Monday, November 17, 2008

I am lab Assistant in Central Govt

I am a central Govt Employee. I want to know the scale of Lab Assistant bcoz i am lab instructor for 2 Labs in our college like Comp-sci & IT . I think some mismatch is there according to rules. so, Please let me know what is exact / final figure according to 6-th pay commission. Thanks.
Uma Satpute

I dont know how to post my querries

I have become a member of DELTA since but dont know how to post my querries.We are following central scales as per CBSE norms.My increment month is February. May I know My increment month after fixation pay as per 6th pay will be JUly 2006 or Feb.2006?thnx
C K Mahapatra
DAV Public School,

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Has the bunching benefits been implemented

Has the bunching benefits as put in ur dowload section been implemented in the Govt. schools.I will be obliged if GO to the effect is sent to me by mail.
M Balu
Siddharth Nagar
Mysore -570 011

Please suggest books to read

please suggest me the books related to leave rules and rights of teachers.
Dilshad Garden,East Delhi

I joined JNV in July 2006

This web is providing lots of information. thanks for the same. i want know that i am working in navodaya vidyalaya. i joined on 13 july 2006 as a tgt. my pay was 5500-175-9000. 1.what should be my new pay ? plz write very clearly. thanking you.
Arjun Gaikwad

My friend has joined JNV in July 2005

my friend mr.tulsiram soni joined as a tgt in navodaya school on -10 july 2005. he was appointed and getting 5500-175-9000 scale. plz write me that what should be his new pay (salary).
pramod gupta

I joined in May 2006,getting 9300+4600,is it OK

Sir, I am working as TGT in JNV.Joined on 27.5.06.The samity has fixed my salary as 9300+ 4600 basics.Is it ok?
Diponkar Singh

I am Hindi teacher in Assam Rifles

I am a Hindi Teacher in Assam Rifles in the pre revised Scale of Rs. 5500-175-9000/- My basic Pay was Rs. 6025 as on 01 jan 2006.My date of increment is 01/02/2006. Please suggest my Pay fixation as per 6th Pay commission with regards.
Girijesh Kumar Pandey
I am a Hindi Teacher in Assam Rifles in the pre revised Scale of Rs. 5500-175-9000/-. My basic Pay was Rs. 6025 as on 01 jan 2006. My increment falls in the month of Feb . Please suggest my Pay fixation as per 6th Pay commission with regards.
Ombir Singh
Dear sir,
I am a teacher in Assam Rifles in pre-revised scale, 5500-175-9000 with basic Rs.6025/- on 01/07/2006. Please advice my new basic as revised 6th CPC.
Thanking you.
Sanjeev Kumar Ojha,Teacher,
33 Assam Rifles,
C/O- 99 A.P.O.

WOW !!!! A PGT in KVS getting only 9300+4800

KVS Delhi appointed PGT CS in the month of september, 2007, now our salary under revision and we are getting 9300+4800 as starting pay. In your web site 6500 has been revised at 18150. we also going to get the same or 9300+4800 is final salary.
Rahul Awasthi
KVS Delhi

My basic in Jan 06 was 6200, tell details



Circulars on the page 'download' not opening well

Your filed for downloads are not opening. Pleasae help us to download the files from your site. AS when ever we do the download it says the file could not be completed and the file cannot be repaired . Looking forward for your response
Thanks & Regards
Gaurav Sarawat

How much total 'ARREAR' will I get

My joining date in kendriya vidyalaya sangathan was 15-12-1997 as T.G.T. My basic as on 01-01-2006 was 6900. what will be my revised basic on 01-12-2008? how much total arrear will i get?
Sanjay Pandya
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Will ACP be given to teachers also

As per the 6 pay comn. recommendations ACP scheme is extended to all the employees but no to teaching community.Why this discrimination? Can't it be referred to Anomalies Committee of 6 Pay Comn. Can you kindly enlighten in general the benefits of various options given in the Pay fixation forms. Many of us are in dark as to which option is to be chosen correctly.

