimum Basic Salary (Pay Band) or all the Other Components are Mandatory. We can avoid to pay Transportation Allowance or L.T.C.
Or we can give less amount in T.A. or LTC
Further, We want to know the Salary Structure about the rest of the staff like Accounts Manager, Accounts Officer, Personnel Officer, Estate Manager, Transportation Incharge, Store Keeper, I.T. Officer, Driver, Peon, Aayah etc.
What will be the minimum salary structure for the above mentioned staff other than Teachers. Can u provide some example for this. Can we adopt contractual system for non teaching staff.
Waiting for your prompt response.
Manish Mishra, Kanpur

Some tabs on the website not working

Once we had a good chat over telephone about a fortnight ago regarding the outstanding & praiseworthy endeavours and services rendered by you people.
There is a problem; on the home page any of the item listed downwards does not appear when clicked.
Please look into this and make it functioning.
Om Prakash Singh,Kolkata

I am afraid ,your tables are showing mistakes

I am affraid whether your calculation table shows som mistake. Please refer the following link
Bunching rule in not same for TGT and PGT. Please refer this link also
Can you please clarify the difference.
Rose Janet

When The Delhi Govt is going to pay the bunching

Sir, Thanks for the involvement and giving right suggestions to the teachers community. sir i have read on your website that KVS is reddy to give the same scale to seniors as shown in your website but when DELHI GOVT. will implement it so that seniors should not get less then their juniors.
Achla Chandok, Delhi

Friday, May 1, 2009

How the pay will be fixed in stagnation period

My basic pay as on 01.01.2006 Rs.10700/- in the scale of 6500-200-10500. in the post of PET in Kendriya Vidyalaya. I got Last stegnetaion increment in Jan 2005.What are my pay in pay band as per 6th pay commission on 01.01.2006
S Y Singh

Lady teachers are being exploited in the name of PAHAL classes

I want to join this organisation to oppose wrong fixation of teachers pay in 6 cpc and. bregy biased officials of finance ministry.and regardingexploitation of teachers in the name of extra classes in vacations.pahal classes andall sort of things.
Seema Jain

Delhi teachers can't apply for transfers till 3 years of stay

Transfers open today are an eyewash. on one side two years stay is required on 01\\04\\2009 whereas those applied in 2007 april after transfer joined in june end or begining of july do not complete 2 years in april 2009. so they will complete 2 years condition in 2010 after a stay of 3years. could you raise this voice.
Dinesh Singh

6 CPC page 47 and me

I am updating myself regarding the new pay scales of the school teachers as per the VIth pay commission report. Here in your site, it has been mentioned the fianl pay scales of primary school teachers is Pay Band - 2 (9300 - 34800) with grade pay of 4200 and similarly for the others also like for TGT, PGT, Prinicipal etc.While going with the VI pay commission report, page no. 47, here it is specifically mentioned the new pay scales of Teachers like Primary school teachers, TGT, PGT etc. which is completely different with what you have stated herein your site.Please clarify, what pay scales I have to consider in the case of new appointments of school teachers.
Harish C Dalakoti

Can I get senior scale/selection scale

CAN I GET SENIOR SCALE/SELECTION SCALE Iam TGT my qualification is BSC BEd my date of appointment is 15.02/77 I got sr scale in 1989 of 12 yrs I did not get ACP as I am not post graduate as I have completed 31 years of my service so can I get senior scale of 24 yrs or selection scale too.
Rekha Rani Sharma

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As a senior I am getting less, Why?

I am PGT in JNV, Morena. My basic pay (old) on 01/01/2006 is Rs.6700. After fixation my basic pay is 12470 + 4800 (grade pay) i.e. 17270. but a new employee who is appointed on 1/01/2006 had drown basic pay 18150. this is injustice with me. as a senio, i widraw less salary. plz justify?
Deepak Agrawal,

PGT in KV with 6900 as basic on 01/06

I was appointed as PGT Chemistry in KV on 15/09/03.My basic was Rs 6900/- on 1.1.2006 .Can u tell me what will be my new basic on 1.1.2006 as per 6cpc.

