Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am librarian in public school, how I will be promoted for next grade

I am presently working as a librarian in a private cbse affiliated sr. sec. school from last 7years on TGT scale and I would like to know that whether I will be promoted on a PGT scale and after how many years and what is the process i.e. by promotion or an interview .i talked to my head, he said that it depends upon the number of the students that either school requires Sr. librarian or not whereas school has upgraded upto XII class.

I am interested to join the organisation and kindly let me know the details and the donation amount also.

Mamta Amarpuri

I need CCL in probation period, working in Central Govt

I have an quiry, I am in central govnment services and recentely joined at 07-04-2010 , actually i am in probation period of 2 year. i am having 10 months old child. can you please tell me is there any rule of giving child care leave during probation period of service. Because my principal refused my CCL application.Iam a navodaya teacher. Please help me urgently.

Kumud Shah,
JNV, Padve Ratnagiri,

I am lecturer in Kolhan University, Need CCL

i am a college lecturer appointed by JPSC under KOLHAN UNIVERSITY, I have recently delivered a baby, i am in real need of child care leave. KINDLY ADVICE HOW TO PROCEED.

Smita Jha

whether Contract teachers are entitled for arrears of 6 th pay commision

I would like to know whether contractual teachers working during the concerned period are entitled for arrears of 6 pay commision.

Swati Vaidya

What is the progress of minimum pay of TGT 17140

what is the progress of minimum pay of TGT(17140).

Mahendra Singh
Baprola Vihar, New Delhi

The difference in basic of PGT and college lecturers should be rectified

The grade pay of PRT, TGT and PGT is 4200, 4600 and 4800 respectivily. The differance in GP of PRT and TGT is 400, while minimumum qualification for recruitment for both posts are graduation+B.Ed.. The differance between TGT and PGT is only 200 and minimum qualification for PGTs is Post Graduatation+B.Ed. Lecturers of universities/collages is gating GP of Rs. 6000 and their minimum qualificaion is Post Gaduation+NET. Why a such big differance between lecturer and PGT and very nominal differance between TGT and PGT. This is unjustified and should be rectified.

Ajay Kumar

Can you do something for clash of examination dates of recruitment boards

Dear sir,

I am a student preparing for competitive exams.i have a problem with the system of the organizations they are practicing.i want to know why two organization keep a similar date of examination knowing that students will not be able to appear in both the in the case of 30 th January 2011 uco bank had first announced written exam for po.then knowing this how can national insurance company(a govt of india undertaking) announced its written exam of AO. Is this not unjustice to us that we are been stopped to give all the exams and hence not given the right to equality or freedom of equal opportunity according to the constitution.there are lots of other cases like of Punjab$sind bank po and corporation bank po written exams are also on same dates.

I request to all the concerned authorities and organizations to take some steps for this concern and let the students get equall oppourtunity for giving all the exams on their merit and make their future secure.

Mukesh Kumar

How to contribute for DELTA, I have filled online form

how to contribute the ammount to DELTA.kindly info. I have already filledup online membership form

R K Pandit
Assam Rifles
DELTA jindabad

A. Mahendra Kumar
21, Assam Rifles

Can a school calculate salary from 25th to 25th of a month

i want to know if a school can calculate working days from the 25th to 25th and then make salary payments? also if there is such a provision of deduction of onedays salary for three days late comming.

Rashi Oberoi

Children Education Allowance yearly claimed or not

i want to know that Children Education Allwance Yearly Claimed or not.
Mohan Singh Yadav

I want to assist DELTA

I can assist this organisation through mail etc. better to say on internet.

Usha Parashar,
Retired Teacher,
Shahdara, Delhi

I want to work for DELTA through internet

I\'d like to to work and contribute in a manner that is useful for the optimal welfare of fellow educators . i ve a regular internet connection which may be used for all possible assistance to the cause of welfare.
I want to be a member of DELTA and contribute whatever way possible.
Sanjeev Singh
Hans Enclave,
Gurgaon, Haryana

I am re-employed, whether I am eligible for bonus

I retired as TGT ON 31.01.2007. And re-employed for two years w.e.f. 1.02.2007 to 25.01.2009. My query is whether I am entitled for Bonus of the yrs. 06-07,07-08 & 10 months 0f 08-09.

Sudesh Bala

My basic has been re- fixed for removing anomalies

i\'m an employee of navodaya vidyalaya samiti,joined in 2003 i\'m working as a remove anamolies from pay scale our basic has been re re fix the basic the samiti has fixed the salaries of tgts on subject basis.for example they looked for different persons in different subjects who have joined on or before 01/01/2006.and so treated all the tgts differently,also despite being all india service,regional offices of samiti has taken different standerds in different regions to fix the salary of tgts. now there is no uniformity of salaries.can it be possible?pl advise.

Hemchandra Srivastava

KVS allowed me not intime to apply for another job in Delhi

At present i am working as pgt in kvs,i got appointment on 01/07/2008,still i am in probation.i have two quries,plz answer these-

1. I got fed up with kvs job.i want to fill the form of delhi government tgt/pgt exam.while filling form it is always asked ,apply through proper channel if you are government employee and you have to give non-objection certificate after problem is this that,once when i applied through proper channel ,kvs did not give me permission for applying. How can they resist me from my betterment?

2- isn\'t it the voilation of my fundamental right of choosing favourable job?

3- isn\'t it their dictatorship?can i challenge them via court/rti?

4-is there any harm if i hide my present service and apply and get selected?

5-do kvs/nvs have any right to prevent us from applying for any other job?

6- sir i have to apply at any rate,and kvs is not giving me permission.

clearley tell the way so that i can apply? Plz help me sir,plz help me.i m highly tensed upto depression.i beg! I will be highly oblized to you for your thios act of kindness.

Abhinav Ken

PGT were given the benefit of bunching or not

Please clarify whether senior trained graduate teachers and senior pgt.s were given the benefit of bunching ( 1 increment for every two years of service rendered) while fixing the pay as per 6 cpc.

Pl. Clarify.

Thanking you for doing the needful

Univ. Of hyd. Campus school

Clarify my eligibility for the 2nd ACP

I wish to inform that I was appointed as TGT in July 1989 in one of the reputed public schools at Delhi.I got my first ACP in July 2003 i.e.after 13 years of my appointment.According to the modified ACP, I should get the 2nd ACP after 20 years of my appointment i.e. July 2009.


Mrs Anuradha Bedarkar
C 4 Galaxy Apartments

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I have sent contribution to DELTA


I have sent Rs 100/ through e-banking, on your a/c of DELTA from SBI LBSNAA, Mussoorie please acknowledge.

Navin Chandra Pant,

CST Mussoorie

Can I send cheque for contribution to DELTA

Respected Sir,
Thank you very much for your immediate response and giving me the membership. Please inform me about the mode of payment of contribution. Can we send at par cheque to the address given in your website. I am extremely sorry in responding late.