Count my eggs and chickens, I am TGT

Sir I am TGT in KVS My basic on 1-1-6 was 5850 Increment month - octo. wt wud be my new basic on 1-1-6 and this month Pl mention about total arrears also
P B Bhatt
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Librarians live awful life in Navodaya Vidyalayas

I am working as librarian in one of the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Kerala,We are facing a lot of probelms and few of them are listed below-
1.The upgraded scale for TGTs is not allowed for JNV Librarians where as it is allowed for KVS librarians.
2.The provision of normal loss is not allowed for JNV Libraries
3.No weeding out policy for jnv Libraries.
4.We have no recognised union to demand all these things.
Since navodayas are residential schools the staff working there are spending their life till their retirement in the campus itself and thereby no contact with the people in and around their native place to look after them on their retirement.It is in this contest that we demanded for GOI pension but not allowed so far.Kindly help us in getting our problems solved.

Website is useful for all Indian Teachers

I saw the suggestion and informations on site and find it useful for all Indian teachers.I will be in contact of u all.
Pawan Kumar
North East Delhi

Why loss of one year in increment

Why loss of one year in increment for joining on 02/01/2002?
Sanjay Pandya

My basic was 6900 in January 2006

If my basic was 6900/= in January 2006 then how it will be calculated as per Sixth Pay Commission. I am TGT in Kendriya Vidyalaya.
Dr. Anand Kumar

Appointed in Dec 2007 as PGT

kindly tell if a person joined in the month of December 2007 as PGT in the pay scale of 6500-10500 then how his pay will be fixed as per 6th pay commission on dated 01-07-2008.
Amit Gehlawat
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What is the method of fixation for PRT

What is the method of pay fixation as per 6th pay commission in respect of PRT who joined from 2001- to 2006 in the pay scale of 4500 - 7000 ?
Pradeep K. Tailor

I got senior scale between 2006 and 2008

I am employee of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan on a post of TGT. My joining date in KVS 20/09/95 pay scale of 5500-175-9000. Sir, 01-01-06 my basic pay 7250. (pay scale 5500-175-9000. And senior scale granted 20/09/07 pay scale of 6500-200-10500.Basic pay fix on 20/09/07 is 7700 As per six pay commission. I want to know my basic pay 01-01-06 and september 2008.
Thanking you
K.V.Barpeta (Assam)
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I am TGT in aided school

Will you favour me by telling my fixation on 1.1.2006 i am t.g.t in a aided school and drawing basic pay 5850 in the scale 5500-175-9000 on1.1.2006 thanks
A. Chandok

How the bunching is done at stage 6900-7100

I have gone through your website and the fixation of the pay of PGTs of KVS and other central govt. schools.What I did not understand is bunching at three stages at 6900-7100, 7300-7500 and 7700-7900.6900&7700 are bunched and fixed at Rs, 18930 including grade pay.7300&7500 are bunched and fixed at Rs, 19360 including grade pay.7700&7900 are bunched and fixed at Rs, 19800 including grade pay.Where as no bunching is done at 6500 & 6700. Why no bunching in this case? If bunching is done for 6500 & 6700, then the bunching stops at 7700 only. No bunching after the basic of 7700.Can you please clarify on this?Except this difference, I could follow all the fixation tables and in fact they are matching with what I did in case my Teachers.Can you please find answers to the following questions?
1. Why the PRT is fixed at 13500 initially, when pre-revised pay scale of 6500-200-10500 is given to them? (6500X1.86+4200=16290). If not 16290, the pay must be closer to this figure as is the case with all the upgradations.For example: TGT 17140, PGT 18150, Principal & EO 29500.
2. Fitment tables prepared by me, taking the benefit of bunching into consideration gives advantage to the TGTs. Scale of 5500-175 to 7450-225. Whereas the PGT is getting less in his fitment table for scale of 6500-200 to 7500-2503.
3.Don't you feel injustice is done to PRTs in the fitment table proposed.
4. What is the use of giving upgraded scales, when you simply have to multiply the old basic by 1.86 and add the new grade pay? As it hardly gives few hundred rupees benefit.
Seetha Ramaiah Meda
K V No. 2, Nausenabaugh,
Visakhapatnam-05 (AP)
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I am a teacher serving in DAV school in orissa.My present basic as on November 2008 is RS 7600 in scale of RS 5500 -Rs9000 in TGT .Kindly let me know what will be my grade pay now and in January 2006.My basic as on Jan,2006 was Rs 7075 and my month of increment is July.Also let me know about the three scales i.e.entry.selection and senior scales.
CK Mahapatra
Jharsuguda, Orissa

by multiplying 1.86 X basic it comes less

I am PGT in kendriya vidyalaya.i joined in 2002 september.My basic pay as on 01 jan 2006 is 7100.By multiplying the basic pay with 1.86 factor it comes out to be 18010 which is even less than minimum entry level basic for pgts.Kindly tell me the method of calculating my basic.