May I get arrears too if worked on contract in july 07

i am self Ajit Raj. i am working as PRT in a Army school
i am working in this school since 9 July 2007 as contracted / term based (for one year)on pay scale 4500-125-7000 with all allowance(DP+DA+TA+CCA+HRA+MA).
In MAY month (16 MAY 2008) My service become regular based with same pay scale (without any brake of my service).
sir/mam i want know form you........................

My Question .............
1) I am eligible for take arrears form 9 July 2007 to 14 May 2008.
please reply me sir/mam............

it is urgent for not only me near about 20 teacher in my school where i am working.
Ajit Raj,PRT

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have completed 14 years as PRT, what should be my pay

We are working in Kendriya vidyalaya sangathan.I have completed 14 years as PRT.Plz tell us what is my fixation. I got sr. scale in july 2007

When we will get the right pay

When government will give arrears and new pay scale according to right fitment table.

I will be appointed as Principal very soon

I will be appointed as the principal very soon. May i pl. know the BP,GP AND THE TA. and the gross salary to be paid as per the govt. rules. Presently i am PGT.What would be the gratuity after serving my school for 18 years?
Renu Bhatia

क्या मैं ९ वीं तथा १० वीं नहीं पढ़ा सकती

मैं सीबीएसई से मान्यता प्राप्त स्कूल में टी जी टी हिन्दी के पद पर कार्यरत हूँ.प्राचार्य ने मुझे क्लास ६ ७ ८ पड़ने को दिया है.मैं जानना चाहती हूँ कि टी जी टी ६ ७ ८ ९ १० क्लास्सेस पड़ा सकता है या नहीं?मैं एम ऐ , बी एड हूँ.क्या इससे सम्बंधित नियम कानून कही लिखित रूप से मिल सकते हैं ?
सोनी स्वरुप

Can the minority insitutions follow the Govt rules

What about the earned leave given to the teachers? are they entititled or not? can the minority institutions follow the govt. rule at their own convenience?what can be done if the minority institution does not give arrears or the new pay scale to its emplyees?kindly give the reply at the earliest and urgently.
Sheela Jha

Tell my pay as part A Schedule I, section II

Please tell me my pay in pay band as per sixth pay comission. according to detail given below. date of appointment. 10/09/2002 as pgtin kv sangathan . pay scale 6500-200-10500.basic pay as on 1/01/2006 7100.while kvs accepet entry scale as given in part A schedule I. section II.
Anupamma Khan
KVS, Assam

I am appointed as PGT from TGT

Please tellme my pay in pay band. asper sixth pay commision.if i am appiointed PGT from TGT in kvsangathan in march 2005 and my basic pay is fixed 7300. so please tell me what are the my pay in pay band on 1/1/2006. date of appointment as PGT IN KVSANGATHAN 4/3/2005. BASIC PAY 7300. PAY SCALE 6500-200-10500.
Shokat Ali
KVS Assam

I am PGT in KVS, what should be the entry pay

Please tell me what are my salary as per 6th pay comm. i joined as TGT in Sept-2003 in KVS and i have been selected as PGT in KVS as on Nov-2008. What are the my basic pay as on 01.01.2006 as TGT and where my basic pay is fixed in Nov-2008 as PGT.
C P Jerwal
KVS, Khatkati, Assam

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am impressed ....