With regards
K V Anantpur, AP

Kindly send me the details of Bank A/C of DELTA for depositing contributions

Dear sir,
Long back I have received a mail regarding contribution to DELTA. The details of the said mail are not available now. Kindly send me the details of the bank a/c of SBI where I can deposit my contribution through net banking.

Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai

We need full details of Right to Education Act

We need full details of Right of Education Act 2010.

Nilkanta Nath
Sunshine School,
Garifa, Dist 24 Pargana,
West Bengal

What can I do to get basic as 17140

I n v cpc senior scale PRT\'s and TGT\'s basic scale was in vi cpc also senior scale PRT\'s ad TGT\'s pay band & grade pay are - 34800) and (4600) respegdctively. My basic was on jan.2006,Rs.6025 (in v cpc) and my basic have been fixed 11210 + 4600 (gp) = 15810. In other hand a fresh TGT who joined on jan.2006 and his basic was 5500 (in v cpc) has been fixed 12540 + 4600 (gp) =17140. So my basic was greater than TGT on jan.2006 but my basic fixation less than my question is- 1)What can I do to get same basic fixation (17140) like a fresh TGT? 2)Is it senior scale PRT and TGT are same cadre ? Please give me answer.

Narendra Sahare

I am terminated from the job... what could I do

I am teaching maths (TGT) in St.Angel School (Rohini) as a probationry Teacher from last One year & nine months. Suddenly school terminate my services with giving me reason of termination. I have filed a case against school. What would be my fate.

Gurleen Kaur,
St. Angel School,
Rohini, New Delhi

Penalty should be imposed on First Appellate Authority for negligence in RTI matters

F ollowing two amendments are immediately required:
1. Presently, there is no provision of panelty on FAA. It is well known that most of decisions regarding furnishing/refusing/delaying information are taken by senior officers and PIO who is junior one cannot disobey senior. Ulitmately PIO is the victim of system.

2. When information is to be refused because of some section in the Act, it should be answered immediately and there is no point in waiting upto 30 days. Statutary period for refusing such information should be maximum 10 days.

Convenor Trustee,
Prakash India (NGO)
Keshav Puram,
New Delhi

Congratulations for the great service rendered by DELTA for Teaching Community

Congratulations to you all for rendering a great service to teaching community.
I am working in KVS and I wish to become a member of your esteemed organisation. Please inform how to send the subscription amount. I wish to bring to your kind notice for enlightening us about MACP. MACP is effective from 1.9.2008(if I am correct)and old ACP is to be implemented till the cutoff date. In case of teachers who complete 20 years/24 years till the cutoff date may not get the benefit of MACP as selection scale is restricted to only 20% of the teachers who got senior scale.Is it not great injustice to the seniors. One more issue I wish to bring to your kind notice that in our organisation it is instructed that during inservice courses the participants must stay in the campus depriving indirectly to stay in lodge. Many venue vidyalayas may not have proper facilities(cots,clean beds,mosquitoes problem,etc though circular says to provide)because particularly for PRTs training is not conducted in special training centres called ZIETs.Many participants particularly above 45 years may have many health problems.When Govt. of India is sanctioning DA to stay in hotels on official duty why teachers are deprived and made to suffer. Can something be done in this regard. I am extremely sorry for taking away much of your valuable time. With regards

K V , Anantpur,
Andhra Pradesh

Whether MCD, NVS has step-upped their seniors at par with juniors

Kindly let me know whether the KVS or NVS or MCD or IR agreed to effect minimum scale of direct recruiter to a senior by way of stepping up, and a senior PST drawing TGT scale is not eligible for stepping up, since there is no chance of direct recruitor as Sr. PST,what will be the fate of Sr PST, Sr TGT, Sr PGT

M Nagabhushana Rao

I have applied for CCL, file sent to RDE... no one is helping !!

I have applied for CCL some one month back which was just forwarded by our School Principlal to RD Office. I have consumed my all ELs, CLs. I has gone to school and RD office today (Oct 18), but could not get any status of my CCL application. I have asked for six month CCL on the medical ground of my son, who was born with medical complications. All the reports and certificates are attached with the application, still I have not been given CCL. Requesting you all to kindly help me in this matter and advice accordingly.

Sangeeta Gahlot
PGT Geography
S V-1, R K Puram Sec -2

New Delhi

I want to know the rules regarding Station Leave

I want to know the rules regarding station leave? what happens if one goes out of station without obtaining prior permission/station leave?


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WE want a fixation benefit for Puducherry Teachers under FR 22(1)(a)(1)

Sub: Implementation of financial Up gradation under ACPS to the Teacher in the UT Puducherry who were granted senior /Selection Scale –Reg.

1. Letter F.No 12-10/2001-UT-1 dated 29.09.2009 of the Ministry Of HRD, Department of School Education & Literacy,New Delhi.

We are to state that the Department of School Education & Literacy of the Ministry Of HRD ,New Delhi had vide letter cited clarified that the pay of teachers in Senior /Selection Scale ,on grant of ACP shall be fixed with reference to the pay so fixed in the Entry /Senior Grade ,as the case may be and that the fall in pay, if any ,resulted in such fixation may be protected by granting personal pay adjusted future increments.

On calculation on paper there is a heavy monetary loss @5oo/-per month for 5 years from 9.8.99 despite the pay protection.This is nothing but INDIRECT recovery of benefits accrued thro’ a scheme i.e conferment of senior scale. This is totally in violation of the clarification already given at 47 of ACP scheme by DOPT and against the judgment pronounced by Supreme court in Tulsidas (Andrepradesh)case

2. in this connection ,we would like to invite your kind attention that the fixation of pay of Teachers drawing senior scale/selection scale ,on grant of financial l up gradation under ACPS,at the entry scale as on 09.08.1999 would not be consistent with the clarification No.47 under ACPS as the MHRD clarification negates the benefits of Senior /Selection scale enjoyed by the Teachers prior 09.08.1999 under a different scheme.

3. But ,the present clarification issued vide letter cited reiterates the same negation which will be detrimental to the interest of the serving teachers in as much as the proposed fixation of pay under ACPS will be regressive in nature, in as much as the teachers salary will be frozen as on the date of fixation for many years in the name of implementation of the ACP scheme. This cannot be the object of the ACP scheme as it is aimed at Career Progression and not career freeze or career regression

4. In this connection we would like to state that since the ACP scheme is only a switch over from the earlier scheme of senior/Selection scale from 09.08.1999 in view of better prospects under ACP scheme and on the grand that both the scheme of time –bound promotion under the earlier scheme of Senior/Selection Scale regime or ACPS cannot run concurrently, this clarification issued order letter cited of the Department of Education & Literacy does not seem to be consistent with the objectiveof the ACP scheme and therefore ,not in order.