Do you know about SDA

Whether SDA is applicable to all the teachers of KV posted in the NE region

Kendriya Vidyalaya is not awarding ACP

First of all i will thankful to you for designing such a nobel site for good cause of teachers.

I am working as a TGT teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya. I am retiring in next year( i.e . in 2009). I am facing a problem so need your guidance on the issue. I got appointed on August 1983 as a TGT in KVs and got TGT senior scale in september 1995. The senior scale was revised as per 5th pay commision and i was placed in 6500-200-10500 grade with effect from 01/01/1996. My basic pay was fixed as on 1/1/96 as rs. 6900. Now on August 2007 , i completed my 24 years of service but still i have not got selection grade and i am still getting paid as per 6500-200-10500 scale, despite the fact that already more than one year had passed.
Now please guide me on the following points:

1) I asked the office staff about selection grade and they told me that in KVS, Assured Carreer Progress ( ACP)do not exist and only 20% of teachers get selection grade. Is this right information?
2) what should i do in my case to get selection grade? How should i represent my case and to whom should i write to?
3) What are the rules for getting selection grade in KVS for TGT teachers?
4) now my office staff has fixed my basic pay as on 01/01/2006 at Rs. 16560 and grade pay Rs.4800 without selection scale. ( My old basic as on 01/01/06 was Rs. 8900). So as per them i will get Rs. 18570 basic + Rs.4800 grade pay as on 01/07/2008. Is this fixation correct? Please guide me .
5) I am doubting because some teachers have got higher pay due to bunching. Is bunching applicable in my case.if yes, then what should be the new basic pay as on 01/01/2006.
6) please guide me about what should i do for getting selection grade? My office staff told that even KVS had not asked for the names of teachers who had completed 24 years of service from past 4 years? So they had not sent the names from past 4 years? so guide me as i am retiring next year.
7) also my office staff told me that minimum two In Service Course should be attended after senior scale to eligible for selection grade. I have attended only three In Service Course from my joining of service ( first in 1983, second in 1994, third in 1998) as i got drders from higher authorities for only three In Service Course . So i have not got ant order for 4th In Service course. So now will i be eligible for selection grade, as it is not my fault that higher authorities have not sent me for 4th In Service Course?

Deepak Gupta

I joined as TGT with basic 6000

I am TGT in DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL and getting basic pay is 6000. I joined
on 1st April 2008. Will you tell me my new basic & total emoluments in 6th pay.


Shall a PRT start from 16290 or just 13500

Plz let me know the entry scale for PRT in KVS. In my opinion entry scale of PRT is 16290/- as a result of upgradation of pre-revised scale from 4500/- to 6500/-. But a few fellow who are not happy with the upgradation of the teachers, they are considering this upgradation just a case of merger of pre-revised scale 5000, 5500 and 6500. Plz clarify the issue. Shall a newly appointed PRT will start from 16290/- or just 13500/-.
Virender Singh Vasishtha, PRT
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Can I join the forum

I am from puducherry education department. Can i join ur forum.
Santha Kumar

Why there is difference in fixation

i want to know my fixation i m in autonomous body i m in pgt scale pb-2 4800 gade pay my basic pay in january 7500/- rs my culing basic pay is 7500 but his senior scale /option in january 06 so he got one 3% increament more from me my senior scale /option in dec-2005 why the diffrence in fixation please write
Mukesh Chhipa,
Bhuj, Gujrat

Juniors are getting more than seniors

Teachers of kendriya vidyalaya sangthan are not given the revised pay scale. they are simply given the basic pay on 1/1/2006 multiplied by 1.86 plus grade pay. this has invited disparity among the new entrant and the old employee. the new employee is getting more and the teacher who has served many years proir to 1/1/2006 is drawing less.please look into if it could be persued by your esteemed organisation.
B K Singh,

How you have calculated the new pay

I am PGT in a Central Govt School। I have seen your new pay details in reference to 6th Pay commission. I would like to know how you have calculated the new pay. As i checked pay commission letter it is saying different thing. please send me the formulae used for calculation.