I am very impressed by the work which is done by you all for the teacher help .
Rajesh Yadav
Kakraula, Nazafgarh, New Delhi

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What should be the pay for accountants

I am working as a senior accountant in a public school (Recognized Unaided School).What is my normal pay scale. My present pay scale is 5500-175-9000. What is my grade pay as per VI Pay commission. What is this Bunch benefit. Is it applicable for all. In you calclation table the bunch pay is not mentioned. Hope that you may send me a reply.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why the KVS staff are not paid 40 % arrear upto now

I am highly impressed with you all. i am working in KVS as TGT. this is an autonomous body and all the employee working in this organisation are very coward they can not oppose for their rights. there is no union for us and we all are working in fear.because we are not sure about our service. all the employee in other departements had already got their 40% arrears but we do not get yet
J.Prakash, KVS

I went "on duty" to Bangalore, how to claim TA/DA

Clarification regarding TA/DA sir, i am working in GP-4600 i went on duty to banglore as per 6CPC i am entitle for - 1. TA - II AC 2. FOOD CHARGE- Rs-150 3.TA Travel with in city-100 4. HOTEL CHARGES-500 i stayed in hotel and i travelled daily from hotel to my working place can i claim 100 Rs per day as travel within the city
O P joshi

I left JTA job to be a teacher but now feel disgusted

I joined as PGT biotech on Nov 5 2008. My salary was fixed as 9300+4800=14100+ DA. is it correct? I feel disgusted as I have left JTA job in CWC ministry of food and consumers affairs Govt of India as i was interested to teaching and now the pay is very less than what i would have got there with 5650 basic there. Please give me clarity about my pay.
Arun kumar

Saturday, March 14, 2009

If i have no PG in same subject, can avail 2nd ACP

In our school DPC was held for 2nd ACP for my case , they said that person should be M.A in same subject. But i am TGT home sc and i have done M.A in hindi & sociology. They asked me to furnish written proof .thoug i have not done M.A in same subject (home sc ) yet i am entitled for 2nd ACP .Please help me frome where i can get written order to justify my claim meeting will be held in our school for the same on 25 march . Please guide me . i amT.G.T. HOME SC. in a GOVT. AIDED school . i appointed as dom. sc teacher 1983 . i got sr scale in1995 .. i have done M.A IN HINDI AND SOCIOLOGY .Weather i am eligible for 2nd ACP or not , which is due in 2007 . As i heard that home sc teacher are eligible if they have done M.A in any subject . please advice me .
Mohini Sharma

I want to write

I am serious to join this orgn. and assure you to help by writing etc.

Can a teacher in aided school get transfer near home

Can Delhi Govt. aided school teachers also go for transfers to the other schools in Delhi near to there houses.
Gaurav Sarawat

It is really demotivating to see juniors as getting more pay

I am Tgt science in a reputed school. I got promoted for the post in the year 2005 after there was a vacancy for the post. My basic as on 1.01.2006 was 5,500-175-9000. But junior who joined the school after 1.04.2006 and years after are drawing more salary about 3000 more than me. Is this possible? What should be the correct procedure to calculate my pay. Its really demotivating when u see thm more than u after least contribution towrds the development of our schl.I hve heard thro sources that thr shd be some step up sal so tht we wd be draing the same though not lesser thn thm.I wd be extremely tahnkful if u cd guide me at the earliest on ths.
P. Gayatri

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Principal must get if he joins in May 2006

I was a PGT in Navodaya vidyalaya samiti upto 20/5/2006, afterwards on direct recruitment I become a Principal in the same organisation on 21/5/2006। Now I want to know my pay of fixation according to the 6th cpc. Waiting for ur valuable reply.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is it necessary to have PG degree for ACP

For getting first ACP as a TGT,does a teacher has to have completed her MA?if so can the MA be of a different subject than what she is MA Human Rights eligible
Gurvinder Kang

Deptt is not extending leave while I am abroad

i am a teacher in delhi. i proceed abroad after getting NOC from department for 90 days .but due to unavoidable situation i have to stay here for long. i applied for extention of leave . but they refused. and sent me showcause notice for not joining the duty. they said that they will take disciplinary proceedings .please suggest me how i should reply or proceed, so that my job will remain secure.
S. Mohini