5. We state that when the benefits under senior /selection scale are negated while switching over to the ACP scheme on 09.08.1999 ,the fixation of pay of those teachers on selection scale with reference to pay so fixed in the senior grade (Scale ) as clarified at MHRD/DOPT end would also not be in order ,it seems.

6. As the financial up gradation under ACPS has to be granted in the hierarchy without negating the benefits of scheme enjoyed prior to 09.08.1999 ,we consider that it is necessary that the teachers in the enjoyment of Senior Scale /selection scale have to be allowed the fixation under FR 22 (1) (a) (1) on senior scale and selection scale respectively as on 09.08.1999 as hierarchy promotion is not merely the higher pay scale attached to the promotion post but it is also inclusive of fixation benefit accruing under FR 22 (1) (a) (1) to treat the senior scale and selection scale as first and second financial upgradation under ACP scheme.

7. We would ,therefore, like to interview on the issue in detail , associating the concerned authorities from the DOPT to find a just and lasting solution to the pending vexed issued which is being eagerly awaited by the retiring and retired teachers since 1999.

8. We look forward to your early reply.
General Secretary,
Headmasters' (Primary, Gr I & Gr II) Association,
Mob- 09443360007

Monday, September 27, 2010

Can my employer force me to avail Govt quarters and deny HRA

i am a teacher in kvs@ avadi/chennai.i own a house within 10 km of duty spot. some govt (kvs) QUARTERS are vacant without any demand. can my employer compulsorily allot quarters against my willingness and deny HRA . KINDLY CLARIFY AND HELP BY QUOTING RELEVANT CENTRAL GOVT RULES/LAND MARK JUDGEMENTS OF HON BLE COURTS.

P. Sridharan,
Pattabiram, Chennai

DELTA is Best.....


Dr. Manjit Singh,
JNV Malhar, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

Can you co-operate us for better education in Pakistan

This organization, named as Mari Development Foundation works for Education,Computer Center, Schools in rural areas in Talka Mehrabpur, District Naushahero Feroze. So please co-operate and give us collaboration partnership. We are wating for your positive response.
Mureed Hussain,
Mari Development Foundation,

National Highway,
Kotri Kabir District,
Naushahero Feroze,
Sindh, Pakistan

I appreciate your efforts for teaching society

I am a teacher and first of all appreciate your efforts through website. Its really a contribution to teaching society.

I am a TGT teacher and was appointed as Assistant Teacher on 24-8-1983 in the pay scale of 1200-4500.My pay as an Assistant Teacher was Rs1470(basic) in 1992.I taught TGT classes from 1989.Recently by high court order I got TGT fittment scale of 1400(basic) and my salary is fixed on Rs1480 from sept 1992.

And,my senior scale of 1995 got merged in TGT scale.Now my queries are as follows:-
1)Now, when I will get my first ACP?
2)When will next ACP be due?
3)Now I will take charge of HM seat(middle school incharge) from 1-11-2010 so what will be my scale?
4)How to become your member?

Hoping you all will assist me in my queries.
Thanking you in advance.
Prerna Pahwa
Rohini, New Delhi

How much amount is to be deposited as contribution/ donation

Please let me know how much amount is to be deposited by me towards membership fee/contribution as an individual member.

Naresh Chandra,

AEO/DEO of MCD are not sanctioning HPL for teachers

I want to know that teachers of mcd can also avail half pay leave facility. Some AEOs/DEOs are not sanctioning half pay leave to teachers. Are they doing right?

K K Shukla,
Karawal Nagar, Delhi

The Children Education Assistance Allowance should be exempted from tax

For private school teacher the two childern education which was free has been taxed now as a perk. If a DTC, Railway, airlines employee uses the same departmental facilites, Are they also taxed as a perk? If not then why teachers? plz comment and help to raise the issue.

M K Sharma,
Delhi Public School,
East of Kailash, New delhi

My initial appointment as TGT was Ad-hoc and being denied MACPS

I am working as PGT (physics) in GGSSS A Block,Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura,Delhi-34. I got my first senior scale in 1998 after 12 yrs.The second senior scale nw called MACP was due in 2008 as per 6th pay commision.But my file was sent back because my initial appointment as TGT was adhoc.I was advised to get Regularisation certificate.I have applied for same in my distt NORTH WEST -B.But inspite of repeated follow-ups the same is still pending.Therefore my MACP is still not clear.

Seema Khetarpal,
Pitampura, New Delhi

May I claim for CCL on the basis of my new home constructed in Noida (UP)

My husband has constructed a house in Noida and we have spend our life time savings in building the same. I am planning to shift there from next session. Now I am not sure that what would favor me an immediate transfer application or going for CCL for two years. Since there are some doubts about Noida law and order, I prefer CCL for two years for take care of my children who are very young. Will department will consider my request of CCL on this grounds or not? Pl suggest.

Bindu Marwah,
Nithari, Delhi

How much we have to wait for 60% arrears

I am a PRT and i was appointed on 01.07.1996 and was confirmed right after a year..I just want to know 3 things...1) if i am getting the right fixation according to 6 pay commission 2)my ACP which was due 01.07. 2008 3)my total arrears My present basic is Rs 12,830 with a grade pay of 4200 . since my grade pay is 4200 so they have still not given me my Acp after 12 years of service. they have till now paid only 60 % of arrears with no written working as to how much does it work up to.. I would really be glad if you could answer my 3 queries so that i have the right information. will you send the answer to my e-mail ID?

Dorothy Rodrigues

Head of school is not agree to Central Govt Orders for CCL

Can i take child care leave after the order of central govt. on 07/092010, even if it not endorsed by the Dept. of Education. If the Hos does not sanction me to proceed on CCL, does not agree to the circular issued by the govt. on 07/09/10, what shall I do?

Vijay Rani,
Janakpuri, New Delhi

Teachers' Association, Puducherry writes to DOPT and struggles for FR 22 1 (a) 1


[Affiliated to the Confederation of Puducherry, Govt Employees Associations and School Teachers Federation of India ]

No. 3, 1st cross, Gubert Nagar, Bharathipuram,



Shri Santanu Consul ,


Secretary (P) Division,

112,North Block,

Department of Personnel and Training,

Respected sir,

We, the teachers of Puducherry U.T. want a clarification from DOPT regarding fixation of pay as it is final in the case of ACP.

Sir, ACP scheme was extended to the school teachers in lieu of the then existing time bound scheme of conferment senior scale /selection scale. Teachers who were drawing senior scale on or after 01-01-1986 were to be considered for grant of ACP wef 9-8-99.

While the fixation of pay on conferment of Senior scale shall be done under FR 22 1 (a) 2, under ACP scheme shall be allowed under FR 22 1 (a) 1 . According to your clarifications any higher grade drawn prior to 9-8-99 under time bound promotion/ in situ promotion need not be withdrawn and it will be a switchover to the ACP Scheme as on 9-8-99.