Please clarify why Govt orders are different from your site

I am working in kendriya vidyalaya srikakulam, Hyderabad region, my details are given below:
Date of joining in KVS: 04/01/1999 TGT Scale 5500-175-9000
Basic pay on 01/01/2006 : 6725/-
Pl. clarifies what is my fixation in 6th pay scale.

As per your site download section pl. see
Arrear and pay calculator based on fitment formula of 1.86 x basic (Courtesy : B. Sudhir Acharya) . it is not uploaded properly and it is not able to download.
As per the govt. G.o. 470 dated: 29/08/2008, the first schedule of part –A section -2 it is clearly mentioned those who have join after 01/01/ 2006 their payband and grade pay ex: new TGT 4600/- grade pay and payband 12540/- but in your site
Pay Scales for Teachers & Officials if the ENTRY SCALES are not taken in consideration for Seniors in this link something difference scales are how it may approved.
in my case as per govt. G.o. I am fixation at payband 12510/- and grade pay 4600/- and as per your site download link.
Pay Scales for Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) who are presently in pay scale (5500-175-9000) which is Pre-Revised in (7450-11500) and finally fixed in Pay Band-2 (9300-34800) with Grade Pay 4600 I am fixation
at pay band of rs. 13710/- And grade pay 4600/-, how it is

In Govt. site or Govt. G.O.s no were mentioned like these, so many regions of KVS follows Govt. G.O.s only and not given any bunching or as per your fixation, what we how to do for getting as per your fixation scale any Govt. G.O. or letter is available with you pl. clarify.
Pl. replay as early as possible
Thanking you
Siva kumar
WET of kendriya Vidyalaya

Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh)

Unable to download calculator

I am unable to download calculator for arrear and i want to know detail of bunching for entitlement of employees. Please help us as possible.
Naresh Kumar

God Helps us

This organisation is like a gods help for teachers.
Mukesh Pateliya
Balasinor, Gujrat

Is PG degree essential for ACP/Selection Gr.

I would like to know whether PG degree is essential for getting Selection Grade for TGTs.

What about laboratory Assistants after Ist ACP/Sr.scale

I am working as Laboratory Assistent in railway junior college the Lab.Asst. scale in 5th pc is 4000-6000 and I taken Sr.scale 4500-7000 now i request you sir what is the 6th pc scale and whether they were teaching staff or non teaching staff.please give details as early as possible. thanking you

Do something for ACRs

Do something to abolish the criteria of five years ACR in the promotion of an employee whose ACR is not communicated.The Supreme Court decision (12.05.08) in this matter is also not considered.
J P Sharma

Pondicherry still has confusions

Now i am working as primary school in pondicherry. Here our education department having lot of confusion while fixing us in 6cpc. plz send me the correct fitment table for upgraded posts especially for teachers . And how the delhi govt. fix the revised pay their teaching staffs . clarifications needed urgently.
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How fixation will be done if promoted as Principal

This will be to your consideration if you tell me my fixation on 1.1.2006 and furthur after my promotion as principal. my basic pay was 10500/-as vice principal on 1.1.2006 in the scale (7500-12000) my increment was due in feb. in march 2006 1 was promoted as principal and my basic pay was fixed to 12275/- in the scale (10000-15200).thanks

DCM school

Appointed as TGT in 1994 but got 5500 still upto 1996

I joined as TGT in the year Nov.1994 and my pay was fixed at 5500 as on 1.1.1996 without additional increment stating that All India Seniority to be procured by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. The case is still pending. I got promotion as PGT on 19th september 2006 just two months before my senior scale and basic at that time was 7250 . On promotion they fixed my basic as 7500. Now running basic is 7900.Kindly give the details of my correct pay fixation as on 1.1.1996, 1.1.2006, 1.7.2006.and at the time of my promotion. When I got promoted I opted to fix my pay in the month of November so that I may get benefit of Senior scale. But KVS did not allow. Kindly mail the details to my email ID.

I wanna method of calculation

please send the method of calculation and fixation of pay for teachers.

Pay scales have fundamental error

The pay scales shown for PST have a fundamental error as to they describe a merger with erstwhile 6500 scale whereas it is not so. IT IS UPGRADATION and not merger. Kindly note that if upgradation is followed as per FR23 NO SENIOR PRIOR TO 2006 WOULD BE FIXED AT LESS THAN OR EVEN EQUAL TO HIS JUNIORS. REGARDS
S K Shukla,KVS
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I want to know about the arrears

i want to know about my (Post Graduate Teacher in kendriya vidyalaya) sisth pay fixation and arrears calculation. Please explain.
v balasaraswathy

How bunching is done

What is the bunching procedure after 6th pay scales.