Can I go to the Court against wrong pay fixation

I am working in nvs as pgt and I joined the samiti on 27th may 2006.Our samiti has done wrong pay fixation as 9300+4800 and we have also received in written pay fixation.Can I go to the court with this written prove and what is the procedure?
Jitendra Pandey

Haryana pays better than central Govt

I want to say that entry scale of Primary school teacher in centeral govt. is 9300+4200=13500 and haryana govt declared 12090+4200=16290,while pay band and grade pay given by both govt is same . Please make me clear...
Manoj Kumar

Friday, February 20, 2009

Why the pay scales demanded are different from the tables published

I have gone though the representation as posted under links. It appears that the stand taken now on the basis of fixation of pay is different from the bunching tables posted.Please keep me informed as and when there is a clrification from the Govt. on the basis of fixation of pay for teachers.
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,
Siddharth Nagar, Mysore

Monday, February 16, 2009

AINVSA meets with commissioner for right pay scales

Today on 16th February 2009,representations of AINVSA (All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association) meet with the commissioner of NVS (Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti) at New Delhi to discuss different problems of JNV. The main issue was the wrong fixation of teachers and other employees. The representation was headed by Mr. L B Reddy (General Secretary, AINVSA) and the President Mr. Jagdish Rai. The General Secretary of DELTA, Mr.Madan Mohan Tiwari also accompanied the representation as consultant of the AINVSA on this occasion.The summary of the memorandum submitted is :-
The commissioner
Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti
A-28, Kailash Colony, New Delhi.
Sub: Grant of bunching benefit– and step up of pay of teachers in NVS
With reference to the above cited subject, I would like to draw your attention about the wrong pay fixation for JNV teacher’s -TGT’S /miscellaneous staff/,PGT’S/vice principals /and principals as on 1.1.2006 by the respective JNV’S office staff under the guidance of NVS(Ro’s) .As per proviso (1) to rule 7 (1) A (i) and (ii) of CCS (RP) rules ,2008.(or) in accordance with clause (A) (i) and (ii)of rule 7I.) The pay in the pay band/pay scale will be determined by multiplying the existing basic pay as on 1.1.2006 by a factor of 1.86 and rounding of the resultant figure to the next multiple of 10.II.) If the minimum of the revised pay band/pay scale is more than the amount arrived at as per (i) above the pay shall be fixed at the minimum of the revised pay band/pay scale.
For eg: (1)-Primary teacher drawing pay of Rs 4500 in the scale of Rs 4500 – 7000 on 1.1.2006, will be fixed at minimum of 12090 in the PB – 2 with effect from 1.1.2oo6 and grade pay of 4200 will be allowed in the following manner. 4500 x 1.86 = 8370.this amount is less than the minimum of revised pay band-PB2-Rs9300/revised pay scale-12090 on the ground that primary teacher pay is upgraded to 6500 – 200 – 10500 in the pay band PB– 2 Rs 9300 – 34500 with grade pay of 4200. The minimum of revised pay band is – 9300, minimum of the revised pay scale is Rs 12090.On the ground that primary teacher pay is upgraded to 6500 – 200 – 10500 in the pay band PB– 2 Rs 9300 – 34500 with grade pay of 4200. The minimum of revised pay band is – 9300, minimum of the revised pay scale is Rs 12090.
For 5000 pre revised basic, the new pay scale is 9300 in the PB – 2 band. For 6500 pre revised basic minimum revised scale is – 12090 . PRT”s drawing a basic of Rs 4750,4875, 5000, 5125, 5250, 5325, 5500, 5625, 5750, 5875, 6000, 6125, 6250, 6375, 6500, will also get fixed at Rs 12090 as on 1.1.2006 with grade pay of 4200 .as per proviso 1 to rule 7 (A) (i) and (ii) of CCS(R P) Rules, 2008
For e g 1.For PRT’s –PRT’s Pre- revised basic pay is 4500-125---7000. For this scale revised pay band is PB—1 Rs.5200-20 2000 with grade pay of 2800. The upgraded scale is 6500—200—10500. the revised pay band is PB2 9300—34800. with grade pay of 4200.the grade pay of 4200 to be added to 6500—200-10500 upgraded scale but not to 4500—125—7000.scale, revised basic. Or minimum of the PB-2 pay band.
2.for TGT’s- TGT’s pre revised scale is 5500—175—9000.For this scale revised pay band is PB-2 Rs. 9300—34800 with grade pay of 4200. The upgraded scale is 7450—225—1150 with grade pay of 4600.the grade pay 4600 is to be added to 7450—225—11500 up graded replacement scale but not to 5500—175—9000 scale replacement scale.
3.for PGT's – PGT’s pre revised scale is 6500—200—10500 .the ­ revised pay band is PB-2 Rs.9300—34800 with grade pay of 4200.the upgraded scale is 7500—250—12000 .the corresponding grade pay is 4800.the grade pay of 4800 is to be added 7500—250—12000 up graded revised scale but not to 6500—200—10500 replacement scale/revised scale.
In NVS teachers pay fixation was not done as per above stated rule and manner. Samiti has calculated revised pay as on 1.1.2006-on existing pay scale by multiplying with 1.86+ up graded pay scale grade pay. It is against rule.The pay fixation should be=existing basic pay as on 01-01-2006x1.86= The arrived amount fixation of pay in the up graded pay band/pay scale+ up graded pay scale corresponding grade pay. In the v pay commission also, JNV’s teachers drawing pay in the v, VI stages, were denied bunching benefit w.e.f.01-01-1996.Kindly review the pay fixation as on 1-1-2006 for jnv teachers and pay us correct salary accordingly, w.e.f. 1-1-2006. Thanking you sir,
Your’s faithfully,
L B Reddy
General Secretary,
(All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association)
(The original mail was in more than 3 pages and it was not possible to publish exactly. Therefore only the most important part has been published here. For original texts of the mail please log in with any yahoo id to the group named as yahoo.deltaorg on the page named as 'Links')