Pay benefits already drawn up to 9-8-99 in the higher grade are not to be recovered.So the pay actually drawn on 9-8-99 in the Senior scale of pay of Rs. 5500-9000 for a primary school teacher and fixed under FR 22 1 (a) 1 in the same scale of pay of RS. 5500-9000 admissible to the post of H.M. (Pri.)

This is further substantiated by the fact that Primary School Teacher in the Senior scale after 12 years (Rs 5500-9000) getting promotion as Head Master Primary in the identical scale of RS 5500- 9000 is entitled to fixation under FR22 1 (a) 1 as per the clarification letter received from MHRD in LR .no 78/203 –UT-1 dt. 15- 9- 2005, Min. of H.R.D.Deptt. of Secondary and Higher Education, New Delhi.

Directorate of accounts & treasuries ,Puducherry feels that the pay in the entry grade scale of Pri. School Teacher is to be notionally arrived at up to 9-8-99 in the scale of 4500-7000 and fixed under FR 22 1 a 1 in the higher scale of Head master Pri. at Rs 5500. The fall in pay resulting out of such fixation may be protected by granting personal pay to be adjusted against future increments.

As the grant of senior scale and was with a view to attract and retain the talents of the teaching community and boost their morale , the edge granted has to be continued by granting fixation on the senior scale drawn by them.

As the essence and spirit of the ACP scheme is to provide two financial up gradation to the next higher scales of pay with fixation under FR 22 1 a 1 the fixation of pay treating the senior scale as 1st ACP will be depriving the employees of one half of the benefits intended by the ACP i.e. fixation under FR 22 1 (a) 1 .

In view of the position explained above We are to request that clarification orders may kindly be issued to the effect that the benefit of FR 22 1 (a) 1 may be granted on the scale drawn by the teacher as on date of eligibility for ACP.

Without a clarification order from you , thousands of teachers , including hundreds of retired teachers are waiting eagerly for 11 years to implement ACP .We suppose that though the teachers have a clear case ,the jealousy superintends blocking the benefits to the teaching community and we propose series of agitation including, picketing on Teachers Day.

So ,we request you sir .issue a clarification order at an early date and avoid the agitations proposed with pain.

Thanking you, 

Yours sincerely, 

R. Chandrasekaran

(General Secretary),

Teachers' Association, Puducherry

My mother's salary is not according to 6CPC

My mother\'s salary as on Jan 2006 are as follows:-
BASIC- 8900 DP- 4450 DA[24%]-3204 TOTAL -16554
Sir, kindly tell me, what should be my present salary after the implementation of SIXTH PAY COMMISSION?

Taruna Handa

How to switch over to ACP from senior scale in Puducherry

ACP to teachers -fixation of pay

1. A C P Scheme is implemented to all central govt employees wef 9-8-99 . Do the teachers of puducherry U.T. eligible or not?

2. Will the senior scale prior to 9-8-99 run concurrently?

3.If not, how to switch over from senior scale to 1st ACP on 9-8-99 ?

4.Both are having identical scale.In senior scale a teacher gets only higher scale and not notional increment as in the cases of regular promotion and insitu promotion. so, while switching over to ACP from senior scale , is not the teacher eligible for the notional increment under FR 22 1 a 1 ?

5.Could the teacher be forfeited the benefits of senior scale prior to 9-8-99 in the name of conferring 1st ACP?

6. ACP scheme is meant to benefit one without promotion above 12 years of service. while conferring ACP would he get loss?

7.Is there any clarification from DOPT ,particularly about teachers.Give the order. 8.Without taking the senior scale (in my case from 20- 2 -90),can we go back to the entry scale and calculate the basic pay upto 9-8-99 and fix ACP?

8.In regular promotion from senior scale PST to HM Primary /TGT,the pay is fixed , though they are identical ,he is fixed in the same scale but with notional increment under FR 22 1 a 1 .Is there any order to reject the same method to fix the pay while switching over to ACP from SENIOR scale?

Sir ,without a clarification from DOPT DELHI,thousands of teachers of puducherry are not implemnted a clear order for 11 years. Bureaucrats of puducherry want only block the implementation. Could u all please help us to get a clarification to this effect?

M. Vasudevan,
KGMS Davidpet, Puducherry

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I was PRT, later joined DASS grade II, will past service be protected

i joined MCD s teacher in 08/2005. afterbeing selected in DASS grade II in delhi govt., i joined it on 20/02/2009 through proper channel. since i am covered under CPF scheme, can my services be counted & my pay be protected? if yes, kindly quote the rules also.

Macchita Malik

I have applied for membership but got no confirmation

Thanks for your response. I already filled the membership form.Still not got the confermation from your side and also not got the membership code number.

Neetu Chhabra,
Nithari, Rohini, Delhi

My present pay is 9500, what must be on 01/04/2010

Regarding the fixatation of basic pay on 01-04-2010.If the sixth pay commision is applicable from 01-04-2010.I am working as PGT in DAV My present basic pay is 9500.Kindly help me. Kindly write all the details.

Saroj Bhanot
DAV school, Bhatinda, Punjab

My wife has to join as LDC in Haryana, can she avail maternity leave

Myself sandeep singhal.i wanted to know that my wife has born a baby in 4th august and her joining is in september in haryana as a LDC in power dept. can she avail maternity leave,C.C.L Imideatly on joining.if u have any rule for us which i can show in our dept .then plz.forward it to me i would be thankfull to u .

Sandeep Singhal

Can I change permanent and home address in service book

My wife is a language teacher in an aided school in Delhi. In her service book ther permanent address and home are different. Hence she is not getting her LTC. The dept officials pointing the above problem. Can we change any one (permanent addres or home town) Dept saying you cannot change. Please advise

Vimal Kumar V G

Whether ST candidates can get reservation in Delhi

I want to know weather ST candidates can get the benifit of Reservation in Delhi govt posts. Because i have heard that the govt has decided not to give benifit to ST candidates

N S Dass

What should be the basic pay of a lecturer

what will be the basic pay of a lecturer in the revised scale in the existing pay of Rs.15200(stagnant since 2008)in the pay scale of 10000-325-15200?

R S Bhattacharjee

What are the rules regarding senior scale

(1) i am working as PGT in a pvt school. What are the rules regadring senior scale / selection scale as per 5th pay commission. date of joining 7.7.1991. basic pay was 7900 in pay scale of 6500-200-10500 on 7.7.2003. what should be my basic after getting senior scale.
(2) 40 members of our school want to join DELTA. pl advise

Manjinder Kaur Kalsi
DAV school, Bhatinda, Punjab

Earned leave abolished or not

Whether 10 days earned leave for teachers has been abolished or not?

Is it must for an aided school Teacher to take NOC for going abroad

Kindly let me know if it is must for an aided school teacher to take NOC from the education department delhi, for going abroad on a teaching assgnment,once the managing comittee grants the permission for extra ordinary leave. Also let me know the procedure for obtaining NOC from the education department for going abroad. I would be very thankful to you for your quick reply.