Which scale is being implemented in DELHI

I am TGT from Pondicherry Union Territory working in Govt. school. I have gone through pay scales for all teaching cadres in a table format. Now I wish to know, whether the same calculation has been followed in all Delhi schools. If not so, the format followed at present in Delhi schools may kindly be sent to me.There is also news that all the Delhi schools are following directorate of edn order no. 806-816 dt. 12-09-2008 (also it is withdrawn from 19.09.2008). Is it true? Please do send me the present scenario in the pay fixation in Delhi schools as early as possible.
Cyril Nicholas
Poer Louis

I got senior scale in 1/1/96 and basic was 8500 on 1/1/06

I completed 26 years of service as TGT in K.V.S. I got my senior scale on 1-1-96.At present my basic pay as on 1-1-2006 is 8500. Kindly help me to know my present basic as per sixth pay commission , in which scale pay and the grade pay.
M r krishna

Got promotion/ACP between 2006-08

please let me know fixation where I am a PGT with Rs 8900 on 1.1.06 in the scale of pay (6500-200-10500) and Rs 9250 from 8.9.06 as PGT in Sr scale i.e.7500-250-12000 or VP's entry scale.
manaranjan sahu

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fight against corruption in Education

Check the corruption which is an obstacle in educational developement.
Charu Tailang

Keep it up...

Your site is very impressive & suggestive. Definitely it will bring a mile stone victory.
Upendra Nath Rath,
Kendriya Vidyalaya, Orissa

How I will get my pay as Vice-Principal

I sincerely hope that you will help me in my dilemma of a pay fixation with arrival of sixth pay Commission. My Basic on 01 January 2006 was 9000/- ( in the pay scale of 7500-250-12000) as I was working as a PGT in Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti. In the same grade I received my senior scale in the year 2003 in which my pay was fixed from 6000-200-10500 to 7500-250-12000. In the year 2006 I received Promotion to the post of Vice-Principal in the same pay scale in which my pay was fixed by awarding two more increments, one lower and one higher to Rs. 9750 in the month of November 2006. (In the same year I also got my regular increment in the month of August 2006 in my previous scale) so the basic became from Rs. 9000 to Rs 9750. I still don't understand how to fix my pay in the sixth pay commission. You all are requested to guide me in this regard that how my pay can be fixed and what bunching benefits I can have.
K. Y. Ingale,

Vice-Principal, JNV Goa

I was PGT and Vice-Principal both in the same year, How fixation would be done ?

The Scale of Vice-Principal in Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti is 7500-250-12000. I was already in this scale after completion of my Senior scale in the year 2003. Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti has their own GR for fixing scale of a promoted person in the same scale by giving one upper and lower increment as per the provision of rule FR22(1)(a)(i) so my pay was fixed on the date of my promotion. So in the year 2006 I receipt 3 increments and my basic was changed from 9000 to 9750. Now I have a doubt that I was a PGT on January 2006 as well I was the promoted in the same year on the post of Vice-Principal in the same basic. So what would be my pay in the new sixth pay commission? Please guide me once again I am giving you my pay structures

Received Senior scale in the year 2003 from 6500-200-10000 to 7500-250-12000
1st January 2006 – PGT – Basic – 9000 (7500-250-12000)
August 2006 – PGT – Basic – 9250 (received the regular increment)
6th November Promoted as a Vice-Principal in the Same Basic by giving one
upper and one lower increment so the basic became 9750.

K Y Ingale,Goa

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is there any formula to fix the pay

Departmental Order for implementation the recommendations of 6 CPC has been issued by KVS. Is there any calculator/formula to fix the pay in respect of teachers PGT/TGT/PRT respectively? Please quote an example each for newly appointed teacher is all the three categories. Thanks.
K R Sharma

Could you plz clarify the following:- 1. Is there any logical formula to decide Entry Pay in the Pay Band (Rs. 9300, 12540 and 13350)for PGT, TGT and PRT respectively. If so, plz mention. 2. Is this Entry Pay in the Pay Band is applicable for those posts which are not upgraded in the Pay Commission or this has to be followed for the upgraded posts too. 3. Are the teachers will be upgraded upto 7500, 7450 and 6500/- respectively as on 01 Jan 2006 and then the multiply factor 1.86 will be applied or this factor will be applied on the existing pay scale (Pre-Revised as per 5 CPC)+ Upgraded Grade Pay only? 4. Whether newly appointed TGT will be fixed on 18460/- or 17140/- only?
Keshav Ram Sharma