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am PGT -Chem, joined NVS in May 2006

I am working as PGT-Chem. in the NVS join on 27 May 2006. What will be the basic pay as on july 2008.Please sent to my e- mail. Thanking you.
Kh.Budhi Singh
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Am I wrongly fixed, My HOS is not taking action

I am working as PST in SKV.GNCT.Delhi. I have a query on pay fixation. My basic on 1.1.06 4750/-but my HOS fixed me 9300(min.of PB-2) spc rule 7a(i)(ii)with para ii deals bunching bnefit of seniority. Now i want to know whether this benefit is admissible in this case or not.i sumbit my reperentation to HOS but no action is taken till whom i should contact for removal my genuine it anomialy? Or lack of awareness on the part of HOS/DDO.please give me advice on this.thanks.
Rakesh Bhandari

What a PGT in CBSE affiliated school must get

I am working as PGT with CBSE affiliated School at basic pay of Rs.7700 in the scale of 6500-200-10000. My basic pay as on 1 Jan 2006 was Rs.7100.
kindly advise me about what should be my revised pay scale & arrears under sixth pay commission.
Sonia Malik

Is V V V reimbursable under children education allowance

Thank you sir for your valuable suggestions now i want to clar my doubt regarding Children education allowance 1. In KVS fee is charging in the form of VVV (vidyalaya vikas nidhi) then whether it is reimbursable under children education allowance.
O P Joshi, Vasco, Goa

Can SC/ST from other states apply for jobs in Delhi

One Question For Reserved Catagory In Delhi Govt teachers Job, is the reservation reserved only for SC/ST living only in Delhi. Can a person from other state/NCR apply for the same post (If he / she is from SC/ST class )
Gaurav Sarawat

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Am I not eligible for air travel on LTC

Your attention is invited to the issue of LTC.kindly enlighten us on this issue. i\'m TGT IN GRADE PAY OF 4600. AM I NOT ELIGIBLE FOR AIR TRAVEL on LTC as per govt. order dated-04/12/2008 with subject :expenditure mgmt.-economy measures and rationalization of expenditure - guidelines related to LTC-CLARIFICATION - REG.
Anushaktinagar, Maharashtra