Why we teachers are given Spl Earned Leave for Census, why not encashable EL

why we teachers are given spi.earned leave instead of earned leave for doing the census work in summer vacation.just Rs 4400is paid as honorarium and we are not given there noone to fight for our rights.
K C Saxena

Let me know the upper age limit for PRT in Delhi

you are requested to kindly let me know the age of primary teacher in delhi. IS any age increase?

I feel morally and ethically strong against the exploitation done by Army Public School

1. I am working as PGT in Army Public School, Pune since 01 Apr 2009.
2. At the time of joining a contract was drwan and notarised in the court, which assured me a salary of Rs 12090 plus Rs 4800/-. After one year, I was confirmed and assured an increment wef 01 Apr 2010.
3. Suddenly in July 10 I was verbally informed that the AWES has decided to refix the salary wef 01 Apr 2009. As per the revised conditions, all newly appointed (wef 01 Apr 2009) PGT / TGT / PRT who are in the pay scale 9300 to 34800 (PB2), will start from a common starting salary, viz. Rs 9300/-. The only difference will be the grade pay i.e Rs 4800 / 4600/ 4200.
4. They implemented a salary cut with effect from the salary for June 2010. This was followed by a written letter which stated that the excess paid over the past 14 months will also be reduced.
5. On going through the Govt of India gazette for 6 PC, the State of Maharashtra orders, the Maharashtra Private school Act, RTE Act 2009 and Kendriya Vidyalaya rules, I found it totally unjustified.
6. Implementation of this draconian interpretation of the 6PC recommendation means that the difference between newly appointed PRT/TGT/PGT will be merely Rs 200-Rs 400/- despite there being a wide difference in the prerequisite qualification and quantum of responsibility of a PGT. Further, it will widen the gap between pre 2009 PGT and post Apr 2009 PGT though both are dispensing the same duties.
7. The concerned authorities have turned a deaf ear to the problem and are willing to pay heed only if there is a court order. Since individually it will not be possible to fight it out against an organisation like the AWES, I seek your help to explore the possibilities of finding a resolution to the issue.
8. The school hides behind the Society Act and avoids paying full DA / HRA rates to the teachers (except for APS, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi), and do not extend any other benefits to the teachers. I am not sure about the legal issues but morally and ethically I feel strongly against it and would want to find as to how you can be help me.
Bipasha Deb

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have to search a junior getting more pay than me

I am pgt teacher in the prevoious scale of 6500-200-10500. my basic pay at the time of 01.01.2006 was 6900. i got the revised pay scale of 12840 plus grade pay of rs 4800. where as the revised pay scale of pgt is 13350 plus employer refused to give me the new scale citing that you have to show the case of one junior who is drawing pay more than me.they are also citing one examble that since your basic pay as on 01-07-2006 is rs 13370 plus grade pay 4800, you are not eligible for rs 13350 plus 4800 scale as on 01-01-2006, kindly guide me how i should pursue my case. also suggest me the exact guidelines for pay fixation.

Rohit Singla
PGT Commerce

May I know the age limit for PRT

May I know the age limit/age relaxation for the selection of PRT in Delhi govt. I am now working as a temporary staff in an aided school. Pl inform me

Princey Antony

I want to go abroad, need new proforma to apply for NOC

I have aplied for noc for going abroad,but the file is in objection that new proforma should fill. i have try my level best to find the proforma can you help me for the sme thanks


Am I eligible for maternity leave immediately on Joining the service

I got selected as a regular SENIOR RESIDENT at DDU Hospital, New delhi , the result of which was declared on 2nd june 2010. tHE INTERVIEW WAS HELD ON 18 june 2010 at the time of which i was 37 wks pregnant. I delivered a healthy baby girl on 1st july 2010 . am i eligible for Maternity leave on joining? When can i join? if no mat leave then can i get extension or leave without pay and for maximum how much time period? PLEASE HELP, URGENT. MY LAST DATE OF JOINING IS 10 TH JULY 2010. I HAVE GIVEN MY ACCEPTANCE. Please also send me a copy of rules/circular regardind this so that i can present it at their office.

Dr. Nidhi,
Senior Resident,
Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital,
New Delhi

I am on probation and being denied Child Care Leave

Bharti Srivastava,
KV Shaktinagar

I got promotion as TGT from Asst Teacher, but not getting 17140

I got promotion from ASSISTANT TEACHER to TGT in May,2010. My basic was Rs.15210/ before getting promotion. Now , what should be my new basic as a TGT in month June 2010 and is it benificable to opt the date of fixation on my promotion date? plz give me ur valuable suggation in this regard........waiitng ...
Pao IX is refusing to pass salary bill on Rs 17140, they have fixed me on Rs 16560
Jai Shankar Roy
RPVV Civil Lines, Delhi

Keep working in the interest of teachers

Keep working in the interest of the teachers and misc. school staff. May god bless you.....
Mohammad Arif
GBSS Begampur, Delhi

I get transferred on spouse ground but not relieved

First, i would like to express my hearty thanks to this association. It is very helpful to the teachers.
I am an employee of KVS. I was transferred on Posting with spouse ground on 07/05/2010. But could not get relieved from my station as they made an amendment in the Transfer Guidelines on 14/05/2010 stating that working place the spouse should be within 100 km from the station to where the employee have been transferred. Then they deleted my name from the final priority list-1 as a result the person in the second came upto the first postition got transfer. In effect i didnt get transfer either in posting with spouse ground and in general ground.The guideline para.12.4(ii) states that the name of an employee should be deleted only after accommodating on posting with spouse. Till now KVS have not published the amendment on 14/05/2010 in their website. Plz help me.
John C V

I am being denied Child Care Leave, my baby is 8 months old

I joined KV as PGT commerce three months after my baby\'s delivery. My post was kept in abeyance for 7 months as I was in family way. Now my baby is 8 months old & there is no one in my family to take care of her. My husband is abroad & my parents are aged. I have left her with my parents and they are not able to take care of her due to health problems. I want to apply for Child care leave. I\'am advised to keep a servant maid to take care of the baby(by fellow teachers)which I don\'t want to as my baby is too small & needs my full attention & care. Please let me know at the earliest, if I am eligible to apply fo child care leave, as I am in my probation period. I have heard that CCL is not granted during probation. But I am a mother too, & my baby requires my care and attention now & not after two years, when my probation will be over. Please help me. Am I eligible for CCL? If my Principal refuses to accept the application for CCL or to forward it, what should I do? Please reply immediately.
Devi N.

Catering Asst in NVS are being exploited, No fixed working hours, No promotion...

Large no. of catering assistants are working in a pathetic and humiliating conditions in jawahar navodaya vidyalaya samiti, Ministry of H.R.D Govt. of India. The catering asstts. are been treated step brotherly with following grievances.