My senior scale was due in 2007,what I'll get now

I m working in kendriya vidyalaya as a PRT my scale as on 1.1.2006 was 5750 and my increment month is august every year and on august 2007 im due for the senior scale of PRT. Kindly tell me what will be my basic and grade pay on today. Thanking You.
Kailash D Sharma

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Give me the detail calculation of my salary slip

I am B.c das mohapatra working in central school my Existing 5th pay is 7075 as on 1-01-2006
What will be mine new (6th Pay ) salary as sept 2008 Plz give me the Detail calculation with fixation of my salary slip as till date.

B C Das Mahapatra

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Will the data on 'download' page change?

Please clarify about download section where the pay fixation table are not updated after 14 August 2008.Please update the information about present situation.What about KVS fixation.
D P Mishra, KVS Bhubaneshwar
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What is the time limit for disposal of appeals

I want to know that is there any time limit for disposing the APPEAL which is pending with the APPEALATE AUTHORITY since last 16 months, the APPEAL has been filed against a punishment order issued by the DISCIPLINARY AUTHORITY.Thank you
Dr.V.Narayana Rao

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What is the pay scale for KV/NV teachers

Sir, I would like to know the pay structure in respect of Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers/Navodaya Vidyalaya Teachers.
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Please clarify the status of Librarians

Could you please clarify the status of School Librarian for Grade Pay and Entry Scale with reference to the 6th Central Pay Commission. Thanks in aniticipation.
K.R. Sharma
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bullaa ki janaa main kaun hun....

i am from .............................

We Raiway School Teachers have become sufferers

Thank you for keeping the new pay scale structure i.e., bunching with the upgraded pay scales. But to our unfortunate our scales have been fixed as per the 5500-9000 table+4600(grade pay) i.e., basic pay by 01.01.2006x1.86+grade pay only. As a result we the teachers of Railway schools have become the sufferers. However, now we have got moral boost only after seeing the pay scale structures on the online put by you. Thank you so much, I earnestly request you to guide us get the benefit of the upgraded scales.

May I get pensions

I was appointed in 2003 as TGT and served the Directorate of Education for about 5 years. Later on, I applied for PGT through proper channel.I was selected and got fresh appointment as PGT in 2008. Am I entitled for pensions and other benefits because I had been serving as TGT in the same deptt and had applied through proper channel also. I am fully devoted to the organisation since January 2008 and I have motivated many friends to join DELTA. I am in depression by the present situation in school and want to go back as TGT.Is it possible? Which one will be more beneficial TGT or PGT. Please clarify.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How I should opt ACP II, please guide...

I want to know my new pay after the 6th pay commission's recommendation based on the following information: 1. Basic Pay as 01-01-06 : Rs 9300 (Scale 6500-200-10500) 2. Month of Increment March 3. ACP - II granted w.e.f. 06-01-07 I would like to know whether I should opt my ACP - II from 06-01-07 or from 01-07-07 and what will be my new pay in both of these scenarios. I request all educationists to please guide me.
Arun Kumar (PGT)

Let me know the date of 1st ACP

My wife has joined as primary teacher in MCD on 11/7/1995 with basic pay as Rs. 5750/- on 1/1/06.Please let me know the date of Ist ACP and the corresponding pay after ACP. Thanks

Black Diwali for MCD teachers!!!

It has been observed that most of the teacher in MCD have neither given the old salary nor the new fixed pay after pay commission recommedation in the month of October,08 resulting in GREY DUSSEHRA & Preseumerably BLACK DIWALI.
DELTA requests you all to forward this message to the higher officials of the MCD and The Honourable Mayor of DELHI.
Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!
Is it DELHI?

How much I will get in Sep 2008

I had been appointed as Trained Graduate Teacher in Directorate of Education in Delhi as on Jan17'2006. How much pay I will get on Sep'2008.