What about increment in July if somebody was on leave without pay

I am Principal of BBMB DAV Public School, Nangal. I have few queries, please explain: 1. Date of increment is going to be 1st July-OK. Now if an employee has availed 3-4 months leave without pay in between Jan 06 to June06, please let us know that will the employee get the increment on 1st July06.
Alok Betab,
BBMB DAV public school,

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Help me to compute arrears

Could please help me to calculate the arrears of a teacher who has the following pay scale: 1.01-01-06--6900/-as basic pay (5500-175-9000) 9300-34800 as pay band 2.01-04-07--10700/-as basic pay (6500-200-10500)9300-34800 as pay band 3.16-06-08--12000/- as basic pay (7500-250-12000)9300-34800 as pay band I'll be thankful to you if you could help me compute the arrears for the above mentioned details and your kind reply at the earliest.
S.Antony Raj

Please clear doubts in child education allowance

I want to clarify some doubt regarding children education allowance-
1. whether it is applicable for recognised schools only ?
2. whether KG School also should be recognised ?
3. whether KG Schools run by Navy , Air Force , Army are recognised ?

Om Prakash Joshi

I am working in a private school


I want to join to share my views

I am ch.anjaiajah,working as a librarian in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,peddapuram,east godavari,andhra pradesh,Under the ministery of human resources,govt of india.i want to join to share my views.
Ch. Anjaiah,
Peddapuram,East Godavri,
Andhra Pradesh
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Taxes applicable on 40% of arrear only

All government servants who are concerned about taxation on arrears of 'moolah ' given by Sixth Pay Commission should be relieved now. The confusion has been cleared by issue of Circular by CBDT that the tax source has to be deducted on the first instalments of 40% of the total arrears only and not on full arrears. Read the press release below:

No.402/92/2006-MC (46 of 2008)

Government of India/ Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue,

Central Board of Direct Taxes, New Delhi,

The 30th September 2008
Clarification regarding
tax deduction at source on arrears of salary paid to government servants on account of implementation of the recommendations of Sixth Central Pay Commission .The implementation Cell of the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance vide its Office Order F. No. 1/1/2008-IC dated 30th August, 2008 has stated at Para 2(v)

“Bills may be drawn separately in respect of the arrears of pay and allowances for the period from January 1, 2006 to August 31, 2008. The aggregate arrears, computed after deduction of subscription at enhanced rates of GPF and NPS with reference to the revised pay, may be paid in two instalments, the first instalment being restricted to 40% of the aggregate arrears.DDOs/PAOs will ensure that action is taken simultaneously in regard to Government’s contribution towards enhanced subscription. Orders in regard to the payment of the second installment of arrears will be issued separately.” .2. A number of representations have been received by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) seeking clarification as to whether TDS need to be deducted on 40% of arrear to be paid during 2008-09 or on the entire arrear payable to the government servant. The matter has been examined by the CBDT and the issue is clarified as under:- Salary is as defined under Section 15 of Income Tax Act, 1961:- (a) any salary due from an employer or a former employer to an assessee in the previous year, whether paid or not; (b) any salary paid or allowed to him in the previous year by or on behalf of an employer or a former employer though not due or before it became due to him; (c) any arrears of salary paid or allowed to him in the previous year by or on behalf of an employer or a former employer, if not charged to income-tax for any earlier previous year. 3. It is clear from the Office Memorandum issued by the Department of Expenditure that 60% of the pay arrears neither fall in the category of due nor are allowed. Moreover, Section 192 of Income Tax Act’61, inter alia, requires any person responsible for paying any
income chargeable under the head “Salaries” to deduct income tax on the amount payable at the stipulated rate at the time of payment. Therefore it is clarified that income tax at source would be deducted u/s 192 only from the arrears of salary actually paid during FY 2008-09. On the balance, tax would be deducted during the financial year in which these pay arrears are actually paid. 4. The above clarification has been issued by the CBDT vide Circular No.9/2008
[F.No.275/192/2008-IT(B)] dated 29th September, 2008.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Is this method of ACP is right and acceptable

Why a teacher should be deprived of the chance to get 2 fixations at the time of grant of Ist ACP if no promotion was offered within 12 years & at the time of grant of IInd ACP if no promotion was offered within 24 years of regular service ?