1.Unjustified working hrs. for catering assistants with daily 15hrs. of working a bounded labour . It starts from serving B/F at 7:00am to 10:00pm of midnight.

2.There are no promotional avenues for catering assistants .Govt. of India has provided opportunity among the 10%of eligible Group \"D\" staff for promotion through competitive LDE for the post of LDC/store keeper as channel of promotion to Group D staff within an organisation.But it is the cat. asstts. who has been deprived of any promotional avenue.

3.Unjustified framing of recruitment rule for cat.asstt: NVS has failed to frame the recruitment rulr for the cat.asstt. The minimum essential qulification eligibility condition prescribed for the recruitment to the post of Cat. Asstt. the time in 1993 was secondary school with 3years diploma in catering technology, which was later subsequently diluted in 1995 by the NVS.

4. Unjustified pay scale for catering assistants: Pay scale of catering assistant is miserable and placed in the scale of 4000-6000. where as persons with the same level of qualification are getting higher scale.

Sir, one of the sister organisation the Sainik school under defence ministry has a post of catering manager with the scale of 5000-8000.

It has been brought to the notice of honorable officers of NVS but till date no suitable steps were initiated.

These discrepancies may kindly be sorted out that the catering assistantss may not feel humiliated while working in NVS. At last ,we appreciate your forum with hope that the depth of our sentiments are perceived by your forum, and the matter of catering assistants working in Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti put forward by your forum , so that the catering assistants of NVS would be highly obliged of you for ever.
Jai Ram Trivedi
Catt. Asstt.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am not being given family planning allowance after promotion

I am joined directorate of education as a tgt after prometed from MCD. My wife undergone through an operation(For family planning)while i was serving in mcd as a pry. teacher. I did not avail any benefit of that till today in my pay. Now i want to take this benifit. But my officers are saying that get it added from your old department. Please guide me.


PRT fixation is done according to tables of DELTA

Mera pay 1/1/06 ko 13350+4800 pr fix kiya gya ha jbki mera joining kvs ma 10/9/2002 se pgt k rup ma ha 1/1/6 ko mera pay scale 7100 tha kya mera fixation sahi ha ya apk dvara di gai table k anurup hoga kyok prt k fixation apki table k anurup hi hua,apse nivedan ha ki muje sahi margdarsan kraye.

Shokat Ali
JNV Karimganj, Assam

Is your network only for Delhi teachers or for all

Is the your networking only with Delhi Teachers or for all. If it is for all
1. What happened to bunching?
2. Why MACP is not for teachers?

Aruvankadu, Nilgiris,

Exams in MCD schools should be done strictly

To check the quality of education,final exam of class-v of MCD school should be conducted under the observation of concerned school of Dte. of Education.
Birendra Prasad Sah,
Dwarka, Delhi

I have lost my job due to my age, I am 42 years old

I have just attained the age of 42 years. I joined a highly reputed school in South Delhi in July\'09 on contactual appointment.My contract expired on 15th May\'2010 and I was told to look for another job as according to Department of education, no teacher can be given a scale if the teacher joins a school after the age of 40 years and the management has decided not to take anybody on contractual assignment. Sir, my question is whether there is any such notification by department of education. Please help as I am jobless after putting in 22 years of service.

Meena Aggarwal

Friday, May 14, 2010

I want to write about education in Andaman and Nicobar islands

I am a PGT from Andaman and Nicobar islands. I would like to share some of the informations about existing educational system of these Islands for aware of all. Kindly instruct tthe procedure to write in the blogs.
M.Panneer Selvam,
Andaman and Nicobar Islands

I want to know about Probation Period

MY query is related to the probation period of the teachers. I have two specific questions: 1) What is the probation period for teachers 1 year or 2 years?
2) In case it is one year then what is the status of a teacher who has completed one year of service and no termination or extention of probation notice has been served upon her/him.

3) What is the legal position of the employee is the appointment letter clearly states that\"

Initially you will be on a probation period of one year and during this period your services can be terminated by the management. Also the said probation period can be extended by the management. You will continue to be on probation till your services are confirmed by the managing committe in writing.\"

......... And one year of service is already over and no notice either for confirmation or for extention of probation has been given to the employee teacher.
Ashish Sahni

I have applied for TGT punjabi, want to know DSSSB results

I want to know that I have applied for the post of TGT Punjabi in DSSSB Has the Exam for the post already conducted or What is the date for the said Exam.

What about Earned Leave denied for teachers

What about teachers denied Earn Leave? Is there any develpment in this regard?
Ashish Kumar Pathak

How pay for the HPL will be calculated

I have a query about half pay leave Calculation that, should we include all contents of salary like HRA, SPECIAL COMPENSATERY ALLOWENCE, SPECIAL DUTY ALLOWANCE, TRANSPORT ALLOWANCE for half payment of salary --
Satbir Brajwal,
Office Incharge,
Kendriya Vidyalaya,
Bagafa,South Tripura

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Work is worship

work is worship so help needy people...always
Kodigala Chandraiah
NCC Officer, Eastern Railway School,
Khurda Road, Orissa

Can you send me the list of Directly recruited TGT from Jan2006

Can you send me the list of directly recruited TGTs from jan 2006 to june 2006 in Directorate of Education Delhi for stepping up of salary due to anomalies in Sixth pay commission in lieu of order of 11 march 2010.
Preeti Ahlawat

Can I avail maternity leave if the newborn was not alive

I am teacher in (delhi govt. scchol). My baby was born and die after about in 15 minutes. It was a cesarean delivery. I want to know about maternity leave rules : - Can I avail maternity leave for six months. - And if I take this leave then - Again in future I am eligible for maternity leave for two children - Abortion leave. - El and medical leave of teachers.

I need leave encashment form

Please provide application form of leave encashment along with LTC

Thanks with regards

Rajesh Chaudhary

(Sr Special Correspondent)


Why census in Vacation, Why not after summer vacation???

What about the census duties during vacation.what action is suggested by station leave,no noc for going abroad,no earned leave,when should teachers visit hometown,take l.t.c or visit their relatives or children living abroad.teachers are made to visit houses (j.j.colonies) for enumeration.what a downfall in the country of Guru Gobind dou khare ..........

Sushma Jain,
East Vinod Nagar, New Delhi

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Please tell me how can we pay?

plz, tell me how can we pay ?