Please tell me the salary of new PGT

Can you please tell me the Salary of New PGT's who have joined on 2007, in KV.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kindly clarify the way of increments

I appreciate your effforts in providing a very detailed calculation on the pay scales of the teachers. I would like to bringforth the calculations based on my understandings: for example : on 1-1-06 the basic pay of a tgt was 5850. therefore 5850 * 1.86 = 10890. (R O ) # 10890 + 4200 (PRE-REVISED GP) = 15090. # 15090 *(2 increments of 3%) = 910. now, 10890+910+4600= 16400. again 16400 + 3 increments thereon after 1-1-2006 = 17876. therefore pay as on today will be 17876. kindly clarify.
Anil Jadhav

Will new pension scheme benefit newly-appoint

Hello there, Q1:- Does the new pension scheem will help the new joinees and will benifit them. Q2:- How will they get the pension after retirement as a normal govt servant or what? Thanks & Regards Anupam Sarawat

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We are not getting salary since last three months

I am working as a teacher in M.C.PRY GIRLS SCHOOL, NITHARI, DELHI-110086 in NARELA ZONE. There are 70 teachers in our school. All of us are living a stressful and miserable life. We have not been given salary for three months (July, August, September) and the arrear of DA of Jan 2008 to Mar 2008.The clerk in accounts department says that I will clear your school bill only after you do something for me. He says that "ITNA BADA SCHOOL HAI TOH USKI SALARY DENE KE LIYE MUJHE BHI TOH KUCH MILNA CHAHIYE."When we complained about it to AEO and DEO then they also says 'ki jaldi salary chhaiye toh kuch de do, warna intezar kar lo, aaj nahi toh kal aa hi jayegi, kab tak rokega wo bill’. It has been very difficult for all of us to live. We can’t do anything but to borrow money from others. We have been like beggars although we are working. We all will be very thankful to you if you can help us in this matter in any way. You can forward this matter to higher authorities so that we 70 teachers could live a peaceful life.
DELTA requests you all to come forward against such types of attrocities and needs some young and energetic teachers to 'teach lessons' to such erring employees and bring this situation in the notice of higher officials and the Respected Mayor of DELHI.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What are the benefits for PST if appointed in 2007

may i get the information regarding the benefits of the 6th pay commission for the newly recruited primary teacher in the year 2007.
Deepak Solanki

Monday, September 29, 2008

If I am appointed as Principal...

If i am appointed as a principal in say December 2008 what would be my basic. if as PGT MY PRESENT BASIC IS 10000 and the pay scale is 7500-250-12000 what would be my salary as per 6pc and arrears since 2006 ,the increment month being APRIL.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am in fear that librarians will loose upgraded pay

I am a Librarian in a Public School. The 5th CPC recommends as follows (in part 4b): \"We recommend that School Librarians should be recruited in the pay scale of Rs.1640-2960 with a graduate and B.Lib. qualifications at par with Trained Graduate Teacher Grade III.\" This has also been approved by the 6CPC. On the lines of above observations, I would like to know whether the CBSE has issued any notification to Schools in this regard? Because, in many schools Librarians are treated under the Administrative category only. I am in fear that the Scales for Librarians may be fixed without enhancements (as mentioned for Teachers). Sir, please guide me... Thanking you and in anticipation.
A. Chandrasekar.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What we are entitled for in Navodaya Vidyalayas

I have been working in Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Since 2001 Sept. in the scale of 5500 - 175 - 9000. Since they are providing rent free quartres, other than DA, they are not providing any allowances. I request you to kindly send me the details of my salary and arrears.
thanking you

Thursday, September 25, 2008

what are the rules for child care leave


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What are the scales of music teacher and librarian

Kindly let me know the entry scale of the following post in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan who joined the job during the year 2007 :- (a) Librarian (Existing Scale 5500-175-9000). (b) Primary Teacher (Existing Scale 4500-125-7000). (c) Music Teacher (Existing scale 4500-125-7000).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DELTA will be the mouthpiece of teachers

Dear DELTA Members,
A Great Initiative has been taken by DELTA to protect the rights of teachers. I hope it will be the mouthpiece for the the Teachers in coming time. All the Best wishes.
Vijay Ojha

HOS encourages chamchagiri and groupism

kindly give information regarding whom we should contact if the HOS encourges groupism and biased towards a group of teachers who are sincere and do not do chamchagiri.