Suppose, a teacher joined service on 1.1.1970. He got the first promotion on 22.3.2002.
Is he not eligible for Ist and IInd ACP on 9.8.1999 ?
He also got senior scale on 2.1.1987 without FR 22 (i) a (i) fixation benefit.
In this connection is it not his right to get Ist & IInd ACP on 9.8.1999 ?

The Delhi cabinet has taken a decision (on 17.4.2008 no.1390). In this connection the Education Dept of Delhi vide OM no F3/3/2004/GAD/CN-1754-1765 dt.23.4.2008 has communicated that the senior scale given after 1999 should not be recovered.

Then what would be about prior to 1999 !! Please inform me whether Delhi teachers have got FIXATION BENEFIT WHILE GETTING SENIOR SCALE, IF THEY HAVE ACCEPTED THE SENIOR SCALE AS THEIR FIRST ACP?


The senior scale is not a promotion. But ACP is LIKE a promotion because FR 22 (i) a (i) is granted?

If so, this is not a fault of a teacher then why should he forego one FR 22 (i) a (i) fixation by loosing one ACP?

Clarification no 47 of the ACP guidelines indicates that the benefit accrued thro' one scheme cannot be withdrawn by another scheme as the new scheme is a mere switching over one. Hence a teacher who got senior scale without a promotion till 13 years of regular service is eligible for first ACP if he has got senior scale and his first promotion in a same scale of pay.

In Pondicherry a TGT gets senior scale and first promotion in 6500-200-10500 scale of pay. About 2000 teachers demand that they should all be given FR 22 (i) a (i) benefit either at the time of senior scale or as on 1999 as they were not granted first promotion within 12 years of regular service.

If the teacher is not benefited, what will happen to one FR22 (i) a (i) ?


Thanks God, finally DELTA agreed that the demand of Pondicherry teachers is logical and pragmatically one which may find a good place on the judicial floor !!

I request you all to make awareness among teachers on this thro' FAQ and also please mail us...

1.The addresses of a few Associations of Teachers in Delhi so that we can contact.
2.The address of leading lawyer at Delhi who got back the senior scale to teachers for the period from 1999 to 2003.
3. You may also file RTI with the Jt. Sec. DOPT, Delhi on this issue.
4. You can arrange to send one or two of your experts to Pondicherry AT OUR COST to participate in our General Bod. May we expect quick response please.

Here we request all educationists in INDIA to respond on these types of promotions and grant of ACP---

Suppose, a teacher joined in 1981 in 5500-7000 scale . He got senior scale in 1993 without FR 22 (i) a ( i) in 6500-200-9000 scale. He got first promotion in 2004 in 6500-200-9000 scale of pay. Is he not eligible for first ACP on 1999 with FR 22 (i) a ( i) and second ACP in 2005 with FR 22 (i) a ( i).

Please respond as a cabinet decision is pending with our Lt.Governor. About 2000 teachers will be benefitted if first ACP is granted in1999 who have conferred with senior scale prior to 1999.