K V Guna, MP

DAV Public school detained my daughter in clas VI, Kindly help the child

My daughter has been detained in class VI (2009-10) due to poor performance in final examination by DAV Public School Gurgaon She is below average student and now under stress. I request the colege to kindly promote her in next class to motivate her and avoid negative impact on her. I will be highly thank ful to you ,if you can help us and guide us to tackle this situation and safe guard the rights of my daughter as growing student. Kindly inform us wheather any school can detain/fail any student due to below average performance in examinanation as per Child right to education law and CBSE guidelines up to class VIII. Please help my daughter.
Dr. J N Pandey
Gurgaon (Haryana)

We run a private un-aided school in Tamilnadu, please help telephonically

We run a private un aided school at Tamiladu. we are looking for the following assistance:
1. We are interested in framing the minimum payscales as per the 6th pay comission recommendation of Tamilnadu/India.We need your advice on getting a standard template/calculater
2. We are presently approved by State government as Primary school. This year we admit 6th & 7th classes. We are in the process of setting up a new school as per CBSE bye law. We are interested in filing application for affiliation of CBSE up to 8th std directly. Will it be possible? I wish to discuss with your team telephonically. Kindly respond. Thanlks

It is necessary to take prior permission for using taxi

i want to know that is it necessary to take prior permission for using taxi while on official tour in KVS

Ravindra S Bist

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Congrats for the nobel cause!

Very informative site for teachers. Congrats for the nobel cause! In view of the Stepping up order, please provide information about those PGT,TGT and ATs who have been appointed on or after 01.01.2006.
Rakesh Bal
Rohini , New Delhi

Whether child care leave is for mentally retarded children only as our officers say

i am working as a teacher in mcd school.our zonal dept.gave instructions last month that only those teachers can avail child care leave whose child is mentally /physically this some new clause added to the existing orders?please clarify.
MCD primary school, DELHI

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Music teachers in KV are not getting TGT scales if they are teaching up to class 10

i am pleased to know about this team and i congrate also the initiation taken by the DELTA. sir, being a music teacher ididn`t understand the policy & partiality done by govt. earliar we the music were coming under the misc. category at the same time pet, supw, yoga , lib.they were also in thesame category but why music tea. has been put in the prt and given the pay of9300+ 4200 thou we have been taking the classes from 1 to 10.regularly . why we the music teacher has not given the tgt.wether the govt is thinking about this or not. 2.why the kvs has given the difference of the pay scale for prt 9300+4200 and the tgt scale 12500+4600 kindely take intiation about this big issue short out this gap between prt and tgt. thanks .

Prabhat Kumar
KV Tanjore, Tamilnadu

Fix my new basic as it was 6375 on 01/01/2006

i m TGT (N.Sceince) . my basic pay on 01.01.06 was Rs 6375 (5500-175-9000). please tell me my new pay scale and fix my pay.

Why Railway school have no Teachers Association

WHY RAILWAY SCHOOLS DO NOT HAVE ANY TEACHERS ASSOCIATION. Like Kendriya Vidyalaya and Navoday Vidyalaya we Railway school teachers doesn\'t have any recognized teachers association. Many a times the issue has been raised but as per the last circular in this regard from Railway Board, the teachers of Railway school may get their grievances addressed through respective Railway trade unions. But teachers can not become members of the trade union. Therefore teachers grievances were also not attended by the seriousness it deserves. Under these circumstances, we Railway school teachers find ourselves devoid of any platform through which we could represent our grievances . We have got the apprehension that somebody else will not struggle for us but question is HOW WE SHOULD PROCEED. Is anybody there to give advice & suggestion, how we should go about it.

Ram Krishan Majumdar
Alipurduar, Jaipaiguri,
West Bengal

How pay will be fixed after promotion in 2007

My basic pay as on 01-01-2006 was Rs 5625/- in the old pay scale of Rs 4500-125-7000 (PRT). I got my promotion to the pay scale of Rs 5500-175-9000 (TGT) on 31-05-2007. Pay fixation option taken from the
date of increment i.e 1st July.
Kindly reply how my pay will be fixed as per 6th CPC.


It is a great work done by you all

K V 1,
Vasco, Goa

Friday, March 5, 2010

I got the desired information through RTI, thanks for your advice

Few days back I have posted a query in DELTA regarding the Selection Scale of TGT in KVS. You had advised me to ask about the information to KVS under RTI. Accordingly the matter was referred to KVS under RTI and I got the desired information and related documents from KVS. Thank you very much for valuable advice.Thanks to KVS also for responding.
Anushaktinagar, Mumbai

I appreciate the efforts of DELTA

I appreciate the efforts being made by the DELTA Team in the interests of teachers. I wld also like to seek advice from those experts that if I join in the month of feb for a few days, after a long leave, then how many CL and Medical Leave(HPL)wld be credited in my account.

I want to know classification of services in various ministries

Please englighten regarding the classification of services in group (A/B/C) in various ministries after 6PC
Jacob Thomas

The pay is less than juniors in Assam Rifles

I am drawing less pay i.e. Rs. 10,890 + 4600/- (Grade Pay) Rs. 15,490/- than new recruits/teachers as on 01.01.06. 6. But, as per clarification of Delhi Educationist For Legal And Teaching Assistance ( my pay in the pay band of Rs. 9300-34800/- with grade pay Rs. 4600/- should be fixed at Rs. 12920+ 4600/- i.e. Rs. 17,520/- as on 01-01-2006.

You are, therefore, earnestly requested to re-examine the case and fix my pay as per above cited references and oblige. Hoping for an early reply. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, Sd- Dated:12th FEB’2010
Rajesh Kumar,
Hindi Teacher (Graduate),
10 Assam Rifles, C/O 99 APO.

Junior to Librarian in KVS are getting more pay

I am appointed in KV as Librarian on 10.09.2003. After the implimentation of 6 CPC my salary is fixed on Jan. 2006 basic pay 10890+4600 grade Pay . but my juniors are getting 12540+4600 = 17140 form Jan. 2006 onward.Is my fixation is correct.
D A Baderiya

The decisions in NAC meetings thrown me in distress

The decision taken in the NAC meeting put in Download page of our website thrown me in to distress as I had some hope that if the demand for fixation of minimum pay of merged scales agreed by the NAC we the upgraded scaled people of teaching community certainly get the minimum prescribed scale for new entrant in respected categories and then effect of bunching also. This is my opinion only. Learned people who are working for our teaching community may have better vision in this aspect. Hence kindly let me know whether are there any chances of getting upgraded basic fixation along with bunching effect. In my last letter I REQUESTED THAT LET ME KNOW WHETHER BUNCHING EFFECTED TO INITIAL CADRES OF 4500,5500,AND 6500 I.E TO PST,TGT ,PGT OF INITIAL CATEGORY of KVS or NVS.NO REPLY WAS GIVEN TO THAT ASPECT . I hope that i may get this time . I once again applaud the work which is being done by this portal to our teaching community sir. THANKING YOU
Nagabhusanarao Mula,
E C Railway Primary school,
Vizianagram, Andhra Pradesh

When the new order on transfer policy of NVS will come in effect

i want to know Transfer policy of navodaya vidalaya samiti acording to No.F.3-3/2009-NVS (Estt.II)is implemented in current year or next year.
K C Dubey

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What is the Pay Band on selection scale TGT in KVS

What is the pay band on Selection Scale TGT in KVS and in which pay band.