Are these rules applicable to Kendriya Vidyalaya also

Dear Sir, I write to you on behalf of my wife who is presently working for Kendrya Vidhlaya, Pune. We would like to know if these pay scales are for K V staffs of Pune region also.
Christofer Paul, Pune

what will we get if appointed after 01/01/06

sir. I wamt to know that what will be basic salery of the teachers who are appointed after 1.1.06 for e.g. in july 2008 . there is lots of confusion in our cirle some are saying that you will get 9300+ grade pay as a TGT teacher. and what will be difference of basic pay b/w PRT AND TGT....? PLZZZZZ CLERIFY MY THESE DOUBTS
What will be salary if appointed after

I think fixation is not correct

I think fixation of of PGT in PB2 with grade pay 4800 is not correct.

what newly appointed PRT will get

sir, i will we greatful to u all if u will clerify on folloing following queries.. 1. what will the new basic for those primary teacher & TGT whO are appointed after 1.1.2006 and before notification 2 How many increment they will get.

what will be my pay

my basic was 8900 on 1.1.6 pay scale 6500-10500.working as TGT.increment date is feb. acp due in feb 2007. what will be my pay.

Tell me the pay formula

please tell fixation of pay formula.
Anil Anand

show basic of newly-appoint TGT as 17140

sir,i think that still your calculations for new basic is wrong .in the notification the basic for a new joining after jan 2006 of grade pay 4600 is 12540 and after adding 4600 is 17140. while you are showing only 10230 with 4600 which is only 14830. so confirm it with the report and please provide correct salaries for all.

'Deccan Herald" says something else

The teachers scale is still confusing as per the paper information which is given on 24-03-2008 in 'Deccan Herald' after announcement of VI Pay commission Which is given as 15600 PB 3 and Grade pay of 5600 for PGTs where as you published in your data 9300 PB 2 is entirely confusing to us. Please clarify the information.

What is my basic now

what is my basic on 1-1-06 my basic is 8500 i am p.g.t

please calculate my arrears and TA

I am a primary school teacher.My basic was 5750 on 01-01-2006 and my scale was increament month is oct.My HRA is 10%.please calculate arear with TA

intimate pay scales of librarians

May I request you to intimate me the entry scale for Librarian in Govt School as per VI CPC applicable to those who joined Govt job during the year 2007. Existing scale is 5500-175-9000. Could you please calculate my salary as I joined the job on 26 Oct 2007 as Librarian.

Whether my basic will be 6500 or 4750

Sir, I am Primary Teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and my basic pay as on 01 Jan 2006 was Rs. 4750/-. Since the pay scale of PRT has been upgraded to Pre-revise Scale 6500-200-10500. Actually I am in confusion whether as on 01-01-2006 my basic will be considered Rs. 6500/- or Rs. 4750/-. Could you please put light on my doubt and reply me

I got senior scale in March 2003

I am a TGT mathematics in Delhi administration. i got senior scale (6500-200-10500) on March 2003. my basic pay on 1-1-2006 is 7700. now i want to know what is my salary on 1-1-2006 & 1-1-2008.

Tell me about scale of a Principal

If i am appointed as a principal, now after the pay commission what is my basic pay?

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Can you please explain fixation if scales are upgraded and someone like me is working at basic of 8900 in the scale of 6500 on 1.1.06 after IACP and promoted on 27.04.06 in the same scale and fixed at 9700 on 1.10.06(month of increment and promotional benefit)In oct 2007 upgraded to scale of 7500 after II ACP and fixed at 10000 in the scale of 7500-12000.Now these scales are upgraded.How my pay will be fixed and when should I give my option for fixation for maximum benefit?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is new ratio for GPF contribution

Just we want to know about the new ratio of GPF contribution. Is it changed or the same in the light of new pay scales? Which one is more beneficial, a GPF account or a PPF?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We are going to launch a new forum

Dear friends,
Today on 14th Sept 2008,(Anant Chaturdasi),we are going to launch another forum for your queries regarding service matters, rules-regulations, RTI Act 2005, court rules, welfare means, housing schemes, LTC rules, GPF rules, code of conducts, pensions ,gratuity, medical facilities etc. You all are requested to ask/ post questions on the page 'Write us ' of the website and give answers of friends on this platform. For giving answer to a particular question, just click the 'comments' button on the question published and submit. We try our best to publish IMPORTANT queries ONLY and we request you all to co-operate us as it is not possible to provide place for all mails. We hope, such common platform will be a treasure for all of us and the coming generations........