T. Amirthaganesan
Deputy Inspector of Schools,

Mob- 0944336007
Landline - 0413-2255020
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

They are not listening to me

I am a PGT In Comp.Sc. And presently working in KVS. I had my joining in Sept 2007.The officials here are making my salary under 6CPC as 9300+4800 only, which I told them is incorrect method of fixation. They are not listening to me. First tell me the correct way of fixation and secondly what to do next in this situation? plz reply me as early as possible.
PGT Comp.Science
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
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Monday, January 19, 2009

IF the post is not upgraded or not merged in higher scales

I want to know one employee who joined dec 2005 in the scale 6500-200-10500 in the center govt and his post is not upgraded or not merged in higher scale in the 6th pc. he has got 6500 multiplying by 1.86 plus 4200 and fixed 16290 on 1st jan 2006. In the same department and same scale, one another employee who joined on jan 2006 and he has got 9300 plus 4200 total 13500 due to fresh entry on or after 1/1/06. difference in the both employee\'s scale is 2790 while they joined some day before and later. Sir,I Joined as primary teacher in KVS on august 2003. On 1/1/06, my old basic was 4750 in scale 4500-125-7000, so I have got pay in pay band 9580 with bunching and grade pay 4200 due to upgrade the post. I have got pay band 2 and grade pay 4200 in 6th pc and total 9580+4200=13780 on 1st jan 2006 . Sir 1st employee of above exampale has got 12090+4200=16290 and I have got only 9580+4200=13780 while both got second pay band and grade pay 4200 in the 6th pc. I am also senior of above employee due to joining time who has got 12090+4200=16290 with same pay band and same grade pay.I want to know,can I write to clear the above anomaly while department is not same but pay band and grade pay is same? Please guide me.
Manoj Kumar,
Kaithal, Haryana
I am a prt in kvs. I want to say that one none teaching employee joined in sep 2005 in railway in the scale 6500-200-10500 and on 1/1/6 his basic was 6500(pre-revised).His pay was fixed at 12090+4200=16290 (revised) on 1/1/6.his pay band is 9300-34800 and grade pay is 4200. My pay band and grade pay is same of that employee but I was fixed at 9580+4200=13780 on 1/1/6. I was on 4750 in the 4500-125-7000 as prt in kvs. I am senior of above employee while his basic is more than me. Now according to 6pc both got same pay band and same grade pay.can I write to clear anomaly?
Manoj kumar,
PRT k.v.no3, ambala

Joined as PRT before 2006 and as TGT after 2006

Please tell me how my pay will fix as per the particulars given
1. joined PRT the initial post-Aug-2003 in scale-4500-125-7000
2. pay as on 01.01.2006- 4750
3. joined as TGT on 17.12.2007 in pay scale 5500-175-9000
Om Prakash Joshi,
KVS no 1, Vasco, GOA

Friday, January 16, 2009

I am driver in Navodaya Vidyalaya


The Distt authorities are not stepping my pay

I was initially appointed as TGT Sc. on 19th jan 1980 and promoted as PGT Eng. on 9th JAN.1991 & my another colleague appointed on 19th Feb 1980 and promoted in Aug.2000 but she started drawing more pay after getting fixation her pay on promotion.I represented my case for stepping of pay. But sent back my file with the comment that claim is not in order. pl guide me what to do?
Usha,New Delhi

I am in doubt about my position

I joined KVS during Oct 2007 on the scale of 5500-175-9000 (TGT Pre-Revised Scale). As per 6 CPC Pay for the month of Nov and Dec 2008, we were paid 12540+4600=17140 and allowances thereon. But now it is in the air that we are being fixed at 9300+4600 only on the plea that clarification is being obtained from the ministry about upgraded scale. Kindly clarify what will be the actual position after fixation of newly appointed TGT.
K R Barwal

How we can get the right pay scales in JNV

I am PGT English working in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Baghmara, South Garo Hills, Meghalaya. I joined this organization on 27th May 2006.
My organization has fixed my new salary as 9300 + 4800 = 14100 (as Basic Pay). It doesnt seem reasonable.
Assuming that you all are aware with the technicalities of the wrong fixation of pay, I request your good self to suggest me the further steps which can solve the issue and the teaching community can be benefitted.

NNN Tripathi
PGT English
JNV Baghmara,
South Garo Hills, Meghalaya
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