I would like to know my seniority in the attendance roll

I am asstt.master(bio)in sainik school satara.i would like to know my senioriy in the attendence roll of my school. i am placed below my juniors as per my payscale and grade.
Jayant Manohar Pandey
Sainik School, Satara, Maharashtra

PAO is not agree that TGT is in group B

Sanjay Paliwal

SUPW teacher is fixed below librarian!!!

My queries no.4 and 5 dt. 18.1.10 i am a supw tr joined in 99 before a librarian , joined in 2003 and he is getting more pay, whereas both are direct recruit in the pay scale before 6-cpc was 5500-9000.shall my pay at par with librarian ?
S C Upreti

The HOS refused to sanction CCL and threatening to join school

I had applied for Child care leave in Dec 2008 when my husband got transferred from Delhi. It was rejected since I had a few EL in my account. I again sent an application for the same in July 2009 through speed post. This time it was rejected saying that it needs prior approval. I could not come and my principal told that CCL has not been sanctioned to anyone as of now. So I applied for 6 months EOL instead of CCL as I had no other option. Now during the 6th month, I got a letter stating that I have to join immediately as even my EOL has not been sanctioned. I should join and move my file for regularization of leave.
1. Please guide me, shall I join the school and move my file ?
2. Can I go in for CCL ?
3. Can I do something so that July\'09 onwards CCL can be considered as no leave has been sanctioned as of now for that period ?
Thanx a lot !

What should be my pay as PGT on 07-07-2009 as direct recruit

I humbly and earnestly beg to submit a few lines for your kind and sympathetic on the matter as stated below with a prayer the kind sir may view it favourably and do the needful to advise and guide me as requested:

With due respect, I came across Web-Site through online internet and I found that your goodself may advice, guide and grant the necessary Pay Fixation in my respect as I am facing injustice by receiving my present scale as such. I am very much confusion in my Pay Fixation as per 6th Pay Commission.

Sir, I was appointed direct recruit as Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) on 07-07-2009 in pre-Revised Scale of Rs. 6500-200-10500. Now, since 6th Pay Commission has been declared and in effect. What should be my initial pay in Pay Band and initial basic pay as on 07-07-2009 according to 6th Pay Commission?

The kind sir may please take a merciful view in this matter.

I hope your honor’s blessing with preparation of my pay fixation as per 6th Pay Commission. In view of the above, I shall ever remain grateful and obliged to you sir if I am entertained your goodself through your goodself’s kind advise and guidelines on my gmail address.

I thank your goodself in anticipation.

Vijay Bamania

What is the residency period for Railway School Teachers

Kindly let me know whether residency period of MACP for Railway School Teachers is applicable to that of other central governament employees and leave eligible after 6th CPC and bunching effected to KVS, NVS STAFF belongs Sr.scale and selection scale aswell. Please treat this as urgent and if possible putup nos of estt serials for my reference.
Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh

How pay is fixed in Delhi, KVS nad NVS

hi, i am working as TGT Sst in western railways higher Ratlam,
sir i want to know what pay fix. in delhi govt. & kvs & nvs done in same of my case
plese tell me thanks
O P Dhaker

Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh

KVS officials are fixing my pay as 9300+ 4800 only

I am a PGT In Comp.Sc. And presently working in KVS. I had my joining in Sept 2007.The officials here are making my salary under 6CPC as 9300+4800 only, which I told them is incorrect method of fixation. They are not listening to me. First tell me the correct way of fixation and secondly what to do next in this situation? plz reply me as early as possible.

The website is useful

In the notification of VI CPC the Pay scale of TGT (Selection Grade) was placed in PB-2. Afterwards corrigendum was given by the govt. and the same was placed in PB-3. In this regard Delhi Govt and Railways have issued the circulars endorsing the said correngendum and the Selection Grade TGTs were placed in PB-3 with the corresponding pay bands. I want to know whether KVS has also endorsed the said corregendum in this regard if so please let me know the details.

I am a regular user of this website. I found many valuable information in the site.
Anushaktingar, Mumbai

Monday, February 1, 2010

LTC endorsed or not in Directorate of Education ,Delhi

This is an enquiry regarding the encashment of Earned Leave for availing LTC as per the DOPT letter - F. No. 31011/4/2008. Estt.(A), which was duly endorsed by Govt. of NCT of Delhi vide notification No. F.11(4)/2006.fin(B)/dsfh/1975. I want to know whether the same has been endorsed by the Dir. of Education of Delhi Govt., and if at all it has been endorsed, could you please send me the necessary details of Directorate's notification to this effect. My school is denying me the benefit on the ground that this has not been endorsed by the Dir. of Education. Kindly send the necessary information as soon as possible.

Sudhansu Sharma

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I want to join before summer vacation and then resign

Due to inevitable causes i can\'t continue my services & i have served for 30nyrs as a teacher in delhi govt school. Now my query is\'if i give 3 monhs notice w.e.f. 01/05/10,will i be granted annual increment in July,10. Will pension be calculated taking july pay as base?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Transport allowance is not given to those who did seminar in summer vacation

I took part in-service training in the summer of 2009 but transport allowance for that month not given by HOS.I took RTI rotue.The ans.given those circular which already on next action regarding that .
I want to create awareness among the teaching community and want to work and create Zonal level committee for the early reaching the concerned for their cause. I will give my best wishes for the growth of this org.
Rakesh Bhandari

Rohini, New Delhi

Whether these degrees will remain valid

If any school govt teacher appears in final examination of couse M.A. from IGNOU in june 2007 and takes admission in M.Ed in July 2007 through part time from Delhi university. But, His two papers of M.A. is not cleared in the result , so he appears for the both papers of M.A. in December2007 and cleared succesfuly. According to rule , is his both degrees are valid? if yes, then can i find the related circular or copy of rule regarding this. waiting for ur precisious suggestion.........
J S Roy

I am not fixed as per your tables

I am a teacher in kv.
1. my pay is not at all as per your table,
2. my fixed on 1.1.06 is 6550*1.86=12190
3.grade pay is 4600
4. govt orders pay for new direct recruits as on or after 1.1.06 is 12540 + gp 4600, which is more than my pay fixed on 1.1.06.
5. there is no direct recruit till 2007 in my post whereas there are element of direct recruit in other posts in same cadre (5500-175-9000 pay scale) were recruited contineuously and drawing more pay.
if you provide me at the earliest about my.....I shall be thankful to you all.

From which date I am entitled for MACPS

I worked in MCD (Municipal Corporation Of Delhi) as assistant teacher from 2-12-1983 to 27-01-1993. Thereafter, I was appointed as TGT on 28-01-1993 in Directorate of Education through SSC. My present pay scale and grade pay is 9300-34800 (GP 4800, PB2). I was granted ACP1 wef 28-01-2005. As per guidelines of the department, past services rendered in MCD shall be counted towards regular services for MACPS. Please let me know the date from which I shall be entitled for grant of MACP.
M.M. Gupta